Lighting Inside and Out

The Irideon® AR50™ interior wash luminaire by ETC represents the next generation of specialized indoor floodlighting. It features a patented, computer-controlled, dichroic color-changing assembly, automated pan and tilt, and an optional diffuser or douser mechanism. The luminaire is supplied with a DL50W 3,000-hour lamp.

The Irideon® AR500™ exterior luminaire turns light into living color and buildings into dynamic architecture. With each crossfade of color, moving smoothly through the full spectrum, the AR500 transforms not only buildings but also our perception of their power. The AR500 lights up monuments, fountains, statues, and themed environments as well.

The Irideon® AR6™ interior recessed luminaire brings color- and pattern-changing capability to interior design. Its automated beam-positioning highlights, selects, and colors the details in a room. And the beauty of the AR6 luminaire is that it blends unobtrusively into any setting, allowing the light—not the fixture—to become the real element of beauty.
Electronic Theatre Controls

Griven to Succeed
Established in 1990, Griven of Italy manufactures a full range of lighting effects, intelligent scanners, and moving-yoke projectors which bring together traditional craftsmanship and the latest in modern development. The company now leads the way in architectural lighting with outdoor color changers and searchlights available throughout the world. The range of effects lighting designed specifically for architectural applications is ever growing and offers a complete range of quality, high reliability, and fully weatherproofed products. Griven also manufactures a full range of theatrical products including fresnels, profiles, and followspots.

Blast Off
Color Kinetics ColorBlast is a digital lighting fixture designed to wash interior and exterior walls with rich, saturated colors and color-changing effects. ColorBlast provides unlimited design possibilities by utilizing the company’s patented Chromacore technology to generate over 16.7 million colors as well as color-changing effects via microprocessor-controlled red, green, and blue LEDs.
Color Kinetics

Display Your Colors
The CP Color, Clay Paky’s line of four color changers, including one for exterior use (CP Color 150E, below), is designed to enhance theatre and television lighting as well as artwork, monuments, and architectural details. The units have a CYM dichroic color-mixing system, 0-100% mechanical dimming, standalone or DMX512 operation. All models have a diffuser filter holder and take optional diffuser filters that can be combined, and optional revolving barndoors.

The Clay Paky Display Line, a range of small fixtures designed for the architectural and visual communication markets, has been expanded with new accessories and adapters, including a 70-120mm zoom lens, rain guard kit (above), fiber-optic adapter, strobe effect, graphic film effect, color and gobo changers, and slide changers.
Clay Paky

Vapor Lock
Duraline announces the introduction of the Enviro-Light 753 Vapor-Proof Lighting Streamer, which delivers reliable illumination for a wide range of work sites. It features watertight construction to eliminate problems associated with oil, moisture, and water. The vapor-proof blocks are integrally molded in solid Hypalon rubber and feature heavy-duty cast-aluminum guards for maximum impact protection. Pyrex globes screw into each block and form a vapor-tight seal that protects against moisture and contaminants. Sockets, which are spaced at 10' intervals with a 5' lead and tail, are ruggedly constructed and contain a crush-resistant steel-reinforcing ring. The sockets are integrally molded to heavy-duty SOW-A cable. Cutting or splicing does not disturb the structural integrity of the cable. Units are supplied with Duraline waterproof connectors or standard NEMA Twist-Lock connectors. The Enviro-Light 753 uses incandescent or fluorescent screw-in lamps (100W maximum medium base).

Smaller, Lighter, Sleeker, Cooler, Brighter
As the lighting industry moves to incorporate LED technology into general lighting products, several questions have been raised about the lumen maintenance of white LED technology. Some recent statements have been made that white LEDs will show only 65% lumen maintenance after 4,000 hours. There are several mechanisms in the design of white LEDs that contribute to this rapid degradation in light output. These include epoxy yellowing, reflector cup discoloration, die-attach epoxy discoloration, LED die degradation, and phosphor degradation. LumiLeds has designed its high-powered white LED, known as Luxeon, around all known mechanisms that negatively affect lumen maintenance, including Luxeon packaging, which contains no epoxy to yellow and diminish light output. Also, the company does not use unprotected silver lead frames/reflector cups, thus the silver does not discolor. The die-attach epoxy is not in direct contact with the LED die, thus any degradation in the epoxy will not affect light output. Current available data on Luxeon cyan LEDs (the core element in creating white) shows less than 20% degradation after 50,000 hours, giving confidence in the performance of the LED die. Luxeon is confident that white Luxeon sources will maintain lumen output for at least 25,000 hours, and long-term data is being collected.

