Lighting products of all varieties will be available in abundance at LDI97, to be held October 24-26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. The following is a preliminary sample of new gear scheduled for introduction at the 10th anniversary of the show, and is based on information sent to TCI and Lighting Dimensions magazines by their manufacturers this summer.

LDI97 will feature the largest display of lighting equipment in North America. From Altman Stage Lighting (booth 1439), the UV 705 focus flood blacklight and a modular cyc for ground/sky applications, with a patent-pending adjustable reflector, will be demonstrated. As part of Group One Ltd. (booths 1034, 1039), Clay Paky will be showing a followspot with color-mixing capabilities; the company will also unveil a moving-yoke wash light, and showcase the Mini Scan HPE, designed for clubs and theatres. Other Group One companies exhibiting at LDI include Elektralite, which is introducing the CP5P, a preprogrammed lighting controller, and its SPX8 and SPX12 digital 8- and 12-channel switch packs, and MA Lighting Technology, which is debuting the Grand MA lighting controller for touring applications and large venues.

Colortran (booth 525), a division of NSI Corp., will introduce the I-24 dimming system, which provides twenty-four 2.4kW dimmer circuits in a compact enclosure; it is suitable for wall mounting and retains all the features of the larger Colortran I series dimmer packages. Dove Systems (booth 748) has developed the 1,000W Dimmer Master 410DA, a compact "shoe box" dimmer featuring four channels that accepts both DMX and analog signals, and the Tech Pro II, a full-featured memory console with built-in memory presets.

Electronic Theatre Controls (booth 1022) is showing its high-performance Obsession II console, and will also display the Expression 3, with moving light capabilities. Also on view will be the Source Four jr. Zoom ellipsoidal, with cool beam features and 25- to 50-degree zoom flexibility. Electronics Diversified (booth 944) will showcase dimming devices including the MX System Dimmer Rack with MX-NT noiseless sinusoidal dimmer modules, and the DMX 21A relay, a 12-relay device for dry contact closure, low-voltage, non-dim DMX integration.

Geni Electronics (booth 2229) has developed the Stratus-5X(TM) 575W scanner with advanced optics, true 0-100% mechanical dimming, strobe, and DMX control. High End Systems (booths 321, 329) will unveil its TechnoBeam(R) family of automated luminaires, with features that include 6500K stable operation, 11- to 17-degree beam angle, remote focus, full dimming, and fade to black. From Leprecon/CAE (booth 1431) is the LP-1600 series memory console, featuring wide mode operation with a choice of 2x24/48, 2x36/72 and 2x48/96 configurations with MIDI inputs and standard DMX output. The Runt(TM) from Lighting & Electronics (booth 949) is a compact, asymmetric cyclight allowing field conversion into multiple lamp units.

Martin Professional (booth 3061) will be demonstrating its MAC 500, a 575W automated profile luminaire, and the Martin/JEM Techno-Fogger(TM). A PAR-64 luminaire from Olesen (booth 745), available in custom colors with changeable rounded lenses, has been laboratory-approved for damp location usage, as well as for outdoor and dusty environments. Strand Lighting (booth 928) has developed Lightpalette software release V2.1, which completes the networking concept of a multiple-console, multiple-user environment. Continuing in the area of console software upgrades, Strand's Tracker Motion Control release V2.1 (for automated luminaire control) adds new features including presets for focus and color selection.

Kino Flo (booth 557) is showing its Mega Flo 6' and 8' fluorescent location (portable) and studio lighting systems, which are based on the performance characteristics of its 2' and 4' fluorescent systems. LPD Laser (booth 2523) will display a family of "white light" laser projectors--the LPD 9000, a 300mW RGB air-cooled projector, and the LPD 9500--which use industry-standard 5W lasers. Lumenyte (booth 2140) will show the L.E.F.(TM) with Sta-Flex(TM) linear emitting fiber, a bright indirect optical fiber. Vari-Lite (booth 1434) will be showing the VL6S(TM) spot luminaire, optimized for slow, smooth movements and targeted at theatrical venues, and the DMX Powerpack, which eliminates SmartRepeater(TM) units and is suitable for small systems or pre-wired locations. Enhancements to Artisan(R) software V4.1 include additional instruments profiled for UDM(TM) modules and expanded user profiling capability.

