American DJ Quick Scan System

Quick Scan System is a complete light-show-in-a-box that lets anyone from novice DJs to seasoned pros produce synchronized lighting effects. Comprised of four Quick Scan scanners with interchangeable gobos/colors, one blackout controller, and all the cables needed to link them, the system provides an all-in-one package. Each of the system's scanners comes with four gobos plus shades of red, blue, green, and yellow. The units are equipped with rotating mirrors, and they also feature a wide beam angle and crisp optics. The scanners can be run continuously all night long with no duty cycles, thanks to large cooling fans that prevent overheating. Each of the system's scanners comes with a LL-EFR 150W lamp plus a hanging bracket for precise positioning and safe mounting.

American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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Coemar Panorama LED RGB and White

Panorama LED RGB and Panorama LED White are especially suited for outdoor architectural and urban applications. The RGB version is appropriate for TV studios, clubs, concerts, and events; the White version may be used for halls, shopping malls, schools, churches, hotels, and restaurants as well as interior decoration. Features include: 36 Luxeon LEDs of 1W each and lamp life of 100,000 hours; step zoom; dimmer; strobe; built-in automated functions (with or without controller); remote control; DMX512; DR1 compatibility; and IP66 protection rating.

Mantova, Italy
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Lightronics, Inc. AS Series Control Software

Lightronics has introduced unified control software for the AS Series of compact dimmers, including the AS-40L, AS-40D, AS-40M, AS-42D, AS-42L, AS-62D, and AS-62L. Previously, there was different software for each product. The software restructuring receives DMX or LMX, can run its internal built-in chaser, auto detects 50 or 60Hz power, automatically adjusts to which phase of power it is connected, and utilizes watchdog circuit to safeguard against power glitches. Whether used in the US or Europe, it will determine its power configuration and act accordingly. This unification of the AS software also decreases production time for a faster delivery rate from the factory.

Lightronics, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA
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Artistic Licence Rail-DALI

The latest addition to the range of DIN rail mounting installation products, Rail-DALI provides a three-way interface for DMX512, RDM (Remote Device Management), and DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface). Many architectural projects face a technological barrier to the integration of functional and effects lighting. Functional lighting is increasingly available with a DALI interface. Most effects lighting and control systems use DMX512. Rail-DALI solves this problem by allowing a DMX512 source to control DALI lights. It provides four optically isolated DALI outputs, allowing a total of 256 DALI lights to be controlled by DMX512. Multiple products can be linked together to provide a greater channel count when required. The product supports the very latest version of DALI by offering bidirectional data flow. Back channel DALI information on light level and fault status is converted to RDM status information. This allows the lighting control system to monitor light status as well as control intensity.

Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd.
Middlesex, UK
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Major Pre-Wired Lighting Bars

Major offers pre-wired lighting bars, produced by Lightpower, for fixed wired lighting installations, either as a standard product or as custom versions up to 13' (4m) long. The pre-wired ACL bars include a Powercon female connector for each luminaire. By pulling the plug above the yoke, the user is able to disconnect the luminaire from the main voltage to replace the lamp. In addition, all bars have failure control lamps next to the Powercon female connector to find defective lamps. The Major lighting bars are available in rectangle or round versions, in aluminum or powder-coated in black, and with different main output sockets. The versions can be compatible with 2" couplers, double C-hooks, and truss clamps.

Paderborn, Germany
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Robe Show Lighting Funky and Fusion

The Funky and the Fusion are the latest in the new Club and Bar (C&B) series of lighting fixtures from Robe aimed at smaller clubs, bars, restaurants, and multi-purpose social environments of all types. The Fusion is a fully DMX-controllable fixture that projects tightly focused flower shapes and other graphics effects in an array of colors. It has a series of new and original gobo designs and includes a parabolic mirror reflector that rotates in both directions for the creation of kaleidoscopic patterns. Its combined gobo/color wheel has 14 positions plus open. The Funky comes with a parabolic multi-color mirror reflector and an effects wheel for creating multi-color flower effects. The combined effects/gobo wheel includes seven static gobos, three beam reducers, and an open slot. The reflector and effects wheel in the Funky have variable speed rotation in both directions. Both fixtures feature a 250W halogen lamp with 1000-hour lamp life, a strobe effect, and 0-100% digital dimming. Both also use three DMX channels and can operate in either Master or Slave modes. Other control options include auto or music-trigger.

