Robe ClubSpot 250CT and ClubWash 250CT

The new Robe Club range has been designed for club and discotheque applications and builds on Robe's XT Series. The ClubSpot 250 CT offers a gobo wheel with 10 static gobos including two replaceable slots plus open; continuous rotation; gobo shake; a color wheel with 11 colors plus white; rainbow effect in both directions; manual focus; combined dimmers/shutter; and strobe effect. It is appropriate for small- to medium-sized venues and bars with a dance floor.

The ClubWash 250 CT features a manual zoom; color wheel with 11 colors plus white; rainbow effect; smooth dimmer; and separate shutter plus strobe effect. Both include master or slave operation options plus a stand-alone mode.

Robe America
Sunrise, FL
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Color Kinetics Video System Manager

Video System Manager is an integrated software and hardware solution designed to produce Video With Light in entertainment lighting applications. It allows video-based, Ethernet control of Color Kinetics' intelligent solid-state lighting systems. The system converts standard live video signals from a variety of media sources — including media servers, DVD players, camcorders, and personal computers — and streams the video content to LED-based lights, scaling to accommodate large installations that may exceed thousands of individually controlled LED nodes. It is compatible with Ethernet-based networks that apply Color Kinetics' technology, including LED-based lights developed by Color Kinetics' OEM and licensing partners. The system is comprised of two components: Video Management Tool, a software interface that maps each light or node in a system as a single, controllable pixel; and Video System Engine, a hardware controller that processes live digital video and maps the video stream to the layout of lights.

Color Kinetics
Boston, MA
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Studio Due CS4 Spot Line

The CS4 Spot Line is a moving multi-PAR fixture composed of four aligned ACL PAR cans that can move both simultaneously and as individual units. It is appropriate for touring, nightclub installations, theatres, and projects requiring moving lights but lacking the space. Each individual PAR can has a pan up to 270°, and tilt is up to 200° as a whole unit. Each can also has its own built-in dimmer. The entire unit can be floor-mounted, either vertically or horizontally, as well as hung from truss. The CS4 uses PAR64-sized, custom 28V specialty lamps. Also available is the CS2, which is made up of two individually controlled ACL PAR cans.

Orlando, FL
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Lightronics, Inc. AS-62 Portable Dimmer Pack

The AS-62 Portable Dimmer Pack is the newest member of the AS Series. With six channels at 1200W per channel, it is available in two versions: the AS-62L (LMX-128) and the AS-62D, which runs LMX-128 and DMX-512 simultaneously. Both versions are equipped with a Stand Alone Chaser Mode and the ability to switch between dimmer and relay modes. Stagepin, Edison, and Twistlock are available as standard options. Uni-Sync aluminum construction improves reliability, durability, and heat dissipation.

Lightronics, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA
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Chauvet Lighting Colorbank 8 and 12

Two compact, wide-flood washlights, Colorbank 8 and Colorbank 12, are each outfitted with 8 and 12 gel holders, respectively. Both fixtures contain 16 preset beat-activated chase patterns. The speed of each chase can be adjusted with a rotary knob. A full on override button allows users to turn all the lamps on for static wash. Both come with a standard set of 8 or 12 colored gels that can be easily replaced with different gels. Additionally, Colorbank 8 features barn doors for more control over the direction of the light. The two wash striplights effectively wash walls and backdrops as well as smaller dance floors and stages. Both are lightweight enough for mobile use. An optional CB-FS Colorbank Footswitch controller is sold separately.

Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL
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Sigma Services Prism and Cryo-Jet

Sigma Services and Le Maitre Special Effects have agreed to a new distribution partnership on Sigma's new Prism Multi Color Flame and Cryo-Jet, a CO2 effect. The Prism is a flame projector that allows up to four different colors at the press of a button. It is DMX-controlled using five channels from any standard DMX output. It uses a 1lb. cylinder of propane to keep the pilot flame lit. With the propulsion of compressed air, it aspirates specialty-formulated oil into the air, igniting as it passes the pilot flame. The oils are available in six colors with more in development. It also employs the latest in safety controls. The CO2 Cryo-Jet has been in development at Sigma for more than two years. In the past, the industry used large quantities of CO2 at high pressures causing the valve to freeze. Cryo-Jet overcomes this obstacle by using a specifically designed valve. It can be used for an array of applications from night clubs to special effects.

Le Maitre Special Effects
Ontario, Canada
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Strand Lighting WYSIWYG CE on Strand Consoles

Strand 500 series consoles now include the latest version of WYSIWYG Perform Console Edition software. Connecting the newest version of WYSIWYG CE to a Strand ShowNet network allows users to match the full capacity of a Strand Console to WYSIWYG for the first time. Users will no longer be limited to 512 DMX addresses and will now be able to display up to 8,000 devices on a 500 series system. WYSIWYG Perform CE will also be provided on Strand 300 series Memory 125, 250, 400, and 600 channel desks.

Strand Lighting Inc.
Cypress, CA
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American DJ RotoPod 250 and ColorPod 250

The newly upgraded RotoPod 250 and ColorPod 250 moonflowers are based on the design of the RotoPod and ColorPod moonflowers, but the sound-activated 250s burn longer, without duty cycle interruption, and more brilliantly than the originals. Both the all-white RotoPod 250 and multi-dichroic ColorPod 250 are now illuminated with a 250W lamp. Suited for mobile DJs, bands, and nightclubs, these fixtures also incorporate an all-new electronic transformer that weighs much less than the previous metal unit. This, combined with their high-tech plastic case design, makes them compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. Equipped with a new high-velocity fan, they will remain cool all night. These are plug-and-play, sound-active effects, offering a three-position FX switch. Users can set them in either Static, Sound-Active, or Continuous Rotation operation modes to meet a wide range of applications. Hanging brackets are also provided. Built-in circuit breakers protect both units from unexpected power surges.

American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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Martin Professional Wizard Gets Extreme

Martin's Wizard mid-air effect light has been updated with a new set of gobo patterns, new reflectors, and improved focus control. Enhancements include up to 20% more reflection from its parabolic mirrors. With over 80 colorful gobo beams, the fixture is suited to a variety of settings including clubs, touring events, TV studios, and mobile DJ use. The unit is DMX-intelligent and features a seven-color wheel, a gobo wheel with 13 patterns (three now with dichroic reflectors), and a separate shutter for fast strobing. Split color and twinkle effects are also possible. Also included are 12 macros for access to the effects. An optional multi-coupler is available. The unit houses a 250W discharge lamp with a 2,000-hour life. Additionally, improved features include the ability to perform lamp adjustments without tools, a fan that can be removed for easy cleaning, and a new built-in handle.

Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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Elation Focus Spot 250

Focus Spot 250 is a professional DMX 250W moving head fixture with only one arm (rather than the two usually found on rotating yoke lights). Features include remote focus via DMX, a high luminous-efficiency axial reflector, and double condenser lens system. Equipped with 11 DMX channels, it includes an array of colors and effects through its eight dichroic colors plus white and six rotating interchangeable indexable gobos plus spot. Three of the gobos are metal, two are dichroic glass, and one is textured glass. Continuous color and gobo scrolling and a gobo shake effect are also featured. It delivers 5,700 lumens at 15'. Additional features include: a four-digit LED display, 17° beam angle, stand-alone settings, mechanical dimming 0-100%, and a variable speed strobe pulse effect.

Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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