Plastics may have been the buzzword of the future in the film The Graduate, but at the eighth annual Lightfair International trade show and conference last May, there were other key phrases frequently floating through the air. Fiber optics, electrodeless induction lamps, full-range ballasts, and sulfur lamps were among the newer lighting technologies that captured the attention of attendees on the show floor at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, April 29 through May 1. And after rotations in Chicago and San Francisco, the architectural lighting trade show's return to Manhattan posted its best exhibit space and attendance records ever, with 827 booths featuring 341 exhibiting companies, and 15,000 registered professionals passing through the doors. Though 58% of the attendees were from the Northeast, the show tracked large delegations from California (6%) and the combined region of Illinois and Ohio (5.77%), with additional representation from all 50 US states and 58 additional countries.

Sponsored by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), the show offered 30 seminars and four day-long CEU course workshops, plus a full slate of special events. At the popular New Product Showcase, the show's Best New Product of the Year Award went to the Slite by ALKCO. Awards of Distinction were presented to the ES-1-T5-28-120-X by Energy Savings, the Ecodome(TM) by High End Systems, the Multibeam 200 by Lightron of Cornwall, and the UFO Elastic by Lucifer Lighting. Best Booth Awards were presented to exhibitors in four categories based on size and design: Leucos USA won for booths 100 to 200 sq. ft.; The Watt Stopper for the 300 to 400 sq. ft. category; Zumtobel Staff Lighting for 400 to 600 sq. ft.; and GE Lighting for 600 sq. ft. or larger.

In terms of other industry trends scoped out by LD editors, photometrics and their relationship to the final product in an installed environment seemed to concern many LDs. Architectural lighting professionals wanted to know that a specified product would perform up to its "promised" standards. To address this concern, some new software programs making their way to market at Lightfair have been designed to calculate photometric values as well as to provide renderings of architectural spaces with different light levels.

On another front, many fixture and ballast manufacturers cited their eagerness for custom work with engineering and manufacturing teams already in place. A developing trend was the growing number of architectural LDs who have closed their own practices to become in-house consultants to manufacturers. While that might prove to shore up design expertise on the research and development end, some lighting design professionals voiced concern that a move of many more designers to the manufacturing side of the fence would bite into the perceived need on the part of building clients to hire an architectural lighting consultant.

Full-spectrum lighting was the popular offering of various lamp manufacturers. Besides citing color temperature, high CRI values, and low UV emissions, many companies were carrying certified lab data to back up their technical claims. A number of companies offered full-spectrum lighting in a variety of configurations and in different lamps, from fluorescent tubes to A-style Edison-base lamps, and everything in between.

Special events during the conference included the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education Luncheon, at which the fund awarded its 1997 grant to the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, for the development of a new graduate degree option in lighting practice. The event also presented an in-depth seminar on the status of the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Profession (NCQLP) examination and development process.

Another nighttime gala, the Designers Lighting Forum of New York benefit reception, sponsored by Philips Lighting at Windows on the World, presented the DLF Honor Award to Sonny Sonnenfeld for his career of service and leadership in the lighting industry. Meanwhile, as we reported in greater detail in June's Lighting Dimensions, the Annual IALD Awards dinner honored six outstanding architectural lighting projects from around the world.

Next May 27-29, Lightfair moves for the first time to Las Vegas, with 80% of the booth space at the Convention Center already sold out. For conference program information, contact Renee Gable, conference and marketing director, at 404/220-2217 or Danielle Varrone at 404/220-2221. For exhibit information, contact show director Libby Morley at 404/220-2215.

Here is a selected wrap-up of what exhibitors displayed this year. Lighting Dimensions staff members David Barbour, Leanne Boepple, Robert Cashill, Liz French, and William L. Maiman contributed to this report.

AAMSCO LIGHTING Featured products: Antique reproduction and contemporary luminaires are designed for both residential and commercial applications. Reproduction ferrowatt lamps are comparable to a 40W lamp and consume only 30W.

ADVANCE TRANSFORMER CO. Featured products: Ballasts and related products for operation with fluorescent and HID systems. The Mark X(TM) Architectural Dimming Ballast line includes models suitable for use with the 26W, 32W, and 42W "triple" compact fluorescent lamp. The Advance E-PAK 34 is the first ballast designed specifically for operation with EPACT-mandated 34T12 lamps. This ballast allows for a 6% energy savings compared with magnetic ballasts.

ANGELO BROS. New to Lightfair: The Abco electronic three-way, single filament bulb. The 120V bulb maintains all three light levels throughout a bulb life of 10,000 hours, works like a standard three-way bulb in a three-way socket, and is guaranteed to last at least one year.

ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING SYSTEMS Featured product: The DesignerLine(TM) low-profile cove lighting series satisfies ADA requirements in three design styles. Housing T8, T5, or compact fluorescent lamps with any full-size ballast, the fixtures are constructed of heavy wall aluminum extrusion.

ARCOM MASTER SYSTEMS New to Lightfair: Masterspec(R) is a comprehensive computer guide specification system, including mechanical and electrical specs, for the US building industry. Users select sections and standards applicable to their particular project and augment as needed with information from the guidance and technical information provided with each Masterspec library. Enhancements include Small Project(TM), a short-form specification system for simple residential, interior fit-out, renovation, and light commercial work.

AROMAT CORP. First time anywhere: This subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Works introduced a slim, lightweight 35W and 70W electronic ballast for metal-halide lamps, available in 120 and 277V versions, in both junction box and side lead models. These ballasts, which offer thermal protection, increased lamp life, superior line regulation and a reduction in visual flicker, are UL- and CUL-listed.

ASAHI GLASS CO. New to Lightfair: This manufacturer of glass fiber optic lighting systems for interior and exterior applications says the benefits of glass fiber are high lumen output, low attenuation resulting in less color shift, and increased transmission distances, as far as 230' (70m). Complete systems are available.

