UK light jockey Greg McLenahan took the title at this year's World Light Jockey Contest final, sponsored by Pulsar Light of Cambridge and held before a capacity crowd at London's Hippodrome on September 8.

McLenahan, who was also UK light jockey in 1996, won against a lineup of national champions that included Daniel Cardenas from Spain, Alessandro Aiello from Italy, Eric Le Guilly from France, Ron D Lite from the Netherlands, and Mario Hoffken from Germany. The winner was cited for all-around artistic talent in programming and delivering his light show.

Each contestant created an elaborate program, with only two hours of prep time. Competition organizers stated that the final scores were very close, in a hotly contested "battle of the Scans"--a reference to the Clay Paky products with which the contestants designed their shows.

McLenahan's victory must have been especially sweet, as he was defeated for the title of UK champion last year.