The Jacksonville Transportation Authority's (JTA) Board chose to illuminate the Main Street Bridge as part of a city-wide beautification effort for the Super Bowl championship at the Alltell Stadium. Lighting design firm Stone Mountain Lighting Group was subcontracted by Miller Electric to integrate, install, and program the lights on the bridge with almost 1,200' of OptiLED's Linear Optical Array LED lights, assembled to form a matrix for various graphics and designs. The individual lights work similar to pixels on a video screen and show various pre-programmed lighting effects, such as a design featuring the team colors of the New England Patriots at the completion of the game.

The project is a joint effort between the JTA, the City of Jacksonville, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the First Coast Metropolitan Planning Organization. Spanning 1,680' over the St. Johns River, the massive bridge carries traffic traveling on US Route 1 and has become a landmark in downtown Jacksonville. Made of 11 steel stringer spans and three Warren through trusses, the continuous truss vertical lift span at the center is the longest in Florida.