Littlite introduces the coolest Littlite yet: the Littlite LED. This new addition to the Littlite product line merges the efficiency and durability of LED technology with the usual Littlite dependability. Long life, shock- and vibration-resistance, along with cool operation make the Littlite LED the perfect choice for many applications. Some LED lights produce a very bright spot of light that is useless for illuminating a broad workspace. But the Littlite LED provides even illumination over a wide area and is specifically designed for consoles and control panels.

The Littlite LED uses a combination of red and white LEDs to produce better color rendering. White LEDs are actually blue with a phosphor added to convert some of the blue light to yellow. This mixture of blue and yellow appears white to the eye but red objects appear brown and dull because there is no red light for them to reflect. The added red from the Littlite LED warms the character of the light and allows the eye to see reds as they are — vibrant and not washed out. Littlite LED products employ six white and four red LEDs to give the best display of usable white light in a compact package.

Other features include switchable red-only output — the Littlite LED can become a red light for unobtrusive use, with no impact on the user's night vision, or a white source with good color rendering. It uses low power — less than 100mA at 12V drives it to full output. Overdriving LEDs to increase output reduces the life of white LEDs, but Littlite LEDs are not overdriven and may be expected to remain useful for over 5,000 hours of operation. There is a lifetime warranty on the mechanicals and a two-year warranty on the LED element. The Littlite LED is due to be available by the end of the first quarter of 2003.
Littlite, LLC

With the introduction of American DJ's Concept: 1 and Concept: 2, mobile DJs and clubs can now have both scanner and laser effects right at their fingertips in one lighting fixture, just by shifting gears. The units are intelligent scanners that incorporate built-in 4.9mW lasers for a two-in-one effect. Both fixtures include five DMX channels along with gobos and color options and both are easy on the budget. Both units can be operated in three modes: via DMX controller, sound-activated, or linked master-slave in multiples. When used without a DMX controller, the unit will move to its own built-in programs. They feature 19 gobos plus spot and 15 colors plus white.
American DJ

American DJ introduces the Roller Tron and the Scan Tron, two new two-in-one special effects that feature a removable X/Y mirror head. The removable mirror head allows each effect to quickly convert from a scanner to a color changer. The main difference between the Roller Tron and the Scan Tron lies in the number of beams each is capable of creating. The Roller Tron is a barrel mirror scanner with a head that produces multiple beams that move and scan. The Scan Tron head produces a single scanning beam. Both can be used with a DMX controller as well as in sound-activation mode. Multiple effects can be linked master-slave via XLR to run in sync.
American DJ

Holo-Walls introduces a line of new, inexpensive, digital holographic film used to create panoramic, multicolored dimensional patterns that, when illuminated, come to life with razor-sharp hues, depth, and sharpness with unparalleled clarity. It can transform any room or display into a 3D environment that immerses audiences in a kaleidoscopic world of endless colors and fantastic patterns. The company produces five patterns for sale or rent with custom fabrication being their specialty. The company's ultra-thin holographic film patterns can be laminated onto almost any substrate that is lightweight and easy-to-install including wood, Gatorboard, glass, and plastic. The company also produces a semi-transparent film, Holo-Clear, laminated to black vinyl to create a holographic drape that comes to life in myriad colors when illuminated.

Beacon announces the Black Line Gobo Series, an improvement in gobo quality. Black Line gobos are glass gobos with one side coated black to eliminate halos and reflections of the image when projecting. It comes mounted in a black anodized aluminum ring. This ring will cover the align marks and also protect from mechanical stress. The gobos are manufactured in eight basic glass sizes, adding flexibility with 19 sizes of black rings to mount the gobo into. The Gobo Group is a network of independent gobo producers around the world using Beacon gobo technology.
Beacon AB