LED ART Innovative Color Kinetics engineered the iColor Fresco to use programmable LEDs to create over a million colors and unusual lighting effects in an aluminum housing that allows for installation in many interior and exterior applications, including meeting installation specifications for wet and damp locations. The icolor Fresco is available in 4', 2', and 1' sections for design flexibility, along with "T" or "L" accessory parts. The linear luminaires have a clear plastic UV-resistant lens and are pre-wired with power and data cables. Power is supplied using the Color Kinetics IMOPS, an intelligent power supply specially designed to distribute power and data to all connected lights. Programmable effects include pre-programmed crossfades, color washes, random color display, strobe, and chasing rainbow. All effects can be customized by speed, direction, and saturation with DMX512 controllers or special proprietary controllers and control software. Another feature is that each section can be addressed along its entire length or at 1' intervals. Color Kinetics Boston, MA

NOW IT'S EASY BEING GREEN Osram Sylvania has expanded its Ecologic family of lighting products to encompass products from every significant product line, including fluorescent and compact fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. As the name implies, Ecologic products signify a reduction or elimination of heavy metals used in the manufacturing process, borosilicate lead-free glass for lamps, and a product that is able to pass the current Federal TCLIP test. Reduced packaging and the use of recycled and cadmium-free paper stock and soy-based inks are also important components of Ecologic products. All lamps that are manufactured under this program are marked with a green etch or an "ECO" identification on the product. Osram Sylvania Danvers, MA

BUILDING THE NET Eagle Electric, a brand of Cooper Wiring Devices, introduces enhanced Cat 5 Datacom products that comply with ANSI/EIA/TIA standard 568 and support transmission rates of up to 200MHz and 10Gbps and offer extra margins of performance over standard Category 5 products. A complete line of modular jacks, wall and junction boxes, wallplates, fiber-optic couplers, patch panels, patch cables, and punch down tools are available. According to the manufacturer, enhanced products minimize bit errors and retransmissions for best signal quality, and the installation of this equipment helps to support future network developments. Eagle Electric Long Island City, NY

SCISSORS TIME The Joyce/Dayton company has added new capabilities to its scissor lift products. New features include weightlifting capabilities of up to 100,000lb (50 tons) and a lifting range from 30" to 30'. The scissors lift line offers a multitude of products with different platform sizes, special surface travel requirements, special controls requirements, and hydraulic and pneumatic operation. All lifts meet and exceed ANSI standards with UL-listed and CSA-listed components. Joyce/Dayton Dayton, OH

IT'S MAGIC The Cooper Lighting Digital Lighting System (DLX) is a robust lighting control system that places control intelligence in lighting fixtures often used in commercial lighting applications. Each DLS fluorescent dimming ballast, dimming module, on/off module contains a microprocessor and EEPROM memory chip, eliminating conventional external processing hardware and complex wiring schemes. All zone assignments, scenes, and fades are retained in the ballast's non-volatile memory. Each Cooper lighting fixture is individually addressable, providing programming flexibility. The line comprises three models: The Apprentice is used for four-scene selection, raise/lower, and on/off functions. The Sorcerer is used for 12-scene selection, change, and select scenes and fades. The Wizard remote is used to re-program zones, in addition to change and select 12 scenes with fades. The DLS option is currently available on many fixtures manufactured by Cooper. Cooper Lighting Peachtree City, GA

VOLTS ARE HOT The Gardner Bender Low Volt Circuit Alert is a non-contact voltage tester for fast and reliable safe voltage detection within cabling. The tool provides a non-invasive method to determine "hot" low-voltage circuits without having to use a multimeter or other active device. Officially known as model GVD-504LV, the tester enables low voltage lighting circuits and control wiring circuits to be easily examined. Gardner Bender Milwaukee, WI

NEW FROM DOWN UNDER Futurelight has engineered the SC335 and the SC375 moving-mirror automated luminaires to offer numerous and useful features at very affordable prices. Both units feature 15 dichroic colors, 13 static colors, blackout, and a strobe effect. The SC335 uses the ELC lamp, and the SC375 uses the MSC 250 lamp with a 2,000-hour-rated life. Both are compatible with DMX512 for complete operational flexibility.