LumiLeds Lighting announced a breakthrough in its white LED technology, enabling better white color control and better white color uniformity than is currently available with white LEDs on the market. This breakthrough will make major improvements to the viability of LEDs for use in the general lighting industry. The typical manner for producing white LEDs is to add phosphor doping to a blue LED. This "phosphor-converted" LED (PC-LED) creates white light. While effective for making white light, white PC-LEDs on the market today exhibit characteristics that make them difficult to use in quality white lighting applications.

The first major issue with white LEDs is the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). This defines the color or shade of white light. When multiple light sources are adjoined, the CCT needs to be in the same range so the light from the fixture is a consistent white color. Poor CCT results in a light fixture with different shades of white. Conventional light sources have a CCT bin range of +/- 50K. The typical white LED on the market today offers +/- 500K. This is too large for high-quality, uniform white lighting fixtures. The new LumiLeds white technology will potentially offer CCT binned to +/- 100K. Based on lab results, these bin ranges could approach the ideal of +/- 50K in the near future.

The second major issue with white LEDs is the white color uniformity. Typical white LEDs can appear as different colors based on the directional view of the LED. As you view the LED from various angles, the white color can change shades. As with the CCT issue, color uniformity is important to creating a high-quality light fixture. LumiLeds’ breakthrough also solves this issue, resulting in a consistent white light at all angles from the LED. These new developments will be available in the Luxeon Power Light Source by LumiLeds this fall.
LumiLeds Lighting

Showtime with the Apollo
Flos presents Apollo, the latest bright idea from Marc Newson, who has lit a variety of designs, including interiors, wrist watches, furniture, kitchenware, and bicycles. The Apollo lamp exhibits a particular sense of wit: Shaped like a flashlight, and hung from a leather thong, it has a body of aluminum and anodized aluminum, a plastic carrying case, and a plastic case at the head for the 2.4V, 0.7A Phillips krypton lamp. Powered by two alkaline LR20 batteries, Apollo is completely portable and can be moved at will.
Flos USA

Double Dip
The Arclite T6 DWW is a recessed, 7"-aperture lensed double wall washer for use with 70W or 150W T6 ceramic metal-halide lamps. The fixture is specially designed for double wall-washing opposite walls with high ceilings such as those found in elevator lobbies or in corridors in office buildings, malls, banks, hotels, airports, and atria. The fixture’s optical system consists of two specular clear reflectors and a partially sandblasted medium flood spread lens. Its optical design maximizes wall-washing uniformity and minimizes aperture brightness at normal viewing angles. It can evenly light walls up to 30' high with very low glare. Its 7" aperture provides a clean, aesthetic appearance and provides easy access for bottom or top relamping.
Edison Price Lighting

Powr Player
The GE PowroSpot luminaire comprises the core of GE sports lighting solutions for recreational and competition sports fields at all levels. The PowroSpot features a one-piece, symmetrically spun, parabolic aluminum reflector, coated with Alglas potassium silicate glass finish chemically bonded to the aluminum surface. The assembly is sealed by a high-temperature silicone gasket and granular charcoal filtration system. This protects against entry of gaseous and particulate pollution, promoting corrosion resistance, optical performance, and lumen maintenance. Either integral or ground-level ballast versions are available. In the luminaire the lamp is isolated from the ballast; ballast construction provides optimum heat transfer for cooler ballast operation and longer ballast life. There are access panels to the ballast components and wiring so that maintenance can be done with the optical in place.
GE Sports Lighting Systems

