Is anyone else shocked that it's 2005? Doesn't it seem like just yesterday we were dealing with all the drama of Y2K and wondering if there would be global meltdown, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria? Alas, another five years has whizzed past us.

So, how far has our industry come in the last year? Of course, we've heard more and more about developing LED technology and all the legal issues there. And let's not forget (are we tired of it yet?) all the buzz about the convergence of lighting and video.

So, what does it all mean for 2005?

While we don't expect video and lighting to become any less convergent in the next year, there are those who are a bit resistant to using new gear “just for gear's sake” (see “Light Lunch with Seth Jackson and Jim Lenahan”). And it's interesting to note that in this, our concert issue, design partners Doug “Spike” Brandt and Justin Collie took very different approaches to tours for The Beastie Boys and Green Day, respectively. While Brandt's design is decidedly video-centric, Collie had to appease Green Day, who didn't want any video. Can it be that lighting is actually alive and well? Well, let's not go crazy and assume, “Video is sooo 2004.” It's here to stay, right here in our lighting industry.

Something else new for 2005 is our group publisher, Doug MacDonald. I'll turn things over to him…
Marian Sandberg-Dierson,

With each New Year comes new challenges, new opportunities, and even new faces.

I am thrilled to join Lighting Dimensions, Entertainment Design, and SRO magazines as the new group publisher and to be a part of the industry's leading publishing team which includes our savvy editorial staff, customer service-oriented sales group, and a trade show division that delivers the best networking event this industry has to offer.

Filling the shoes of my predecessor, Bob MacArthur, the former group publisher, will be no easy task. However, Bob's tremendous leadership has been recognized by Primedia Business, as he has been promoted to the position of vice president.

Our goals for 2005 are clear: to continue bringing you the best editorial in the industry; to deliver the smartest media buy for our advertisers; and to continue to leverage the vast resources of our parent company, which will directly benefit our readers, marketing partners, and trade show attendees and sponsors.

Clearly, we have an aggressive year planned, and we are committed to helping you build and grow your businesses. I intend to travel to as many industry functions as possible, and I hope to meet you all in the coming months.

Happy New Year.
Doug MacDonald,