New accessories will abound on the aisles. Chroma-Q Broadway, developed by A.C. Lighting (booth 1257), is a color changer designed to fit smaller-aperture ellipsoidals like the ETC Source Four and the Altman Shakespeare. It uses a constant tension system, which ensures that the color scroll stays aligned and evenly tensioned during operation. CITC (booth 2335) will be showing Fluorescent Snow, the DigiFogger II water-based haze machine, the oil-based SpaceHazer, and a stronger Hurricane II fan. City Theatrical's booth (349) will accommodate demonstrations of the new 101mm iris designed for ETC's Source Four, as well as its BlackTak(TM), 2" wide black aluminum foil with a high-temperature adhesive backing that is used for light masking.

>From Doug Fleenor Design (booth 1631) comes the pocket-sized DMX512 Validator, a test instrument that checks the timing parameters of DMX512 signals. The TwinSpin II, from The Great American Market (booth 1151), is a pattern rotator that fits full-size ellipsoidals. It uses B-size patterns (one or two) and has a heat-resistant belt-drive mechanism and variable speed control.

Gray Interfaces (booth 448) is debuting its DMXPathfinder, which incorporates high-level signal processing to combine DMX routing, merging, and multi-repeater functions in one device. Another new DMX product is the Radio DMX from Interactive Technologies (booth 3032), a complete wireless DMX network solution with long-range capability and support for all 512 dimmer channels, plus a flexible network topology configuration. Music Color Packs from Lee Filters (booth 2756) are gel pack collections that add mood-enhancing color to any staged production; they are available in Blues/Jazz, Rock and Roll, Soft Sides, and DJ varieties. For the FOH, GALA (booth 2964), a division of Paco Corp., will demonstrate its new automated seating exchange lift for multi-use venues, which facilitates the change from ramped seating to flat floor in minutes, with only a single operator.

Communicating cues in any live event is a necessity and Clear-Com Intercom Systems (booth 540) will be exhibiting its new MS-232, two-channel intercom main station. It will also be showing its four-channel power supply PS-464, which can support 60 headset stations.

Rosco Laboratories (booth 830) has expanded its Signature series of stock patterns to include new designs, available in many sizes for automated luminaires and B-size for ellipsoidals. New custom options (Spectrumgobos) for dichroic gobos (one, two, or multicolors) and black and white (standard or high-resolution) are now offered. Union Connector (booth 545) is exhibiting its non-melting phenolic 60A and 100A pin connectors, designed to mate with all existing pin-type connectors.

Other LDI exhibitors have been preparing products for specialized applications. From Crescit Software (booth 2565) comes the Grand Master Flash!, a PC-based lighting console with automated light capability, and new Windows 95 versions of SoftPlot and SFX. Behaviours Technology(TM) V1.0 software from Kunst Macchina (booth 2968) features derivative off-line, playback, and large network configurations, as well as show control capability. Design & Drafting (booth 2949) is announcing LightManager, which provides accurate reproduction of gobos (both stock and custom) in the view or rendering of a scene, and will feature its LD Assistant(TM) in Macintosh and Windows 95 versions. LuxArt Conception (booth 2262) is completing beta testing of Microlux V4 for Windows NT and Windows 95, which will have enhanced 3D rendering capabilities and spot and truss libraries. Mount Muncy Enterprises (booth 2664) will be showing its Windows-based Hiretrack rental inventory control and production management software.

Production Arts (booth 1028) will demonstrate Simultext(TM), an electronic title system for installation in theatres, and the Avenger Conductor, a show control system. SmartMotion, from Protech Theatrical Services (booth 2559) is an affordable computerized motion control system designed for performance environments. It can operate up to 30 fixed or variable speed axes and record up to 99 trims for preset positioning of each motor, using compact wall-mounted or handheld control pads. Rosco/Entertainment Technology (booth 830) has V1.30 of its popular Horizon PC-based lighting control system ready, featuring faster operating speed and full compatibility with the Microsoft IntelliMouse.

To get a closer look at these and other LDI97 products, be sure to attend the special Lighting, Sound, and Lasers/ Special Effects new product presentation breakfasts, to be held respectively on October 24, 25, and 26 at 8am in the Sands Expo Center, rooms 206/207.