Worry-free wiring The Marinco Quality Factory Crimp (QFC) process is available on electrical wiring devices, including 15, 20, 30, and 50A connectors, plugs, inlets, and receptacles, insuring an extremely reliable and consistent method of terminating conductors for custom electrical cord assemblies. The QFC process forms the conductor wires and terminal barrel into a unified assembly. The result is a process that is replicated by automation to insure a termination with maximum conductivity and tensile strength. The factory provides testing on all cord assemblies and notes that the terminations undergo a 350lb pull test to confirm the mechanical integrity of the crimping process. These specialty cord sets are UL-listed under file E5406 and CSA-certified under LR95531.

Many users of power devices and the Robertson-type screw head will appreciate the Marinco electrical wiring devices that utilize a combination Robertson-type/flat-blade screw head on many commonly used electrical wiring components. Wiring devices are available on connectors and plugs in the all-black (theatre grade) family of 15 and 20A straight blade, and 20 and 30A NEMA locking devices. For conventional 15 and 20A straight blade, the Robertson option is available in connector, plug, flanged inlet, flanged outlet, and dust resistant inlet devices. Robertson-type fasteners, already widely used in Canada, feature a bit design that is multi-sided and less likely to slip or cause rounding of the fastener, than with slot or Phillips-type heads. The Marinco devices use the #1 size Robertson driver on all devices and can be ordered by adding the suffix ".CN" to a part number. Marinco Specialty Devices Napa, CA

Cool Buhl Buhl Industries' Fresnel and Soft Light luminaires are specially designed for studio applications, and utilize the Philips CDM lamp for good color rendition, low heat dissipation and a rated life of 10,000 hours. The "talent-friendly" studio lights are very efficient (high lumens per watt), and according to the manufacturer produce a warm light for healthy skin tones and wrap-around facial highlighting. Daisy-chaining of AC power and DMX cabling, and built-in magnetic or electronic ballasts--100V, 120V, and 220V with UL and CUL listings, and CE markings allow for installation in most facilities. Other features include rear lamp access, a one-year warranty, and optional gel frames, barndoors, intensifiers, and diffusers are available. Buhl Industries Fair Lawn, NJ

Making new trax Software is always evolving and the newest version from Dataton is Trax 3.6.2. The Trax system is designed for advanced show control utilizing a system that allows for feedback from the device under control, allowing for the desired action or event to be precisely cued and accurately repeated. New features include support for many third-party serial port adapters and cards, and the ability to handle four computer serial ports for system bus communication, doubling the maximum number of physical devices that can be accommodated in one Trax system. The entire software program is available free from its website, www.dataton.se/products/trax.shtml. DATATON Ossining, NY

Flat, bright, and long-life Electroluminescent lamps available in widths of 7/16" (12mm) to 24" (61cm) and in lengths of up to 1,500' (500m) are available in different extrusions for installation on floor, carpet, stair, and wall applications, both interior and exterior. E-Lux Lighting Corporation also has a full line of ballasts in 120V and 277V for both line voltage and low voltage operation. Connectors, wire harnesses, and mounting hardware, as well as optional color matching to theatrical color gels, are available. Elux Lighting Corporation of America Camarillo, CA

LEDs for OEMs LEDs are being offered to distributors and OEMs by LEDtronics, in a variety of shapes and sizes for direct replacement of conventional incandescent lamps. An extensive line of RPLH Series Panel LED Pilot Lamps and Holders are available in a variety of socket configurations and in white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white. The DecorLED is designed as a direct replacement for incandescent lamps in the 15 or 20W sizes and according to the manufacturer will be offered in super red, ultra orange, amber, blue, pure yellow, blue-green, and cool white. Currently, the DecorLED line is available in a standard A19 lamp size, with a 25mm screw-in Edison base. Available options include a variety of standard size bases, different voltages, special color mixes, and frosted/tinted bulbs. Complete specifications and model numbers are available from the manufacturer, in catalog form, or at the website, www.ledtronics.com. Ledtronics Torrance, CA