B-K LIGHTING Featured products: The Power Pipe and Power Pipe II Systems, for fixture mounting. Both offer PVC construction below grade and machined aluminum construction above grade, allow feed through wiring of 120V or 12V, and are listed for 120V and 12V applications. The Power Pipe has an integral 75W transformer or remote transformer option; II has a clean architectural transition for an integral 150W transformer. Also the Power Canopy System, housing for remote transformers.

BALDINGER & SONS Featured product: The company manufactures a line of luminaires designed by international architects and designers, including Michael Graves, Richard Meier, Robert A.M. Stern, Kevin Walz, Charles Pfister, and Andree Putman.

BETA LIGHTING Featured products: A complete line of industrial, commercial, and outdoor luminaires. DeltaGuard finishing provides durability and resistance to abrasion, corrosion, UV and impact damage. The finish is backed by a seven-year warranty against cracking, peeling, excessive fading, or corrosion.

BULBRITE INDUSTRIES New to Lightfair: Energy Wiser(R), 60W electronic compact fluorescent lamps that, the company says, last nine times longer than ordinary light bulbs. They come in three color temperatures (2800K, 5000K, and 6500K) and can be used in restaurants, department stores, and offices, among other locations. Also shown was the Energy Wiser BR Reflector, with a new shape that produces more light without extra energy cost.

CEW LIGHTING First time anywhere: The Odyssey 2000 Sportslighter uses a 2,000W, 200,000-lumen Super-arc(TM) metal-halide lamp (with its 4,000-hour average rated life, a 5600K color temperature, and a 92 CRI) to deliver a completely controlled light beam with efficiencies in excess of 85%. It is UL-listed and is available in a 480V CWA-HPF design.

Featured products: The Spartan Gladiator II-350 System high bay is the first new metal-halide fixture to combine new fixture design with improved ballast and lamp technology. Spartan FB Series floodlights are designed for use in parking lots, roadways, and for lighting the exteriors of buildings. The White Ace(TM) metal-halide retrofit lamp is available in 250W and 400W, to operate in any existing high-pressure sodium fixture to instantly deliver white light to the work environment.

CANPLAS INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: The Canlet VE (value engineered) vapor-proof fixture offers the benefits of non-metallic lighting at costs comparable to conventional die-cast fixtures. The fixture is UL-wet location and CSA-certified, features glass reinforced engineering and thermoplastic construction, and can be ceiling- or wall-mounted.

COLORTRAN In prototype: The Arc Mini Ellipse(R) 50-degree, 40-degree, and 30-degree flexible application for framing, accent, or general lighting offers three field angles in one unit, providing maximum versatility. Other features include unsurpassed photometric performance, a long-life lamp that allows for economical and reliable operation, a joystick design that allows fast and precise filament alignment without tools, a built-in pattern slot, and solid-state ballast which provides improved regulation to the lamp, resulting in enhanced lamp performance. In addition, each framing shutter travels in its own plane, eliminating interference.

COLUMBIA PRESCOLITE MOLDCAST First time anywhere: The Avalon line of suspended lighting, featuring quick-locking row installation and optional ScreenArt(TM) patterned acrylic shielding; and the Triple Tube integrated system design (ISD) concepts for compact fluorescents. The newest ISDs include the Intelect(R) multivolt ballast, which accepts all three triple tube wattages on the same ballast, a new socket that accepts 26, 32, and 42W lamps, new prefocusing systems, and a new controls product called Element(TM), a wall dimmer capable of operating multiple fixtures.

THE COOKE CORP. Featured product: The cal-Light 400 is a user-friendly calibrated precision light meter equipped with an angled sensor, which takes the measurement and simultaneously allows the output to be read. A single button controls the instrument: a click turns it on, pressing holds the reading, and the light meter shuts off automatically in about one minute.

CRYSTALITE INDUSTRIES INC. Featured products: Neon-like lighting products that are durable, flexible and have a full one-year warranty, with filaments that have a 30,000-hour life. Crystalite's newest product is Crystalflat, a flat version of its Crystalround, with holes for easy mounting. All products are available in 10 different colors and four different voltages, and are UL-listed for indoor and outdoor applications.

DAY-O-LITE MANUFACTURING Featured products: Fluorescent fixtures from this company include Partner fixture profiles, for recessed, continuous perimeter illumination, and the Adam series, available with trak-light strip in rounded, geometric or wall-mountable shapes.

DESIGNPLAN LIGHTING New to Lightfair: The Maxi Collisto is a weather- and vandal-resistant wall luminaire for upward or downward illumination, using compact fluorescent or HID lamps. It is suitable for internal or external locations.

DOUGLAS LIGHTING CONTROLS New to Lightfair: A catalog dedicated to the firm's low-voltage lighting control products, including its switches, "master switching" relay scanners and programmable relay scanners, and daylight sensors. Douglas products are used on Cirque du Soleil shows.

ES PERFORMANCE LIGHTING Featured products: Earth Savers(R) is an energy-efficient lighting retrofit solution, including design, savings projection, supply, installation, financing, and savings verification services. Company news: The company is developing new software for the retrofit industry, and has a website at

ECOLITE MANUFACTURING Featured products: A line of aluminum louvers and baffles.

EDISON PRICE New to Lightfair: Arclites is a complete line of downlights, accent lights, and wallwashers for use with metal-halide PAR-20 and PAR-30 lamps. The smaller fixtures were developed to complement the more powerful PAR-38s for installations with ceilings of varying height. The new models are available in 4", 5", and 6" apertures, and use 39 and 70W lamps with lifetimes of up to 9,000 hours. Color temperature is 3000K, nearly duplicating the color qualities of quartz halogen lamps.

EIKO Featured products: The company showed its line of miniature and medical lighting, striplight, and xenon gas-filled lamps.

ELECTRONIC LIGHTING First time anywhere: The SmartStart(R) Series 700 PowerPlus(TM) controllable dimming ballast delivers high performance at a low cost, making dimming solutions practical, even for the retrofit market. The PowerPlus offers increased energy efficiency by dimming from 100% to 10% light output. It also features "active off" mode, in which no light is emitted from the lamp, allowing users to easily create and reconfigure on/off and dimming control zones using low-voltage QuickLink(TM) connections. The ballast continues to power control devices, such as occupancy sensors, while in active off mode.

ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS First time anywhere: The Unison Dimming Rack, a basic DMX512 rack controlled by a theatrical lighting console or an integral Unison architectural system processor, available in six- and 12-mode configurations and with options that include a single-phase strap, main circuit breaker auxiliary rack and an emergency control module bypass. Also the Unison External Processing Rack, with Unison control functionality for ETC Sensor and other DMX512 dimming racks, in 120V, 230V, and 277V configurations, with an integral field-programmable plug-in control module with 2-line-by-20-character LCD, data entry keys, and a 3.5" disk drive.

ELECTRONICS DIVERSIFIED Featured products: The MX dimmer rack system is suitable for medium-to-large theatre installations as well as large architectural dimming systems. The product provides the user with off-line programming via any IBM-compatible PC or the handheld programmer; assignable, patchable DMX inputs; backup memories with remote access; and LCD status indicators. Its three-phase vertical bus bar allows up to 96 dimmers to be sequentially numbered in the cabinet with no two consecutive dimmer modules on the same phase. The Twilite display station is designed to provide simple, user-programmable preset selections based on an LCD of alphanumeric names assigned to rear-illuminated pushbuttons.

ELLIPTIPAR New to Lightfair: The KO Series of asymmetric luminaires features non-corrosive construction and extruded aluminum reflectors to produce maximum candlepower and uniformity of light. The series is available in eight styles of wallwashers and uplights with reflectors in aluminum, black trim, or semi-gloss white. The company also showed the Style 454 outdoor fixture designed with a low- profile asymmetric reflector to project light evenly across expansive surfaces from one edge. The fixture is available for metal-halide or high-pressure sodium lamps, and features an integral ballast, non-corrosive construction and water-tight operation.

ESTILUZ New to Lightfair: A collection of sconces features Murano glass and titanium or satin gold finishes. Other featured decorative luminaires included ADA-compliant sconces, picture lights, dual torchieres, and reading lamps.

FIBERSTARS First time anywhere: New components for complete fiber-optic systems, including enhanced performance illuminators, such as the Model 403, which features an improved reflector that results in higher light output with reduced energy consumption. Also, the 50W MH Illuminator, which offers the same performance as the 150W Illuminator. Small-scale fiber optic endpoints in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes were also exhibited.

FULL CIRCLE INC. Full Circle provides lamp recycling services for fluorescent and HID lamps, from users based throughout the US and Canada. In accordance with applicable governmental regulations, everything from shipping to material separation to recycling/disposal is handled by Full Circle. Certificates of recycling and disposal for users' permanent records are also provided.

FUSION LIGHTING In prototype: The Solar 1000(TM) sulfur lamp, with a new dimmable power supply. The lamp is an electrodeless sphere that uses microwave energy to excite sulfur and argon gas to create intense light equal to the output of 75 standard 100W incandescent light bulbs. The new power supply is totally redesigned and allows the Solar 1000 to be dimmed from 100% of output to 20% with very little color change. Production quantities should be available by year-end.

GENERAL ELECTRIC New to Lightfair: GE Total Lighting Control introduced the Softwired Switching System (SWS, above), an advancement of its Softwired Contactor(TM) technology. The SWS enhances the control panel by adding individual relay override capability and softlinking.

GROUP ONE/CLAY PAKY New to Lightfair: The VIP 300 Versatile Image Projector consists of small lighting fixtures equipped with two low-voltage (24V) electrified guides that accommodate a lens and a host of different effects that can be combined with each other, supplied as optional accessories. Applications include piano bars, clubs, show venues, museums, dance halls, hotels, shopping centers, exhibitions, and trade fairs. It uses a 300W HTI discharge lamp and can accept a broad range of optional effects specially designed by Clay Paky. The VIP 250 ALO is the same as the VIP 300, but with a 250W, 24V halogen lamp. The SIP 300 Simple Image Projector features guides that are not electrified, so it can use non-motorized optional effects; otherwise, it is the same as the VIP 300.

Company news: Clay Paky's website, at, has a choice of translations in English, Italian, Spanish, and German.

HID SYSTEMS Featured products: The company, a master distributor of General Electric lighting products, makes custom ballasts. All types of lamps are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

HIGH END SYSTEMS New to Lightfair: The company's Ecodome(TM), which won an Award of Distinction at Lightfair's New Product Showcase, puts High End's Studio Color(R) and Cyberlight(R) lighting fixtures inside a weather-resistant, modular indoor/outdoor architectural housing system. Features include the UV-resistant polycarbonate dome, filtered forced air ventilation that keeps fixtures cool, and glanded connection ports for above- or below-ground wiring. The Studio Color "M," a switching power supply version with rotatable, variable beam shaping and a selectable beam angle from 8 degrees to 22 degrees, was also shown.

HIGUCHI INC. USA First time anywhere: The Krypton decorative lamp features a candelabra base and is dimmable, with extended life and high lumen output.

HIYOSHI ELECTRIC CO. Featured products: "Frosted" LED Liners, LED lighting strips that offer more than 180 degrees of directional radiance. Each LED can be changed or replaced, and a single designated power source can be used to illuminate many strips. Also displayed were Hiyoshi's Frosted LED Strings, long-lasting, waterproof units that can replace filament lamp light strings in indoor/outdoor decorative lighting applications, and its Frosted LED Globes, decorative lamps with five built-in LEDs.

HOWARD INDUSTRIES Featured products: Ballasts and transformers that are 100% assembled in the US. All types of ballasts are manufactured, including HID and fluorescent, with the entire product line rated for 0-degree starting temperature and containing surge protection to meet Class B requirements. Ballasts are available with traditional lead wires or wire-trap connectors.