Robe America
Sunrise, FL
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UPgrades, etc.:

Design & Drafting LD Assistant 4.02 with Pathport Ethernet

LD Assistant 4.02 service pack enables better communication between Art-NET and the LD show visualizer. It adds new features that would normally be found in a new version release. Key features included are Pathport to DMX protocol by Pathway Connectivity; LD_NET USB to DMX protocol by Design & Drafting; Datagate Protocol by ENTTEC; added support for 4,096 DMX Channels; eight Universes of control; auto channel, dimmer, circuit, and unit numbering. The service pack 4.02 is available now from Design & Drafting at no charge to existing 04 users.

Design & Drafting
Oak Lawn, IL
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E-Lite Technologies, Inc. Electroluminescent Lamp Dimming Module

This new and enhanced version of the CMD-001 control module allows remote dimming control of FLATLITE lamps from a variety of external operating systems. The FLATLITE is unique in that it is manufactured in large rolls, and due to a patented process, can be customized to a variety of shapes and sizes using common cutting tools. It is available in widths of 1/4" to 30", lengths to 300', and less than .025" thick, making it suitable for accent lighting, backlighting, and architectural lighting. The dimming module input, which is fully isolated, accepts a 0 to 10VDC signal from any lighting system and, working in conjunction with E-Lite's standard power supplies, takes the lamp smoothly from off to full brightness. The CMD-001 now has the capability to “sink” a 0 to 10VDC signal as commonly found in systems that are controlling dimmable fluorescent ballasts. The dimming module and the electroluminescent lamp system have no inherent delay and accept pulse type flashing commands mixed with dimming commands.

E-Lite Technologies, Inc.
Trumbull, CT
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Electronics Diversified Inc. SCRimmer Stik Dimmer

Electronics Diversified Inc. has updated the SCRimmer Stik Dimmer, now available with an optional breaker protected constant 120VAC convenience outlet to provide power for moving lights and color scrollers. It is available with either 4W to 600W or 2W to 1,200W dimmers.

Electronics Diversified Inc.
Hillsboro, OR
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Luxam LuxLab Light Modeling Systems

LuxLab provides complete packages designed for multiple applications of light scale modeling and based on typical theatrical scales of application. Originally designed for museum artifact illumination, the kits are now available to theatre designers, architectural lighting designers, and model makers, allowing designs to be shown in three-dimensional space, on real surfaces with the actual color filters and templates using a light source that matches theatrical fixtures. All kits include micro-scaled lighting instruments, fiber optic bundles, and an illuminator. Larger kits incorporate mini fixtures, gobo projectors, and light sticks in a prefabricated structural framework with dimming capability. Suggestions are included to assist in selecting the most appropriate system for architectural modeling or other applications, and individual elements may be added, as needed.

Coral Springs, FL
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Global Truss F44P Square/Box Truss

With a heavy-duty load capacity, the F44P square/box trussing is rigid enough to bear even the heaviest of loads because its truss walls are a full 3mm thick. Completely hand tig-welded, it is made from strong 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, a corrosion-resistant material that is three times lighter than steel. This alloy is also used by the aviation industry to build planes and other aircraft. And, like all Global Truss products, the F44P bears the nationally recognized TÜV seal of approval. With a wide overhead span of 15-3/4" (400mm), it offers room to safely mount professional-grade lighting equipment and effects of all shapes and sizes. It features a main tube diameter of approximately 2" (50mm), with 1" (22mm) diagonal bracing for added reinforcement. With an innovative conical coupling system adapted from construction technology used to build enormous offshore oilrigs, extreme rigidity, especially at key stress points, is maintained, allowing for more secure overall structuring. Conical couplers assemble quickly and offer precise lineup of chords and fasteners. The parts themselves are difficult to damage, and connection hardware is included with each truss segment.

Global Truss America
Los Angeles, CA
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