Attention-getters A fluorescent lighted "pub sign" allows customized graphics to be backlit in a versatile, circular-shaped enclosure that is stylized and highly functional. Lamar Lighting developed the sign to accommodate flat, vacuformed, painted, or vinyl applied graphics up to 0.130" thick. The sign contains long-life electrical components, including a rapid start ballast, a 32W Circleline fluorescent lamp, and a 6' grounded power cord, with optional rocker switch. The sign is constructed of heavy-gauge extruded aluminum and is offered in standard black and a variety of other durable powder-coated finishes and textures. The supporting arm bracket is heavy-gauge steel with welded wall-mounting brackets containing key-slots for easy installation. Lamar Lighting Farmingdale, NY

Innova presents Innova of California has developed a new family of solid-state, dimmable electronic ballasts for metal-halide and CDM lamps in the 35-150W range. Other features are: quiet performance, flicker-free lamp operation, square-wave lamp drive for improved lamp life, regulated lamp power for improved color and lumen maintenance, and end of lamp life (cycling) recognition and shutdown system. The dimming feature can be automatic or user-controlled. The ballast is designed for 120VAC operating systems. Innova Los Alamitos, CA

Easy listening Clear-Com is now offering five new models of headsets to meet any requirement, such as single ear or double ear, moderate to high sound isolation, lightweight and unobtrusive to rugged and indestructible, and shaped frequency response or high-fidelity full-range response. All feature left- or right-side operation, a moveable-boom, noise-cancelling cardioid microphone, and a four-pin XLR-type connector. The durable CC-95 single-ear and CC-260 double-ear headsets are constructed with ABS plastic ear cups, padded spring-steel headbands, and a flexible mic boom. Separate earphone wires allow for stereo or split-ear binaural use. The CC-40 single-ear and CC-60 double-ear headsets offer high sensitivity and a contoured frequency response for maximum intelligibility under high-noise conditions. The CC-26 single earpiece headset is unobtrusive in appearance and designed for extended periods of use, with a weight of less than 2oz, and a flexible gooseneck mic that is adjustable for comfort and best position. Clear-Com intercom systems Emeryville, CA

Y2K-compliant entertainment American DJ Supply has long been known for its extensive product line encompassing everything from moving lights to control boards, fog machines, and even dual CD players and other audio equipment. For the new year, American DJ introduced the Millennium, a colorful, sound-activated luminaire with 40 multicolored beams of light featuring seven colors plus white. The Millennium Y2L is 11"x11"x14" and weighs 7lb. It is equipped with two 120V 300W lamps and operates on 120V or 220VAC.

Following industry trends, many DMX512-controlled items are available. All can be used individually or as part of a group for spectacular light shows. The DJ Scan is a moving-mirror unit that offers 11 gobo patterns plus spot and seven colors plus white. It weighs only 13lb, uses only four DMX channels, and can be linked via master/slave to other lights. The Color-150 DMX is a DMX-controlled color changer, featuring seven colors plus white, full-focus lens, and stepper motor operation. Two DMX channels are required, and it has a sound-activated system for using internally generated lighting programs. "The DJ Scan and Color-150 DMX offer unbelievable value in intelligent lighting," adds Scott Davies, American DJ Supply general manager.

Foggers are now a necessary element of party/event lighting, and the new Volcano, Dyno-Fog, and Stallion foggers were each designed for a specific application. The Volcano with a 750W heater is a continuous-duty haze machine and can distribute 2,500 cu. ft. of smoke per minute. The Dyno-Fog is an affordable, medium-duty fogger for mobile/small venue applications and has a 1,000W heater capable of providing 4,000 cu. ft. of fog per minute. The Stallion is a very high-volume fogger for large venues, with a 1,300W heater and an output of 10,000 cu. ft. per minute. Timers, remote controllers (wired and wireless), hanging brackets, and fog fluid are available. american dj supply Los Angeles, CA