HYDREL New to Lightfair: Outdoor luminaires include flood, area, landscape, wall, pole, and underwater fixtures. The company also is associated with Noral Lighting and Franz Sill European manufacturers.

IALD The International Association of Lighting Designers announced it is reorganizing its executive/leadership structure, and will soon vote on the possibility of hiring a full-time executive director to lead professional outreach and membership growth efforts.

ICI ACRYLICS In prototype: Scheduled for release this September are Lucite Acritherm(R) HS acrylic polymers, the HS3125 and HS5125. Appropriate for applications requiring maximum heat and UV resistance, like lenses for HID metal-halide lamps, features include higher heat properties than standard acrylics, light transmission and haze superior to polycarbonate, and a proprietary technology using conventional raw materials.

IESNA The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America showcased its 1997-98 Light Source Publications, from the 8th edition of the Lighting Handbook to lighting measurement testing and calculation guides.

INTELLIGENT LIGHTING CONTROLS New to Lightfair: The ILC TR-Retro Relay, which ILC says ends the need to replace and rewire local switches and control devices. Each self-contained relay module mounts remotely in a standard junction box to control a lighting group; three low-voltage, Class 2 wires run from the relay to either a central or remote ILC Quanta lighting controller or other EMS controller (based on application).

INTERELECTRIC CORP. Featured products: Colored fluorescent lamps, which were used on Batman & Robin. Gro-Lite, blacklight, full spectrum, appliance, graphic, low temperature, VHO, and many conventional types are offered, as are incandescent lamps, quartz halogen, HID and compact fluorescents.

IOTA ENGINEERING Company news: IOTA Ballast and Transformer Co. has acquired the assets of the former Keystone Transformer Company. IOTA is a developer and manufacturer of emergency ballasts for many applications, that can be used with a variety of fluorescent lamps (including compact) and fixtures.

IRIDEON Featured products: The AR5(TM) interior wash luminaire and the AR500(TM) exterior wash luminaire work with the Composer(TM) control system to offer colorful automated lighting for the architectural market.

J.J.I. LIGHTING GROUP First time anywhere: J.J.I. subsidiary ALKCO's Slite, a shelf lighting system that incorporates the 1/8"-diameter T2 fluorescent lamp into an ultra-miniature 3/4"x1" (remotely ballasted) luminaire. The tiny dimensions allow luminaires to be fully recessed into shelves as thin as 22mm. A peened specular aluminum reflector with controlled cut-off produces an even, asymmetrical 120-degree light distribution which fills an entire display cavity with light. The Slite won an Award of Distinction at Lightfair's New Products Showcase.

Featured products: Morlite Systems' line of vandal-resistant fluorescent luminaires, the LPL 2000(TM) series; LAM Lighting Systems' Litedisc Legacy line of suspended, non-linear, semi-indirect lighting fixtures.

Company news: J.J.I. has acquired Ardee Lighting/USA, a manufacturer of architectural lighting fixtures, headquartered in Miami. Ardee Lighting is best known for the Clikstrip(TM), a high-performance, low-voltage linear light strip available in a range of incandescent, argon, xenon, and halogen light sources.

LG INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS Company news: This Korea-based firm, a first-time exhibitor, touted its $40-million investment in a research and development center in Princeton, NJ. The LG Electronics Research Center of America (LGERCA) will focus on digital multimedia and consumer electronics. Its US office's lighting division, based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, displayed its electronic ballasts (including the new 8-Foot Slimline and 3X17 HBF models) and industrial automation products at the show.

LSI INDUSTRIES Featured product: The Greenbriar(R) Series of exterior, pole- or arm-mounted luminaires house high-pressure sodium, metal-halide, or super metal-halide lamps. Baked-on polyester-powder finishes come in an array of color options with accent color decal stripes.

LEGION LIGHTING Featured product: Mod-U-Beam(R) is an architectural lighting system that blends visual comfort and economy with contemporary styling. The system is available in surface, pendant, indirect, and recessed configurations for standard runs, patterns, or perimeter lighting.

LEHIGH ELECTRIC First time anywhere: Lehigh now offers programmable preset control in a wallbox format. The product includes six master station presets, six control channels, 25-800W per channel to a maximum of 2,000W per master station, programmable fade times, and an infrared remote control option. The company's new theatrical console is Pentium-based, with a Windows 95 platform, and features an integral mouse pad.

LEUCOS USA New to Lightfair: The Nubia Series of decorative luminaires features mouth-blown glass pieces, creating cloud-like formations. The glass formations come in both round and oval shapes and in various sizes.

LEVITON MANUFACTURING First time anywhere: Decora(R) electronic timer switches for timing from two minutes to 12 hours. Features include preset keys, LED signals to indicate time left to turn off, and availability in ivory, white, and almond. Also, the Ultrasonic Sensor for automatic lighting control, which uses ultrasonic waves to detect occupancy in indoor applications.

Featured products: The Scene Select multi-location lighting control system with handheld remote control, occupancy sensing, and building control interface units.

LEXALITE INTERNATIONAL Featured products: Energy-efficient optical components for the lighting industry, including globes (threaded, non-threaded, prismatic, or non-prismatic), refractors, prismatic drop lenses, and traffic and pedestrian signal lenses. Complete optical design and engineering injection molding and manufacturing are available.

LIGHT PROJECT INTERNATIONAL Featured products: This importer/ manufacturer of low-voltage specialty lighting supplied project and product information from international makers including Novoline, LightLight by Buschfeld, and Steng.

LIGHTING & ELECTRONIC DESIGN INC. First time anywhere: An encapsulated LED ropelight system designed for longer life and less energy consumption than a system using incandescents.

LIGHTLY EXPRESSED LTD. Featured products: Fiber-optic lighting systems for the commercial, residential, industrial and medical markets. Many different fixtures and endpoints available, from wall washers to aimable spots to edge lighting products

LIGHTOLIER New to Lightfair: TechExpress(TM) products include the CD-ROM Specifier(TM) Version 2 and Genesys Lyte(TM) for improved lighting calculations. The company also showcased its new TechCenter (above), located in Fall River, MA, which includes an effects gallery, comprehensive product areas, and a hands-on laboratory with built-out architectural spaces.