Futurelight also released the EX-1 and EX-4 compact DMX512 lighting control units. Each unit was developed for a specific range of the models within the full product line. Features include four different addresses for individual control, special chase and blackout routines. The EX-4 also has a joystick for manual mirror movement. The CP-256 is a DMX controller that is compact and designed for portability. Features include 16 pre-programmed routines macro-functions, 99 programmable chasers, direct sliders for 8 channels and a backlit LCD display for menu selection. Coemar DeSisti Australia Pty Ltd Bundoora, Victoria, Australia

LIGHT GEOMETRY Architect Peter Wooding designed the Domino, Radio Days, and Windows ADA-compliant decorative wall sconces to provide softly diffused ambient lighting for a range of interior locations. All three sconces are characterized by strong, three-dimensional square housings with small apertures arranged in varying patterns creating a strong contemporary design aesthetic while adding visual interest to the pattern of light being emitted from the fixture. Apertures are of perforated metal with a white acrylic background for softly diffused, glare-free light. A 26W triple-tube fluorescent and electronic ballast provide the light source. Many different finish options are available. D'AC Lighting Member of the JJI Lighting Group Mamaroneck, NY

STICKY SOLUTIONS Gaska Tape offers new adhesive solutions to OEMs. The F series line of Fire Retardant Foam Tape features resistance to combustion with a reduction of flame spread and smoke production. In addition, its composition enables it to endure higher temperatures than other products. The F series offers styles in a range of densities from 6 to 40lb per cubic foot and in a variety of colors. Foam with an aluminum foil backing is also offered. The VK series spacer tape is designed to replace often-used cork and urethane products for sealing and gasketing applications. The VK series is available in a variety of thicknesses and widths and a special technical paper is available on applications and specifications of replacement foam tapes. Gaska Tape Elkhart, IN

NEW TRICKS Neutrik announced the addition of a new line of adapters developed for DMX applications. Interconnection between 5-pin and 3-pin DMX512 equipment will now be greatly simplified. The adapters are fabricated from diecast shells of the "X" series and are available in either wired or non-wired versions, and in different genders. Neutrik USA Lakewood, NJ

More heads, more power The American DJ Quadra-Force and the Double Squeeze are two different sound-activated effects units that offer multiple heads in a single package for dazzling effects. The Quadra Force is a complete four-unit lighting system that features independently moving units projecting multi-dichroic rotating moonflower beams. The rotating mirror piece is sound activated and will chase to the music. The four units are linked together master-slave to produce a mini-orchestrated light show. Each of the four units has a different gobo pattern, which are interchangeable. The unit is fan cooled. The Double Squeeze, also sound activated uses two independent motorized plates, each with six dichroic filters that spin back-and-forth to project unique patterns that spin back and forth projecting patterns in a unique movement effect. The unit weighs 25lb and uses the 82V/250W lamp. American DJ Los Angeles, CA

LD Feb 2001 product news Multiple paths Pathway Connectivity, formerly Gray Interfaces, recently debuted the Pathport a specially designed interface for linking DMX512 and Ethernet based networks. It allows existing DMX equipment to use Ethernet data equipment and protocols developed by others in the lighting industry. Pathport units provide an affordable data port that can be remotely configured from a PC linked to the system, providing for the control of DMX controlled equipment, such as scrollers and moving lights. The interface is compact and can be located inside a standard double-gang electrical box. In addition, the Ethernet is used for data and power connectivity. One Pathport interface can process data from a number of control sources. Pathway Connectivity Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Bullet-proof protection It's good to know that the Torsion Flex Shield line of polycarbonate lighting lens protectors prevent damage from small arms fire (.22 to .44 caliber) for many conventional Cobra head roadway lighting fixtures. Different styles are offered, all having excellent ballistic resistance from lightweight composite materials. The company also manufactures vandal proof shields for area, flood, and architectural type lighting fixtures. Contoured or flat lensing as well as side shield protection is available. Aero Thermic Shields Buena Park, CA

