The Themed Entertainment Association, a worldwide trade organization that gathers together, supports, and represents the people and firms who create compelling places and experiences, has accepted a permanent seat on ESTA's new Certification Council. The Certification Council is the governing body, which will manage the development and implementation of a new industry-wide certification program for entertainment technology technicians.

The TEA board of directors appointed TEA executive director Gene Jeffers as their representative to the Council. Jeffers brings a significant association background to the table with over 30 years experience in nonprofit management, communications, and analysis, including a stint as vice president of public affairs for the National Association of Broadcasters.

“This Entertainment Technician Certification Program is a win-win program for all concerned,” said Jeffers about the ESTA-led effort. “Helping to improve safety and ensure consistency within the industry has never been more important to the guests we all serve, to the owners of projects and attractions, and to the TEA member firms who design and develop these wondrous places and experiences.”

“We are delighted that the TEA is taking a seat on the ESTA Certification Council,” said ESTA president Mike Wood. “The intent for this certification program is that it will cover all areas of the entertainment industry and the involvement of TEA ensures that the specific needs and concerns of the themed entertainment sector will be considered.”

The ESTA Certification Council represents the diversity of the industry. Members include key leaders in entertainment business, labor, facilities, associations, and academia. Organizational members of the Certification Council include CITT, IAAM, IATSE, and USITT. The key areas of electrical skills and rigging skills have been identified for initial development in the Entertainment Technician Certification Program.