Dial "C" for Color
Color Kinetics introduces ColorDial, an architecturally styled dial controller that offers the ability to control Color Kinetics LED fixtures at the push and twist of a dial. The control knob allows users to transition between pre-programmed colors and color-changing effects. Users simply press the dial-knob to select the desired effect for their Color Kinetics lighting setup. Once the effect has been chosen, users may turn the knob to change the speed of the effect or, in the case of the fixed color mode, turn the knob to the choose from the full spectrum of colors. ColorDial may be mounted to a standard single- or multi-gang wall box and outfitted with a standard faceplate, allowing it to be built into nearly any application.
Color Kinetics

In an Emergency
Cooper Lighting introduces the Sure-Lites® CU-2, an emergency lighting unit, designed as an affordable alternative to standard two-head units. It fits into any contemporary decor, and the dual lens feature makes it code-compliant for floor-proximity installations. The unit features a polycarbonate housing; line-latching circuitry; long-life, maintenance-free, sealed lead calcium battery; and snap-together components that facilitate no-hassle installation in two minutes or less. Proper operation of the transfer circuit and emergency lamps is easily verified through a conveniently located combination test switch/power-indicator light. Code compliances include UL924, Life Safety NFPA 101, NEC/OSHA, and AD-compliance; plus, it is UL-listed and CSA-certified.
Cooper Lighting

Lite Brites
NiteBrites Outdoor HID lighting from Day-Brite Lighting introduces the Economic Outdoor WLP and WLR, two new low-profile wall pack families for facades, security, and other commercial outdoor applications. The luminaires feature die-cast aluminum housings and door frames with heat- and shock-resistant borosilicate glass lenses, durable paint finishes, and meet UL 1571 for wet locations. The WLP is available for up to 175W metal-halide and 150W high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, while the WLR is available for 250W up to 400W metal-halide and HPS.
Day-Brite Lighting

It Pays to Be Flexible
Osram Opto Semiconductors announces its new Linearlight Flex and Coinlight LED modules. The Linearlight Flex LED strips are the first flexible, self-adhesive lighting solutions available. The strips use either Osram's unique SideLED modules, an entire strip consists of 300 LEDs that can be conveniently cut as small as 75 pieces per module, or the TopLED module with traditional top-mounted LED styling. The TopLED consists of 600 LEDs and can be field-cut with regular scissors as small as 60 pieces per module to fit any application. The Linearlight Flex modules allow high luminous flux and long life, up to 100,000 hours. Coinlight modules using SideLEDs illuminates outwards, making it a circular radiant module. An entire module consists of eight or 12 LEDs. Using the TopLED modules, it offers the traditional top-emitting LED and consists of nine LEDs. The small height of the Coinlight permits installation where space is limited. Both TopLED and SideLED modules have screw connector terminations for installation.
Osram Opto Semiconductors

Stagger on Over
Lithonia Lighting introduces the Telescoping Staggered Strip (SST); a lighting fixture specifically designed for general-purpose fluorescent retail and cove applications that demand uninterrupted illumination at the end of rows. The SST's channel is offset to join easily with the companion Lithonia Staggered Strip (SS). The channel telescopes to offer an even, continuous, well-lighted environment without the shadows — making the SST ideal for difficult-to-light applications that are not served well by traditionally shaped strip configurations. The SST comes in a two-lamp configuration and asymmetric reflectors are also available. It has a high-gloss baked white enamel finish.
Lithonia Lighting
a division of Acuity Brands, Inc.

On the Right Track
Juno Lighting announces MH2, a modular series of track lighting fixtures including spotlight, flood/wall wash, and pendant fixtures. The series is designed around ceramic arc metal-halide (CAMH) lamps and feature a modular ballast/fixture format. The fixtures utilize PAR-20, -30, -38, and ED-17 CAMH lamps. The spotlights feature aiming and rotation and are designed to simultaneously hold two light-control lenses, louvers, or color filters. The MH2 series can be integrated with Juno's lines of halogen track lighting fixtures enabling mixing of metal-halide and halogen lamps in the same track lighting system.
Juno Lighting

Ballasts on a Diet
Universal Lighting Technologies introduces a new line of low-profile AccuStart High Performance (HP) ballasts which utilize programmed rapid-start technology to maximize lamp life in frequently switched applications. By combining the latest technology and unique packaging, the design of the low-profile line takes advantage of new component technology allowing a small cross-section (overall height 1.18") for reduced fixture size and improved operating efficiency. The AccuStart HP ballasts feature standard mounting and wiring footprints for easy installation and replacement, installer-friendly universal input voltage (108-305V) which reduces inventory requirements by as much as 50% and less than 10% THD.
Universal Lighting Technologies
(formerly MagneTek Lighting Products)

Get Smart
Lamar Lighting introduces the Occu-Smart lighting system, offering a new, intelligent approach to saving energy. Occu-Smart fixtures offer security by providing standby light levels while waiting for an area to be occupied. During standby, energy consumption may be as low as 7W with light levels as low as 5% so building occupants aren't left in the dark. By not fully lighting seldom-used areas, such as stairwells and corridors, substantial energy savings can be realized without compromising safety. The integrated ultrasonic motion sensor assures immediate full light output upon entry. With optional battery backup, the units are UL-listed as emergency lighting equipment.
Lamar Lighting

In the White Room
Developed by GELcore and GE Corporate Research and Development, a new patent-pending phosphor has been created that when combined with visible LED chips produces white-light LEDs. As an alternative to the widely used YAG-based materials, this product, with its unique intellectual property position, will enable GELcore to create new white light LED products for several applications later this year. By combining the YAG alternative phosphor with visible LED chips with emission 430-490 nanometers, a high-quality white-light LED can be created. End-use applications for this new LED will include backlights for LCD displays in cell phones and PDAs, consumer products, as well as automotive interior lighting applications. GELcore's development of white light LED products, using this new proprietary material, will be completed shortly and available for functional use later this year.