Above Par (used this title last month) floodlighting Die cast aluminum fixture casting, gold plated socket contacts, 20 internal wiring, and internal and external heat-dissipating fins to reduce heat are amongst the features that are included in the RAB Quartz Bullet Floodlight. The QB also has the "integra hood" glare shield, that minimizes glare from the quartz lamp and the shield can be rotated to match the fixture mounting position. Another feature is that the mounting arm does not require tools to adjust and an EX-Grip locknut allows for easy tightening with fingers or tools. A 75W bi-pin quartz lamp is the standard lamp and the overall QB dimensions are 5" x 3.5". RAB also manufactures the Mighty Post for support of floodlights used for landscape or ground level illumination. Amongst the features are PVC construction in Black, White or Green, and three sizes, Mini Mighty at 17", Mighty at 19" and Maxi Mighty at 25". All have a special rounded edge for fixture wire routing and protection and an in-ground stabilizer with teeth and ribs for secure mounting. RAB Electric Manufacturing Northvale, NJ

Illumination and protection PWL is the personal warning light developed by Lumastrobe as a combination flashlight and warning light. The hand-held dual-purpose unit has a useful flashlight at one end, a magnet at the other, and an array of 9 red LED for warning purposes. Two AA batteries power the flashlight for 11/2 hours of illumination and/or the LED array for 20 hours of continuous flashing. The combination flashlight is available in black or yellow and is about 7" long. Lumastrobe Midland Park, NJ

A Study Guide and Pass/Fail Equipment Labsphere has engineered the OmniLED LTS LED Life Test Station for a turnkey approach for high volume testing of LEDs. According to the manufacturer, a single measurement sequence performs both optical and electrical tests simultaneously on an array of up to 20 LEDs in less that 60 seconds. Optical measurements include total radiant and luminous flux, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, CIE purity, and CIE chromaticity. Electrical measurements include forward voltage, forward current, and leakage current. Special user interfaces allow for up to 50 test parameters to be performed with pass/fail criteria, and then exported into Microsoft Excel or Aceess SW for detailed analysis. A newly published guide titled, "The Radiometry of Light Emitting Diodes" offers information on characteristics of LEDs and a comparison of the different testing methodologies presently available is free and available for Lighting Dimensions readers. Labsphere North Sutton, NH

Cover-ups Gamtube is a color sleeve that fits over fluorescent lamps and is now available in over 40 off-the-shelf colors for immediate delivery and has a colorfast warranty for one year. The expanded line of sleeves are now available in sizes to fit T-5s, T-8s and T-12s as well as bi-axial fluorescent lamps. The sleeve is manufactured with a special welded seam that enables the sleeves to be shipped flat which is more convenient and economical. In addition to the special 40 colors, there is a special service to provide Gamtube in custom colors (based on any color within the GAM family) and/or sleeve size within two weeks. A full range of cine correction filters is also available in the Gamtube product line. GAM Products Hollywood, CA

Above average The Elation Opti-Par provides more light output than a conventional PAR can due to its specially designed reflector and optics and a special 575W, 120V halogen lamp that is used as the light source. The luminaire itself has been stylized and is available in white, black or traditional aluminum. The standard lens is a narrow lens, Opti/N, other options are, the Medium Beam (OptiLM), Medium Flood, (Opti.MF) and the Wide Flood Lens (Opti/LW) The size is 11.5" x 8.5" x 8.5" and the unit weighs 7lb. Elation Entertainment Products Los Angeles, CA

It's good to be stranded The Strand SLD dimmer module is world-class, is designed to interface completely with Strands Shownet Ethernet system and one module can operate world-wide and support 90-277V operations and is CE marked, and UL listed. Each rack will accept up to 96 20A dimmers. Other modules available in dual 15 and 20A configurations and single 50 and 100A versions for 120V systems with a variety of single-pole, double pole options. All dimmers and contactors have status reporting capability. The racks may be top or bottom fed. User definable fade curves and three response times are selectable for each dimmer. DMX input patching and addressing with priority assignments are also offered, as is rack to rack interconnection using Cat 5 cable and Strand S-buss technology. The complete dimmer system also has advanced voltage regulation and according to the manufacturer automatically performs waveform analysis with near instantaneous correction for line changes and perturbations. Strand Lighting Rancho Dominuez, CA