Product Pick of the Month: Coemar SuperCyc 2.4

The Coemar SuperCyc 2.4 is the latest addition to the Panorama family of high-power, wide-angle CYM color-mixing cyc/wash fixtures. Coemar's new TLT (Twin Lamp Technology) features two Philips MSR 1200/2 (or MSD) lamps mounted axially in parabolic dichroic cold mirror reflectors for 2,400W of wash power. SuperCyc 2.4 is also the first Panorama fixture to offer pan and tilt (425° pan, 212° tilt) along with user-selectable movement acceleration curves. With standard lens/filter, the fixture has a beam angle of 22° vertical and 46° horizontal.

Full CYM color-mixing is standard with the addition of user-selectable movement curves for the color system for slow fades or fast bumps. The dimmer's fade curve is also adjustable. Four interchangeable diffusion filters allow the designer to modify the beam angle depending on application. Two power-factor-corrected electronic power supplies allow for single or dual lamp operation. In addition, single lamp operation does not detrimentally affect the beam's uniformity, only light output.

Utilizing Coemar's patented TLT, it dramatically increases the luminous output while minimizing power consumption. The choice of using either a lamp with an average rated life of 800 hours or a long-life 2,000-hour lamp makes it ideal for large-scale projects where a wide, even coverage of illumination is required, with the added ability of infinite color-change, plus the possibility to remotely control the movement of the unit in both the X and Y axis. Manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel, the fixture also has an IP 20 protection rating.
Coemar US

Truss Me
Milos Structural Systems' new ValueLine trussing features TriTruss, 9.84" in width, constructed from 2"x1/16" tubing with 1/2" braces. Key features are its universal compatibility with popular bolt-and-spigot truss systems and budget-friendly pricing. TriTruss can be curved and powder-coated with a wide array of colors and finishes. Milos also offers free AutoCAD design services with its QuickShip Design Program. Projects faxed to 800-411-0165 will receive a quote/drawing within 24 hours, or, for immediate support, call 800-411-0065.
Milos America, Inc.

Mini Dervish
GAM MiniSpin pattern rotators for compact architectural fixtures have high-temperature belt-driven design for quiet operation; durable, long-life motors; and stainless steel housings for reliable performance. Versions include the Solo for one fixed-speed pattern, the TwinSpin for two gobos with six switch-selectable speeds, a variable-speed unit, one with in-line speed control, and one with DMX control and auxiliary power supply.
GAM Products, Inc.