Olympic Energy Savings
Ergolight Discus won the Lightfair 2001 Energy Award as Best Energy Saving Lighting Product for 2001. This second generation version of the Ergolight lighting system uses two T5 circular lamps and a suite of electronic control features to deliver up to 87% in savings. Discus’s circular design allows it to be placed in any office and easily moved at any time for maximum flexibility. First introduced in 1998, all Ergolight systems offer personal dimming, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and facility-wide energy management controls. Discus’s ability to shave lighting energy use during critical periods of peak demand make it a valuable tool in the battle to curtail the type of power shortages plaguing California and other areas of North America.
Ledalite Architectural Products

Brighter, Less Filling
Ledalite’s MesoOptics technology is showcased in its new Meso-X1 direct/indirect lighting fixture, officially introduced at Lightfair 2001, where it won Best New Product of the Year. At 2" in depth, the Meso-X1 uses a holographically generated diffuser to control high-angle glare and create a high degree of visual comfort for office workers. The Meso-X1 uses one T5HO lamp and delivers 89% efficiency in a 60% up/40% down distribution.
Ledalite Architectural Products

Life of the Party
LEDtronics announces the restyled VestLED Flashing Safety Vest that reduces risks in hazardous low-light environments by continuously emitting bright flashing lights that can be seen up to a half mile, depending on weather conditions and line of sight. VestLED comes equipped with 16 red high-intensity LEDs, eight mounted on the front and eight on the back. VestLED flashes 65-70 times per minute for 240 continuous hours on two fully charged AA alkaline batteries. Bright reflective strips on the front, back, and sides make VestLED ideal for daylight and indoor use, too. It is available in neon orange and fluorescent yellow and has Velcro straps to adjust the one-size-fits-all.

Cap It Off
Vidére is Litecontrol’s latest addition, a low-profile fixture with two principal design elements. First, it offers two styles of all-perf patterns. Second, it offers a new end cap detail that allows a soft glow around the outer edge. In-row fixture joints also mimic the end cap glowing appearance. The fixture offers a choice of T8 or T5HO lamping in a two-lamp design for various lumen outputs. The fixtures are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with die-cast, sculpted end caps. Available lengths include 4' and 8' fixtures with suspension on module for easy installation. A hub connector joins two, three, or four fixtures for a variety of layout patterns.

Brite Idea
Litetronics International, Inc. is introducing two new lamp lines. The first is the new Color-Brite 31 halogen PAR lamp family (right). The Color-Brite 31 has a color temperature of 3100K. The second lamp line is the Frost-PAR halogen lamp. The lamps are frost-coated to eliminate striations on the wall that distract from displays. The Color-Brite 31 is available in a 75W PAR-20, PAR-30, long-neck PAR-30 as well as a 90W and 120W PAR-38. The Frost-PAR line is available in a 75W PAR-30 and long-neck PAR-30 as well as a 90W and 120W PAR-38. All lamps have a flood beam spread, an average rated life of 3,000 hours, and are rated at 120V.
Litetronics International

Vertical Horizon
Lithonia Lighting has introduced the KVF series of vertical lamped area lighting specifically designed for large areas where safety and security are important considerations. The KVF is available in both flat lens and drop lens configurations and a choice of six distribution patterns—symmetric square, asymmetric forward throw, forward throw automotive, and roadway types R2, R3, and R4. The flat lens configuration, which meets all IES criteria for cutoff performance, controls glare and minimizes light pollution. The drop lens configuration maximizes light distribution while meeting IES criteria for semi-cutoff performance. Mounting capabilities for the KVF include arm or post-top arrangements. Heavy-duty seam-welded housing and fully gasketed doorframes insure mechanical integrity. The versatile design allows for simple field lens modifications. Reflectors are rotatable and interchangeable.
Lithonia Lighting

