PRODUCT PICK OF THE MONTH: Crown CTs Amplifier Series

Crown International introduces its new flagship amplifier line for the fixed installation market, the CTs Series. CTs builds upon the heritage of Crown's popular Com-Tech line by delivering higher power and better power density, greater flexibility, and a more competitive price structure.

The Crown CTs Series is comprised of six amplifiers: the two-channel CTs 600, 1200, 2000, and 3000, four-channel CTs 4200, and eight-channel CTs 8200. Every CTs amplifier provides a choice of direct constant voltage outputs (70V and, on four models, 100V) and low impedance outputs (8Ω, 4Ω and, on four models, 2Ω), while increased output power at every impedance improves system headroom at practical power steps.

Every CTs Series amplifier is housed in low profile, all-steel 2U frame, except for the CTs 8200, which features a 3U chassis. The two-channel models feature a shallow rack depth of 14", while multi-channel models are only 16.25" deep.

The use of a highly efficient new switch mode power supply greatly reduces overall amplifier weight and enables even the eight-channel model to benefit from the use of a standard 15A IEC power connector.

CTs amplifiers feature sophisticated protection circuitry, including a new AC line voltage monitor that protects the amplifier by shutting it down in the event of an over- or under-voltage condition. Both of the multichannel amplifiers additionally employ a new ‘FIT’ (Fault Independent Topology) design that isolates any fault conditions without affecting neighboring channels. Efficient heat sinks and a fully proportional speed fan provide fast and even heat dissipation for extra amplifier protection and extended component life.

Rear panels feature removable Phoenix-style input connectors and barrier block output connectors. Each channel is equipped with its own precision detented volume control, and mode switches for channel pairs allow simple configuration for either low-impedance or constant voltage use. Slots for Crown accessory modules, including the CobraNet input option, are also found on the back panel, in addition to a detachable IEC inlet and reset button.

And, like all of Crown's amplifiers, CTs products are backed by the manufacturer's industry-exclusive, three-year, no-fault, fully transferable warranty.

Crown International, a Harman International Company
Elkhart, IN

For a Brighter Sound

Crest Audio introduces the ST Series amplifiers, which have been designed for use in fixed installations, nightclubs, mobile DJs, A/V rentals, and regional sound companies. What makes them different is the switch mode power supply. ST Series amplifiers are full Class D amplifiers with switching power supplies that employ a resonant, zero-power switching technology. This switching technology results in an amplifier that sounds like a classic linear supply without the size, weight, or thermal waste. Long-term reliability and efficiency is significantly improved, plus a 20dB lower noise floor (versus most other switching supplies) is achieved. Topping off at 1,000WPC @4 ohms, the largest model, ST2000, weighs in at just 24lbs in two rack spaces.
Crest Audio
Fair Lawn, NJ

X Marks the Spot

Crest Audio is launching the new X-Matrix Expander Module, which adds flexibility and enhanced versatility to the Crest X-VCA mixing console. The new module can also be used as a standalone, self-contained, matrix mixer. As a companion product to the Crest X-VCA console, the X-Matrix expander provides the facilities to derive additional matrix mixes from the X-VCA console. Up to four units may be powered directly from the X-VCA, yielding a 12 × 12 matrix on the X-VCA — even more can be added using the optional external power supply. Using optional external power supplies, the X-Matrix can also serve as a standalone matrix mixing system capable of an almost unlimited number of inputs and outputs, which is great for theatre or fixed installation applications.
Crest Audio
Fair Lawn, NJ

Light 'Em If You Got 'Em

Leviton Power Light PL Devices indicate power status by means of a transparent lens and a prewired power light located in the body of the device. When PL devices are energized and current is present, the power light is ON. When de-energized and current is no longer present, the power light is OFF. PL devices are ideally suited for quick visual indication of power status and fast visual confirmation of energized plugs and connectors.
Leviton Mfg. Company Inc.
Little Neck, NY

Can You Hear Me Now?

EV (Electro-Voice) is introducing the SxA250 loudspeaker, a 15", two-way, self-contained sound system with mixable mic and line inputs, two-band EQ, line output, and separate 350W dynamic LF amp and 150W dynamic HF amp. The SxA250 works great as a self-contained vocal system, a powered floor monitor, and a full range music system, or can be combined with the SxA180 powered 18" woofer system. The SxA250's enclosure is made of seven-ply plywood and weighs only 49lbs. It has a built-in stand mount adapter, can be used as a floor monitor, and can also be hung safely using the company's optional SxAkit.
Electro-Voice®, a division of Telex
Communications, Inc.
Burnsville, MN