LIGHTS OF AMERICA New to Lightfair: Fluorescent exterior coach lanterns are wall- or post-mounted in verdi, white, or black finishes. An AutoSensor(TM) allows manual or automatic dusk to dawn operation.

LIGHTSCAPE TECHNOLOGIES Featured product: Lightscape 3.0 is a visualization and lighting tool for Windows 95 and Windows NT systems. The Lightscape program simulates the behavior and physical properties of lights and materials, and offers real-time interactivity for specifiers and clients to judge proposed lighting systems.

LIGHTWAY INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: The ADA-compliant Avalon fixture is constructed with heavy gauge zinc-coated steel, a high-gloss white polyester powder-coat finish, textured white acrylic diffuser, a high color rendering lamp, and 120V 60Hz class "P" ballast.

Featured products: A complete line of compact fluorescent and HID light fixtures, decorative ADA-compliant wall sconces, vanity lights, and ceiling fixtures, and exterior wall, ceiling, and area lighting in compact fluorescent and HID.

LINEAR LIGHTING First time anywhere: The Crescent Series lighting fixture, available in 10' (3m) and 12' (4m) units. The Crescent 210 is available with two T8 lamps and comes in the following standard perforated patterns: an all-perforated fixture with round or rectangular holes, perforated panels with round or rectangle perforations, thin or thick vertical slots, or no slots at all. The Crescent 312 is available in one, two, and three T8 lamps with the same perforated patterns but no fully perforated fixtures. Other patterns are available. Diecast corner and tandem lengths up to 12' (4m) are available in both products.

LITETOUCH Featured product: The LiteTouch 200 is a residential or mid-range architectural lighting control system designed for flexibility. The system features master controls, scene presets, infrared control, and astronomical time clocks, and is owner-programmable.

LIVE WIRE Featured product: Live Wire is an ultra-thin flexible copper cable, coated with electroluminescent semiconductors, that emits 360 degrees of light when AC current is applied. Small, portable battery versions are also available. The product comes in 10 colors: white, red, green, blue, coral, gold, orange, pink, raspberry, and yellow. Unlike fiber optics, the brightness in Live Wire is the same throughout the entire length of the cable, which is available in stock sizes of 15' or 30' (4.6m or 9.2m) sections or in custom lengths of up to 800' (244m).

LORIN INDUSTRIES Featured products: Anodized technologies for the lighting industries, including products for iridescence control, non-directional, high specular products, and customized services.

LUCIFER LIGHTING New to Lightfair: The Ringer is a small, low-voltage spotlight, which rotates 360 degrees and bends 90 degrees. Ringer 1, for use with MR-16 halogen lamps, has a conical body with a partially exposed lamp accented by an aluminum ring clasped by stainless steel clips. Ringer 2, for use with MR-11 halogen lamps, has the same profile, but the ring and clasps are diminished in scale to conceal the lamp source. Both spotlight versions are available in satin silver, white, and black finish.

LUMENYTE First time anywhere: Lumenyte exhibited its new Interlock Optical Fiber and Track, designed to highlight commercial buildings. The clear outer jacket of the optical fiber has a key-shaped surface, and "interlocks" with a matching custom track, allowing for expansion/contraction due to weather. The UV-stabilized optical fiber glides through the track, which is attached to the structure. Many other fiber types, endpoints and illuminators are available. The company's Flexcoat(TM) Jacketed Fiber, installed to light a bridge in Vienna, is pictured above.

LUMIERE DESIGN & MANUFACTURING Featured product: The Coronado is an architectural and landscape fixture engineered to accept natural color-rendering PAR-30 metal-halide lamp technology. A patent is pending on the locking mechanism for the fixture, which can be wall- or ground-mounted. The company's website is

LUMISPHERE USA First time anywhere: The Close Proximity (CP) Linear Flood Light System, used on London's Chelsea Bridge. Low-intensity light units in close proximity to buildings and structures provide flood lighting without light pollution. Color washing effects can be obtained by use of coloredpolycarbonate spheres on the light units.LUTRONNew to Lightfair: Billed as th e first radio frequency lighting control system, Radio RA integrates easily with other residential systems such as security and time clocks. The patented technology allows the system's master controls, dimmers, and switches to communicate via high-frequency radio signal (418MHz). Up to 12 master controls are able to communicate with up to 32 dimmers or switches at a time.

LUXO Featured product: The Luxo Halogen 3 task luminaire comes in 20"/single-arm or 40"/double-arm models each housing a 35W tungsten halogen lamp. Non-glare, elliptical shades are formed from high-impact, optical-quality lexan, and are offered in translucent amber, blue, green, or purple.

MSC LAMINATES AND COMPOSITES INC. First time anywhere: Scratch-resistant lighting products with a 25-year warranty.

Featured products: Specular+SR(TM) and AlumoliteSR(TM) high-reflectance materials.

MACRO ELECTRONICS CORP. New to Lightfair: The DPS-Power(TM) Series of multi-scene light dimming and control system for commercial lighting applications. The system has four preset pushbuttons which allow any four lighting looks to be recalled from memory, and handles up to 16A/ 1,920W allocated to as many as six individual circuits and various lighting loads such as incandescent, quartz halogen, compact flurorescent, neon and cold cathode luminaires, and attendant low-voltage transformers and electronic dimming ballasts.

MAGNETEK Company news: MagneTek is celebrating its 50th anniversary of developing and manufacturing ballasts of all types (including dimmable) for the lighting industry. The company's new electronic BT5 ballasts (above) are designed for T5 linear fluorescent lamps.

MARTIN PROFESSIONAL New to Lightfair: The MAC 600 color changer, a precision-driven, yoke-mounted projector offering 440 degrees of pan and 306 degrees of tilt, and the MAC 1200, with features including full color mixing, high-resolution movement, and an MSR 1200 lamp. The Imagescan, a retail promotional tool for image projection, was also displayed.