Beam Me Up
Housed in a weatherproof casing, the new Martin Exterior 200’s asymmetrical wide-throw flood beam makes it perfect for applications where projection distance is limited. The fixture uses a long-life CDM 150-SA/T lamp and has an IP 65 rating. A built-in light sensor, memory presets, and DMX controllability adds to its independent functionality. Designed as a lower-wattage alternative to the Exterior 600, the Exterior 200 incorporates many of the same features such as full-range continuous dimming. The Exterior 200 also incorporates a manual beam-shaping function and is the complement to the long-throw characteristics of the Exterior 600. A convection cooling system ensures silent and trouble-free use for indoor applications as well.
Martin Professional

Another Source of Fiber
The Martin FiberSource CMY 150 is an exterior-rated fiber-optic illuminating fixture complete with 150W lamp, CMY color-mixing, and dimming functions. The unit can function in standalone mode or be controlled via DMX. The unit housing has an IP rating of 44 so the unit can be used in either interior or exterior applications.
Martin Professional

Check Your Pulse
The new Philips 400W MasterColor Pulse Start lamp expands the line to include the highest wattage available in its class. Available starting this month, these environmentally friendly lamps are well-suited for a number of applications, especially ambient lighting demanding premium color performance. The MasterColor Pulse Start has a CRI of 92 and lumen maintenance of 85% along with an average rated lamp life of 20,000 hours. Featuring Alto technology, the 400W MasterColor is the first medium-wattage metal-halide lamp to pass the EPA’s Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test for non-hazardous waste.
Philips Lighting Company

Retro Deluxe
Philips Lighting has introduced its new MasterColor HPS-Retro White lamp which easily replaces old HPS lamps to offer a crisp white light with a CRI of 90. Since these metal-halide lamps operate on an HPS ballast, there is no hassle to switch from a standard HPS lamp to the HPS-Retro White lamp. The key to the color rendering is its ceramic tube technology, which combines the white light of metal-halide with the reliable, long-life durability of PCA technology. The ceramic tube also offers many advantages over standard quartz burners, enabling dramatic improvement in CRI, color stability, lumen maintenance, and efficiency.
Philips Lighting Company

Thunder Dome
The Light Dome has been designed and built for the outdoor use of the Giotto Wash 1200 and the Giotto Spot 1200 fixtures. The dome is manufactured in highly transparent heat-resistant polycarbonate, an ABS body, and has a built-in ventilation system. The body has an IP rating of 44. It also protects the fixture against vandalism and attempted theft. Two standard colors are available, gray and blue; custom colors can be supplied on request on orders for 10 or more units. The power requirements currently are 30W at 220VAC, 50/60Hz. The dimensions are 100cm high, 80cm long, 80cm deep, and it weighs 20kg.
SGM Elettronica

Shoot for the Stars
The do-it-yourselfer who wants to try something new can now easily jump into fiber optics. Schott has introduced the affordable Easy-Fit Star Kit. The kit creates a dramatic starry atmosphere for bathrooms, nurseries, restaurants, nightclubs, and much more. The kit comes with everything needed to install the system quickly and easily.

Imagine This
Venture Lighting announces the Imagine 68W fan-less metal-halide fiber-optic illuminator. With no fan to pull in lumen-reducing dust and dirt, this illuminator provides maximum light and life. The design of the fixture allows for lumen levels equal to a standard 150W system with less than half the energy for lower life-cycle costs. This is accomplished by an optical system to project light into the fiber and combining a Uni-Form pulse-start metal-halide lamp with a quiet, cool-running electronic power supply for optimum efficiency.
Venture Lighting International

How White My Shirts Can Be
Venture Lighting announces the MPI 400W/ BU/LU, the newest addition to its White-Lux family of retrofit products. For the lowest initial costs and without changing the ballast, customers can switch dim orange high-pressure sodium lighting to the bright white of metal-halide. The 400W White-Lux lamp offers 36,000 initial lumens, at 90 lumens per watt, and an average rated life of 20,000 hours. This BT37-based, clear metal-halide lamp is open-rated, meeting its ANSI requirement for lamp containment and may be operated continuously in either open or closed luminaires. White-Lux lamps are available in 250, 400, and 750W. They are intended to operate on existing HPS ballasts and luminaires.
Venture Lighting International