A Glow on the Horizon

Altman is making blacklight safe for the world by introducing the UV-250, a compact, high-output 250W blacklight floodlight. It is designed to provide a wash of high intensity illumination of fluorescent materials at distances of up to 40'. The luminaire does not require any fans for cooling, resulting in extremely quiet operation. A special lens filters out harmful UV-B and UV-C wavelengths and almost all visible light, and is provided with an integral wire mesh safety screen. Features include: integrated ballast and igniter, automatic safety cutoff switch, built-in cord wrap, it accepts 7FRACTION" accessories, and tool-free lamp access through the lens door. It is ETL- and CETL-listed for 250W.
Altman Lighting Inc.
Yonkers, NY

Flex Time

Cadac announces its R-Type lightweight, touring console. It is contained within an easily reconfigurable package, providing comprehensive facilities for both FOH and monitor mixing. It gives rental companies a highly flexible console using Cadac's “plug-anywhere” modules for fast installation. The R-Type console features a new lightweight monocoque design and a slimmer module width, combining touring ruggedness with the Cadac audio quality and reliability. Its resilient yet lightweight frame is designed for a two-man lift, and a single 24-slot frame can be configured to handle a small venue or gig easily with larger consoles being assembled out of multiples of the 24-way frame, up to any size required.
Cadac Electronics Plc
Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

A Cold Wind Is Blowing

Extreme heat and humidity can delay production and reduce the performance of the cast, crew, and equipment. Koldwave portable air conditioners are a simple solution for a range of indoor and outdoor entertainment applications. Airmaster units roll on heavy-duty casters and are UL-approved for outdoor operation. They are simple to operate and come in five sizes ranging from 10,000 to 65,000BTUH to serve any cooling requirement. Dual flexible air nozzles are also available. Units can be used for emergency or backup cooling, primary or supplemental air conditioning, or spot cooling.
Koldwave, a division of Mestek.
Westfield, MA

It All Comes Out in the Wash

Awarded the LDI Lighting Product of the Year/Architectural, the Lighting and Electronics Orlando is designed for applications requiring a bright, even wash of light. Designed for use with 150W CDM lamps, which offer an average rated lamp life of 10,000 hours, this fixture features a compact design utilizing a lightweight aluminum housing, which incorporates an integral electronic ballast and uniquely designed reflector. The Orlando is supplied in one-, two- or three- cell configurations and is equipped with color frame, yoke, and 6' cord set with a molded U-ground connector. Available in five optional powder coat finishes: black, white, hunter green, royal blue, and red.
Lighting & Electronics
Wappingers Falls, NY

Surf the Web

Theatre Sources Dot Com: A Complete Guide to Online Theatre and Dance Resources. By Louis E. Catron. Heinemann/0-325-00382-3/2001/232pp/Paper.

This book is a compilation of more than 750 helpful websites for US and Canadian theatre and dance professionals. Beginning with search basics, this book covers theatrical interest areas from scenery, lighting, and sound to playwriting and dramaturgy. Each chapter provides a list of relevant websites, and detailed annotations on each one. Included are close to 200 sites for design and tech. For purchasers of Theatre Sources Dot Com, a dedicated website — will provide direct links to all of the sites featured in the book and will be regularly updated to keep track of changing URLs and down sites.
Westport, CT

The Horror!

Theatrical FX Makeup. by David Sartor and John Pivovarnick. Heinemann/0-325-00238-X/2001/224pp/Paper & CD-ROM Theatrical FX Makeup is an illustrated guide to the dark side of special-effects makeup that walks you through the process. It features dozens of makeup effects accompanied by simple directions for creating them. It also contains a list of show- and character-specific productions for which the effect is appropriate, along with variations to help you adapt each makeup to your specific needs. The book also comes with a companion CD-ROM, which shows all of the book's illustrations in full color with easy access to the corresponding directions and supply lists.
Westport, CT

Come out of Your Shell

Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc. announces its appointment as distributor of the new Amphenol-Socapex SL-61 Mono-Piece 19-Pin connectors. The Mono-Piece 19-Pin Series feature a heavy-duty aluminum back shell with a hardened anodized finish to ensure the connectors perform and look great under the most demanding use. Designed with safety and performance in mind, the SL-61 offers a ground first connection, non-conductive plating, double-insulation and IP67 waterproof rating for unparalleled safety. A PG29 back shell is available to accept multi-cables while the versatile PG36 back shell accepts as many as six individual 12/3 SJOWA cables for use in break-in and break-out cable assemblies. Available with crimp-insertable or solder-cup contacts.
Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc.
North Creek, NY

Speech Testing

Gold Line has released an accurate measurement system for quantifying speech intelligibility. This system employs Gold Line's DSP30 analyzer platform along with the STI-PA signal CD. With this new system, a contractor can make STI measurements. With the STI-PA signal playing in the system under test, a single button push on the DSP30 produces the STI, converted to the Common Intelligibility Scale as specified in IEC standard 60849. Users can easily capture multiple measurements by relocating the DSP30 while the STI-PA signal continues to play.
Gold Line West Redding, CT