In prototype: The Robodome, architectural housing for MACs and PAL automated profile framing spots.

MITOR INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: The Power Compact Series of 26, 32, and 42W four-pin, two-piece electronic compact fluorescent lamps, and the 2D Power Compact Series of 28 or 38W four-pin 2D compact fluorescent lamps. Both lamp series are lightweight 120V units, with low THD and a high power factor.

Featured products: The Vapor Proof Series of 18, 26, 32, or 42W four-pin compact fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts, which can be used in outdoor wet locations.

MOTOROLA LIGHTING INC. First time anywhere: Three new energy-saving electronic ballast products debuted: the Remote Compact Fluorescent (CFL); 230V non pre-heat ballasts for the European, Latin American, and Asian markets; and the Lowatt(TM) instant start product line for energy-conscious markets. The linear fluorescent ballast line is also being expanded to include a pluggable ballast, a T5-40 ballast with 1.0 ballast factor, a consumer series ballast, a low profile linear T5 lamp ballast, an ultra compact task light ballast, and a T12 Slimline lamp ballast.

Company news: Motorola and Sylvania Lighting International (SLI) have agreed to market Motorola energy-saving electronic ballasts throughout Europe. As part of the agreement, SLI will enter the European electronic ballast market for the first time with the launch of KEMA-approved electronic ballasts manufactured by Motorola.

MYTECH New to Lightfair: The OMNI-DT is an advanced sensor with a dedicated microprocessor that adjusts automatically to changing room conditions. The Surface Mount Raceway Fit is for retrofitting older buildings with hard ceilings. It includes a power pack that mounts inside a fluorescent light fixture using a custom-threaded adapter and a custom base for Mytech's Omni sensors. The kit is compatible with standard tracks from Wiremold and Hubbell.

NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING First time anywhere: The Halogen Cable System, a suspended 12V cable system with "pressed glass" colored glass fixtures, for applications including wall wash, picture and decorative accents, table illumination, and task and display lighting. Bulb selections are 20W, 35W and 50W; features include a choice of solid chrome and flexible silicone wire suspensions and three different fixture styles.

NEO-RAY LIGHTING SYSTEMS Featured products: Direct and direct/indirect fluorescent linear lighting systems. These linear lighting systems can be used for general-purpose lighting, wall washing, and corridor illumination. Numerous styles, sizes and colors are available, with features including multi-lamp switching.

NOVITAS Featured products: A complete line of ultrasonic sensors is available, including models to fit Leviton's Decora switchplate.

OPTICAL DISPLAY LIGHTING New to Lightfair: Fiber-optic illuminators and systems for display cases and signage, as well as underwater applications. These can be customized with the exact wattage lamp for the particular application being supplied. A new addition to its line is the 400W, four-port illuminator that features DMX control, dimmable output, and a double-ended metal-halide lamp for excellent color at high lumen output. Specially patented edge-lit signage with color sequencing was also displayed.

OPTIKINETICS LTD. New to Lightfair: The Trilite 100 Series updates the Trimlite and Slimlite 1" truss systems with a new split spigot connection system for quicker and easier assembly and dismantling. The new system is built from a 1" lightweight aluminum tube system and is available in 6" and 9" formats with standard flat, triangular and square configurations which can also be curved. An upgraded model of the Solar 250 Effects Projector with casing modifications and added safety designs was also shown. The projector now has ETL, CSA and CE safety certifications.

ORTEK LIGHTING Featured products: Compact fluorescent lamps and energy-conserving recessed luminaires are part of the company's line.

OSRAM SYLVANIA INC. New to Lightfair: A new inductively coupled electrodeless lamp that uses magnetic-induction technology to generate light-producing electrons instead of using an electrode at each end of the fluorescent tube. The absence of electrodes increases average lamp life to 60,000 hours compared to conventional fluorescents' life ratings of up to 20,000 hours. An expanded line of Designer Series(TM) Metalarc Pro-Tech lamps (above) were also shown. The lamps feature a CRI of up to 85 and consistent color stability, making them suitable for in-ceiling and track lighting for merchandise displays in retail installations and offices. The company also unveiled a medium-base, compact 175W metal-halide lamp for open fixtures, and Quicksense(TM), an end-of-lamp-life sensing technology incorporated into four new electronic lighting system products.

Company news: Osram Sylvania has teamed up with fixture manufacturer Emess Lighting Inc. to develop new compact fluorescent technology for torchiere fixtures.

PANASONIC New to Lightfair: The company launched several new products including: a 10W Electronic Light Capsule, measuring only 5.1" with a 500 lumen ouput, to replace 40W incandescents; a 15W Electronic Light Capsule, a compact alternative to 60W incandescents, which measures only 23/8" in width by 55/16" in length and weighs 0.28lb; a 16W pink Electronic Light Capsule which does not use pigments or dyes and is available in a globe shape; the Quad-Tube, a T4 lamp that uses a bridge structure to connect four glass tubes to allow higher lumen output from a shorter overall length; and the WhisperLite series of Fan/Light fixtures available in three models.

Company news: The company has combined the Panasonic Light Products department with the Home and Building Products department to solidify its corporate structure and broaden its marketplace. It has also expanded its sales force with the addition of Mark Deese and Donald Lewinski, both formerly of Osram Sylvania.

PAULUHN ELECTRIC First time anywhere: An economical, low-profile, compact fluorescent long lamp. Featured products: The Decoration Light, using compact fluorescent lamps in plastic, cast-bronze (for higher wattage), and cast-aluminum "Jelly Jar" housings.

PHILIPS LIGHTING Company news: The manufacturer announced during Lightfair that 80% of all its fluorescents sold in the US will feature ALTO low-mercury fluorescent lamp technology by the end of 1997. The company plans to move lines of ALTO-only products. The ALTO lamps were the first fluorescents to pass the EPA's Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure for non-hazardous waste.

