Product Pick of the Month:
Entertainment Technology Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceway

The IPS-IRW Series Intelligent Raceway replaces a conventional dimmer rack and connector strip with one lightweight raceway that provides both. Each Raceway can be up to 100' (30m) in length and contain up to 48 dual dimmer modules, for a total of 96 dimmers. Intelligent Raceway dual dimmers feature a new, dynamic method of sharing a single power feed. Either dimmer may be loaded up to 20A when used alone, or when the two dimmers are operated at the same time, any combination of loads may be connected, as long as the combined total of both dimmers does not exceed 20A.

The Intelligent Raceway is fed from a standard three-phase breaker panel. This significantly reduces the number of wires (five vs. 12 for six outlets) and reduces the installed cost when compared to a conventional system of connector strips. Each dimmer incorporates a local focus button for quick set-up and testing. IPS dimmers utilize state-of-the-art insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology, which provides significant performance enhancements over conventional dimming equipment. IPS dimmers are completely solid-state which enables them to operate silently without mechanical noise and operate at 800µS in forward or reverse phase waveform, which dramatically minimizes lamp, ballast, and transformer noises in the space. Since IGBT technology does not use filters or chokes, IPS dimmers are more efficient, with a maximum 2.5 voltage drop at full, are lightweight at less than 2lb per dimmer, and produce less heat than conventional dimmers.

IPS dimmers offer features unsurpassed in today's conventional dimming equipment. Every IPS dimmer has an onboard intelligent microprocessor, which adjusts and maintains proper voltage and current in response to changes detected in the load and electrical service. The microprocessor automatically suppresses surges, protects against dead shorts, and extends lamp life.

Configuration features include Talkback, which provides dynamic feedback of load size/ type, short circuit, temperature, and overload. IPS dimmers also significantly reduce neutral harmonics and may be configured to operate in Low Harm mode, making them the lowest harmonic dimmer available. Other features include IPS Remote Commands, which provide user control of forward or reverse phase dimming during operation, and selectable voltage output control from 115 to 120V. With the Intelligent Raceway, who needs a dimmer room?
Entertainment Technology, part of Genlyte Thomas Group

Sporty and Compact
The Runabout, Genie's self-propelled aerial work platform, features a narrow 29.5" (75cm) width and a 53" (1.35m) length, which allows it to go through single doorways as well as fit in most passenger elevators. The unit can be driven through doorways with operator onboard. Standard non-marking tires and low unit weight (1,450-2,150lb, 652-967kg) allow use on sensitive flooring. The Runabout uses the same field-proven mast system on Genie's AWP Super Series. An optional extension deck provides nearly 2' (61cm) of horizontal outreach and provides a larger working area within the platform. All Runabout models feature a tight 6" (15cm) turning radius, which provides good job-site maneuverability through congested areas, corridors, and hallways.
Genie Industries, Inc.

James Thomas Engineering introduces the Pixelpar 660, the first in a new range of solid-state lighting fixtures using high-brightness LEDs. The Pixel range is designed for a variety of applications including architectural, retail, clubs, bars, restaurants, events, and theatre. The range has a silent, non-mechanical, additive color-mixing system and the fixtures can produce stunning and instant effects — from the subtlest of dissolves to the fastest of high-impact stroboscopic color sequences. The exceptional heat- and energy-saving properties of solid-state lighting guarantee its future success and the technology is predicted to replace incandescent sources during the next decade. Pixel PAR 660 is the first of a complementary range of solid-state lighting products.
Pixelpar, a division of James Thomas Engineering Ltd.

Pigs in Space
The Wholehog® III control system is network based, using Fast Ethernet and Internet-compatible protocols, and makes optimum usage of network bandwidth (ACN ready). Fully distributed processing of interfaces, crossfades, and effects offers the user total system scalability, which means your Wholehog III system can grow with your control needs. By adding processing power to the system, optimum DMX refresh rate and console OS load is not significantly affected. A full range of PC software packages will be available such as an offline editor, PC replay package, designer's station and tech station, each with customized views, security, and functionality. The Wholehog III offers programmers the state of the art in lighting and show control with the familiar programming interface and functionality of the Wholehog II console. There will be a more in-depth product review in an upcoming issue of Lighting Dimensions.
Flying Pig Systems