Reflected Glory
Zumtobel Staff Lighting has designed the Miros system for reflecting light into distant spaces using a compact and efficient source. Miros is a projector-mirror lighting system designed to flood a room with light without revealing its source. The spatial separation of the light source and the reflector creates new room lighting possibilities, especially for expansive architecture and high-ceilinged spaces. The beauty of Miros lies in the way it provides ample, ergonomically appealing lighting without competing with the design aesthetic of the space. The luminaire contains circular louvers with an integrated lamp shielding to provide glare protection, and the computer-designed reflector ensures perfect focusing and low beam divergence. Lamping options include 70W and 150W Philips MasterColor T lamps. The reflectors are offered in specular, matte, and perforated options to provide different distributions.
Zumtobel Staff Lighting

Indirectly Speaking
Zumtobel Staff offers three new fluorescent indirect/direct lighting systems. Elan has a shallow, slightly curved shape, a wide 125º distribution, and accommodates T5 or T5HO lamps. Orea (right) features a new SLC "wave-guide" technology that results in a minimal profile and lightweight appearance. The fixture is partially open on top to provide indirect distribution. Spheros T5’s light distribution delivers maximum output in a minimal profile. It is available with a variety of optics and takes T5 or T5HO lamps. Spheros T8 allows for seamless attachment of individual fixtures, no connectors required.
Zumtobel Staff Lighting

The Frosting on the Cake
Filigrano has long been a star of the Zumtobel Staff track lighting line, and the company has introduced four new clear glass shapes: Tulip, a free-blown glass with a diagonal frosted element and a rounded shape; the Cup, a fine glass, free-blown and frosted diagonally, with a flare at the bottom; the Flute (right), a cylindrical thick-walled glass with a highly polished surface, producing diagonal lighting rings; and the Prism, an open, ridged-glass body with an outside prismatic structure. The Tulip, Cup, and Prism are available in track-mount or pendant; Flute in track-mount only.
Zumtobel Staff Lighting

Any Port in a Storm
New from Ardiis, the architectural division of Selecon, is the HiPort, a recessed high-output pattern, framing, and color projector. Using the 70W or 150W CDM/CMH lamp, the fixture allows for precise beam control and shaping, color, and pattern projection. Three fixed beam angles (10º, 25º, and 40º) accommodate most throw distances. The fixture can be rotated 360º and tilted from vertical up to 45º. The HiPort will accommodate steel, glass, and dichroic glass patterns of 37.5mm-diameter E size. The ceiling plate is available in white or black, with custom colors available. Options include framing shutters and eight-position, DMX-controllable color and pattern change wheels. Currently, the power supplies are CE- and UL-approved. The luminaire UL-listing is pending. Typical applications include retail and corporate image projection, architectural accent in atria, lobbies, galleries, and museum displays.

Ready for Takeoff
Bruck Lighting Systems introduces its newest track system, Flight. With clean rails and warm character, Flight presents a unique, light atmosphere. Flight can be flush-mounted or suspended to achieve various configurations. The long life of the festoon lamps, over 20,000 hours, allows for minimal maintenance. Lamps are available as standard in clear with frosted, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red also available. The Flight system can also accommodate standard MR-16 fixtures. Metal finishes are available in brushed aluminum or gold.
Bruck Lighting Systems

Virtual Reality
Belfer’s line of Virtual Axis products now accommodates HID metal-halide MasterColor lamps. Virtual Axis fixtures offer flexibility when creating a space for light, providing the same light control capability as track lighting while allowing interchangeable lamps to be aimed independently within the fixture. The design allows versatility without having exposed fixtures. The lamp holders are designed to remain locked in position after aiming, ensuring that lighting will be consistent despite vibration and relamping. The fixture offers a variety of lamp options, lengths, and accessories, including color filters and UV and spread lenses.
Belfer Lighting for Architecture

Never Mind the Bollards
New from Bega are bollards for illuminating pathways and vertical surfaces. The 8535 series features optical systems with concealed light sources for downlighting without glare or for asymmetrical floodlighting of walls. The trapezoidal housings have rugged construction, are suitable for wet locations, and use ceramic metal-halide G12 T6 lamps.