PROLIGHT Featured products: Prolight specializes in optics and reflector design and develops various products that use compact fluorescent lamps. Used extensively during track retrofits, all Prolight products are compatible with Lutron dimming and standard ballasts.

PROMOLUX Featured products: This division of MGV Inc. distributes low UV lamps of various types for retail applications. Besides low UV, its fluorescent lamps have very high CRI values. New lamps, including a color-corrected MR-16, are available. Halogen lamps, both with lenses and/or dichroic type, filter UV light, have a better CRI, and are suited for jewelry displays.

PRUDENTIAL LIGHTING First time anywhere: Pru-1 indirect or indirect/direct low-profile luminaires have a low profile design and are available in four body styles, single or dual circuiting, and two mounting styles. The Pru-3 indirect or indirect/direct low profile luminaires have a shallow radius 3" design and are available in four body styles, single or dual circuiting, two mounting styles, and have a range of decorative edge options.

RADIANT IMAGING Featured products: ProMetric and ProAlign photometeric systems. Combination software/hardware is Windows 95 or Windows NT compatible.

RAGE New to Lightfair: The Sea Glass Collection of luminaires was inspired by a custom-designed fixture the company created for the retailer Nine West. The line of table lamps, sconces, and floor lamps feature sea-inspired colors, with shades of cast acrylic sandblasted to look like glass.

RELIABLE BALLAST INC. Featured products: Metal-halide ballasts available in 35, 50, 70, and 100W sizes, in both 120V and 277V versions, that are US-manufactured. Features include high efficiency, Class A noise rating, numerous lamp protection features, low operating temperature, and compact size.

REMOTE SOURCE LIGHTING INTERNATIONAL First time anywhere: The Perpetual Light Pump fiber-optic illuminator (above), which uses the Solar 1000(TM) sulfur lamp from Fusion Lighting. Remote Source expects that 85% of its light output will be used by the fiber-optic lighting system. Besides the Perpetual Light Pump an extensive line of new and standard model illuminators was featured.

Company news: A partnership was signed with Promar, a division of New York City's Con Edison utility.

ROBERTSON TRANSFORMER CO. New to Lightfair: Products including the REL Series, low-profile, multi-voltage electronic ballasts for rapid-start T5 lamps that can operate on 120V, 127V, 220V, 240V, and 277V line voltages from one set of inputs; the RED/REJ MV Series, multi-voltage electronic ballasts for quad and triple-tube compact fluorescent lamps that will operate on 120V, 127V, 220V, 240V, and 277V line voltages; and the REC Series, miniature electronic ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps.

ROHM AND HAAS In prototype: An illuminator that uses a medium, wattage metal-halide lamp, without a cooling fan, eliminating noise and dirt.

First time anywhere: OptiFlex(TM) light pipe for remote source lighting for the retail display, visual merchandising, entertainment, signage, and other related markets. OptiFlex is large-diameter, solid-core fiber-optic cable, available in both side- and end-light versions, that distributes light evenly from 8' to 50' (2.4-15.24m) and is flexible to -40 degrees Celsius. Color changes can be coordinated via DMX control.

SCIENTIFIC LIGHTING PRODUCTS Featured products: Louvers, baffles, and lenses, including decorative louvers of all sizes and types, and lenses with all types of patterns and cut-off angles.

SCOTT ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING New to Lightfair: The fabricator of custom decorative and architectural luminaires is now manufacturing a standard product line. Among the offerings, the Light Plus Series wall-mounted sconce is constructed of steel with a powder-coat finish, and features a perforated metal screen and acrylic diffuser.

SELUX New to Lightfair: This first-time exhibitor displayed a range of products, including some all-new fixtures for T5 lamps. Fixture families shown included the Quadro, which has small pole and wall-mount fixtures, a cut-off luminaire for site and roadway lighting, and Quadrolisk for distinctive decorative themes; the BTM, an 8" triangular form that assists in identifying landmarks and accentuating focal points, with a patented MTR refractor system; and the T5 Neon ceiling system, which has an extruded aluminum profile and neon from Selux's TLS-5N tubular system.

STARFIRE LIGHTING Featured product: The Tru-Lux line of subminiature lighting fixtures, which includes the TB (basic), the TM (mini-square), the TS (sconce), the TC (cove), and TV (valance) Series. Tru-Lux fixtures use a T2 fluorescent lamp from Osram Sylvania. The T2 lamp provides the same lumen output as an equivalent wattage Quad fluorescent lamp, but in a package less than half the diameter of a T5.

STERNER LIGHTING SYSTEMS Featured products: Area/roadway lighting fixtures, Infranor precision floodlighting, interior low-level lighting and custom fixtures of all types and styles. Their Para II is a 1,000W metal-halide fixture, with an instant-on feature, that was specified and installed in the new Boston Garden. Sterner is also developing a fixture for Philips' electrodeless lamp.

SUPER VISION INTERNATIONAL Featured products: Many patented sideglow and endpoint fiber-optic lighting products were demonstrated, and new illuminators, downlights, and landscape fixtures were displayed. Super Vision has complete systems and products for the pool and spa market, signage, and general architectural lighting. Its products have been used extensively by Red Lobster restaurants, on the outside perimeter and for interior downlights in the bar area.

TIR SYSTEMS LTD. Featured products: The maker of the Light Pipe(TM) System single point source luminaires brought products that included its Series 6000 HID luminaire, for use with TLP6 Light Guides. Its lamps are 250W or 400W metal halide or HQI with a 10,000-hour rated life, its finish is anodized in a range of colors and it is UL-listed (for wet locations) and CSA- and CE-approved. A streamlined version is in the works. TIR's website is

TECH LIGHTING Featured product: Kable Lite(TM) low-voltage lighting systems now feature 24 or 12V transformers. Rail configurations support decorative pendant luminaires.

TECNOLUX Featured product: The Neon Specifier is a manual color specifying guide for signage and lighting professionals. The guide eases the matching of neon lighting with colored plastic filters to enhance the color and lumen output of channel letter signage.