Power Wash
Martin's MAC 2000 wash features high light output, CMY color-mixing, multiple front lens options for various beam spreads, and a fully motorized zoom system. If more beam control is needed, an optional motorized four-way barndoor module will be available this month. Each of the two color wheels is fitted with four color options plus open. For the largest variety of colors, the second wheel is replaceable. The first option will be a graduated red wheel allowing designers to color-mix to those hard-to-achieve rich reds. The fixture comes fitted with a fresnel lens giving a zoom range of 15-40°. For added flexibility, a PC lens comes supplied, providing a zoom range of 12-34°. Also, a super-wide-angle lens is available as an option, to give a zoom range of 70-80°.
Martin Professional

The Swing of Things
Tomcat introduces Swing Wing Truss. From a stackable, self-contained transport position to a sleek, functional rigging position when flown, it's the new intelligent pre-rig. Designed to hold a wide variety of conventional and intelligent fixtures, Swing Wing accommodates more or less any fixture. Similar to Tomcat's Heavy Duty pre-rig in its 30"×30" form, the main cords are fabricated from 2"×3/16" aluminum and the diagonals are fabricated from 1½"×1/8" aluminum. Swing Wing comes equipped with a steel spigot arrangement, supports up to three lamp bars, and is available in 8' and 10' lengths. Accessories include a third caster assembly and cable hooks.
Tomcat USA, Inc.

A Wash of Color
Coemar introduces the CF7 WashZoomX. Wrapped in the carbon fiber covers that have become the trademark of Coemar's CF family, the new unit extends this series of moving lights. A 700W MSR lamp powers the WashZoomX. Output can be manipulated via the zoom lens system and series of filters, which will adjust the beam characteristic from maximum intensity to maximum evenness to maximum diffusion. Alongside the zoom capability — which can produce beams as narrow as 9º and as wide as 54º with the diffusion lens, or as wide as 80º with the prismatic lens — Coemar's CMY color-mix system is included, plus a single dichroic color wheel and color-correction filters.
Coemar SpA

Knit 1, Pearl 2004
Avolites launches the Pearl 2004, an updated and streamlined version of its most popular live console, the Pearl 2000. The Pearl 2004 uses new technology and offers a host of improvements. 2,048 DMX channels are provided on four separate DMX connectors. The software OS has been upgraded to the 2004 version. Many enhancements include the color, gobo, and beam tables, making it easier to control complex, multi-channel fixtures like the High End Systems x.Spot and the Martin MAC 2000. Additionally, all Pearl 2004 consoles are supplied with a free suite of PC software, including the Pearl 2004 Simulation Program, Avolites Visualizer, and Cache Builder.
Avolites Ltd

Be Prepared
Caig Laboratories wants you to be prepared and have a Caig Survival Kit handy. Survival kits come complete with the popular ProGold, DeoxIT, and CaiLube MCL products and lint-free accessories. All kits are packaged in a handy carrying case. The products are designed to clean surfaces, improve conductivity, and provide long-lasting protection from atmospheric contamination that silently attacks all metal electronic connections. They will improve performance and reliability of all your electronic equipment.
Caig Laboratories, Inc.

It's All in the Planning
RMS introduces new versions of its Rental Management Systems software. All new versions share the RMS planning engine and the easy-to-use interface. RMS Touring is designed for handling rentals of touring companies. RMS Conference is designed for renting AV equipment to conferences, hotels, etc. RMS Exhibition deals with the specific problems of exhibition rentals, including project management to oversee all aspects of a project. RMS Crew and Transport can be integrated with each of the above versions, or may be used as a stand-alone application. RMS Demonstration is designed for manufacturers and sales organizations wishing to handle demo stocks.

Full Body Scan
The Chauvet Lazer Scan, a new green laser, joins the Chauvet product lineup. The Lazer Scan is a complete laser in a DMX scanner style. It's a four-channel scanner with 90° tilt and 180° pan. Choose from 24 2D patterns or 24 3D patterns. The user can select sound-activated stand-alone mode from the DMX controller. Chauvet has been an innovator of moderate-priced lasers loaded with features and effects.
Chauvet Lighting

Command Center
Chauvet has redesigned its popular SF-9000 controller. The SF-9005 includes new features that make this a complete lighting controller for the small venue or mobile DJ not using DMX. It's a timer system with two banks of four channels each that can be turned on manually or in chase mode. New to the SF-9005 is a sound mode that offers a 16-pattern chase to sound. Also included are a strobe controller and a fog machine controller, and there is an interface switch for the CH-865 16-channel chaser pack. The switch allows you to blackout the CH-865, put it into chase mode, or full-on mode. The best news is that there is no price increase for all these added features.
Chauvet Lighting