THORN Featured product: Sensa 2 is a range of self-contained intelligent lighting fixtures, for use in the workplace, that typically save over 50% in energy load. The user can choose, for both absence and daylight functions, whether the fitting either switches off or remains at its lowest dimmed level of 10% of its maximum output. An optional handheld infrared remote controller allows users to override the fixture.

3M CORP. First time anywhere: 3M Light Fiber systems use a newly developed polymer core that reduces light loss to extremely low levels. Both side glow and endpoint fiber are available (3M fiber allows for light to be carried for distances of up to 30m (99') ). Also the 3M Light Pipe (above), which when paired with the Solar 1000(TM) lamp from Fusion Lighting offers a highly efficient light distribution system. The 3M Light Pipe technology uses special 3M optical lighting film with a reflectance efficiency of approximately 99%, which acts like a mirror and reflects the light through the tube without absorption or escape. New 3M Silverlux(TM) film consists of a polyester film with a highly reflective silver metallized layer protected by an acrylic overcoat.

TIVOLI INDUSTRIES First time anywhere: The Spectra wall-mounted 120V dimmable luminaire. The luminaire uses a maximum 150W linear halogen lamp to wash the wall above in a bright white glow; the lower side features a glass diffuser with multi-layer dichroic coating which provides a green and magenta glow. Also premiering at Lightfair was the Mondial Series of recessed ceiling downlights, which includes Mondial Pro projector lights and Mondial 50 recessed ceiling lights. Tivoli also premiered its CCT compact fluorescent downlights, high-efficiency downlights designed to use compact fluorescent lamps in an inclined position (the CCT 8") or a horizontal position (the CCT 10").

TOKISTAR LIGHTING INC. New to Lightfair: Exhibitor Series xenon spheres, which Tokistar says is an energy-efficient, low-voltage lighting system that can be used in all environments. The series consists of wedge-based xenon lamps (used in the automotive industry) covered by shatterproof polycarbonate spheres; it is low-maintenance, and has the apparent brightness of much higher-wattage lamps. Also displayed was the Advantage Series indirect lighting system, with 5W and 8.5W frosted xenon lamps; an optional PVC channel may be specified to form a semi-rigid profile the lamp sockets snap into. Tokistar says one application for these new series is the gaming industry.

TRI-LITE PLASTICS INC. Featured products: Extruded acrylic profile, sheet lenses, tubes, louvers, candle covers, and side panels are among the products this company designs and manufactures. For fluorescent lamps, a wide variety of tube guards are manufactured, including special UV filtering. Special heatsink screens for HO and VHO lamps are also manufactured.

US ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING New to Lightfair: Ultratec now offers fiber optics that feature consistent projection past 90' (27 m). The company offers continuous lengths of up to 500' (152m) with an operating temperature of 40-200°C.

US ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING Featured products: The company designs and manufactures contemporary outdoor luminaires. Many architectural finishes are available.

USHIO AMERICA Featured products: Quartz halogen and discharge lamps for exterior, interior, and display lighting include MR-11 and MR-16 reflector lamps, compact single- and double-ended metal halide, and UV-protected MR 16 lamps.

VENTURE LIGHTING First time anywhere: This Advanced Lighting Technologies company, which makes metal-halide lamps, introduced its Uni-Form(TM) Pulse Start Series. Features include Uni-Form body arc tube technology, which helps the lamps achieve a lighting output of up to 110 lumens per watt, and a pulse start ballast system that improves lumen maintenance, provides faster lamp warm-up, and reduces hot-restrike time. Other Uni-Form series include the energy-saving Energy Master Plus and the low-wattage Precision Plus. Also introduced was its UVGuard, a metal-halide lamp that shields UV light to prevent the yellowing of fixture lenses.

Company news: Venture's website is at

VERILUX First time anywhere: A three-way, full-spectrum light bulb available in 50, 100, and 150W. Using advanced phosphor technology, Verilux products filter out excessive yellow light and illuminate with a whiter, brighter light with less glare, according to the company.

W.A.C LIGHTING Featured products: The company brought its catalogs and some of its latest products, including diecast line voltage track heads which accomodate halogen bulbs ranging from MR-11 to PAR-38 and are designed for the company's 2-wire, 3-wire, and 2-wire JAX track systems. Features of W.A.C.'s track head line include a patented cast swivel, stem, and locking knob, relamping without tools from the front, and no exposed wiring. A new wall wash unit has an all-body cast and baffle; the baffle/lens unit snaps out for relamping.

Company news: Leonard M. Schwartz, who has worked with W.A.C. Lighting for five years, has been appointed vice president of sales and marketing.

WALDMANN LIGHTING CO. New to Lightfair: The Barcelona, a task light that can be easily positioned to eliminate shadows and glare. Other features include an aluminized parabolic louver that focuses warm or cool light precisely and two 9W compact fluorescent lamps that provide over 10,000 hours of life. The company's website is

WIKO LTD. Featured product: Invented by Kevin McGuire, the Solux 4700K lamp provides true color rendition as compared to daylight, and has been used by Christian Bernard Jewelers and Polo/Ralph Lauren to simulate daylight.

WPI ELECTRONICS Featured products: Electronic ballasts in compliance with ANSI standards for low-wattage metal-halide HID lamp applications.

YOS-GAD LIGHTING INDUSTRIES INC. New to Lightfair: This Passaic, NJ-based light manufacturer featured its line of commercial and residential outdoor lighting fixtures with a new acrylic globe design featuring a bubbled finish.

ZUMTOBEL STAFF LIGHTING First time anywhere: Luminaires designed specifically for the T5 fluorescent lamp, which is small diameter (5/8") and offers high lumen output. The Liberto offers semi-recessed lighting, with 6" or 9" apertures; the Balance is a high-profile luminaire, available with decorative or prismatic glass; the Arcade has a slim profile (2"), with a 180-degree rotation for wall washing, spotlight or uplight applications; the Dancer (above) is an example of the company's contemporary designs.