Product Pick of the Month:
Martin Professional Maxxyz Controller

Martin Professional is debuting the Maxxyz lighting controller, designed to compete against the Wholehog, grandMA, and all the rest. Does the world need another control console? Will the market support it? Martin intends to find out. There is a strong buzz among the programmers who have seen it and played with it.

The Maxxyz is designed to be intuitive with expandable characteristics, and boasts an abundance of cutting-edge features and a modular design. Whether you're controlling automated fixtures or conventional lighting, the intuitive operating system, easy programmability, and customizable characteristics make it a must-see when considering a new controller.

The Maxxyz has a built-in 3D visualizer with real-time preview mode, which gives full real-time preview of shows, and allows you to create new ones without interrupting the running show. Other features include Ethernet capability (10/100Mbit) for DMX universes and multiple console linking. Remote control via PC or Internet network from any location in the world is possible, which will allow for automatic Internet updates, programming modification, service and support, and more from remote locations. There are two industrial motherboards with Pentium III processors that effectively are two complete computer systems that can communicate with each other. This allows the system to work as one large, integrated system with four 3D accelerated screen outputs with DVD playback capability. This can serve as a backup as well.

There are eight DMX512 outputs for a total of 4,096 channels available directly from the console. Each DMX512 output is opto-isolated, half duplex, and the DMX timings and refresh rate can be adjusted individually. Additionally there are two DMX512 inputs for capturing DMX values and for master/slave functions with other controllers.

A powerful effects generator is included that saves time when making complex movement, chase, or wave effects. Even matrix effects from the Martin Matrix controller are built into this effects generator.

SMPTE/VITC/LANC time-code readers and generators are built into the console. Video VITC time-code with video input and video output with time-code window. New digital LANC protocol is included (used to trigger time-code list). MIDI in/out/thru. MIDI show control and standard MIDI codes can be used to trigger go commands, cues, playbacks, etc. MIDI codes can be generated to control other equipment too.

Other features include two super-high-luminance industrial 12.1" SVGA TFT color touch screens (two external VGA monitors can be attached for increased views), built-in DVD/CD-RW, digital LCD buttons, Penny and Giles digital fader belts, motorized faders, cue control, display rotation, built-in two-way speakers and headphone output, USB connections for computer, multimedia, and wing peripherals, and multiple wing attachment.

The balanced audio line input or the balanced microphone input (with phantom supply) can be used to trigger cues, playbacks, etc., with a built-in five-band audio filter. The audio input can be used to drive the powerful built-in two-way speakers or to record stereo audio. Balanced audio out can be used for multimedia time-code shows when a CD or .wav or video file (AVI, DVD) is played from the system.

The board is set to start shipping in a couple of months.
Martin Professional

Come out of Your Shell
Creative Stage Lighting announces its appointment as distributor of the new Amphenol-Socapex SL-61 Mono-Piece 19-pin connectors. The Mono-Piece 19-pin series features a heavy-duty aluminum back shell with a hardened anodized finish to ensure the connectors perform and look great under the most demanding use. Designed with safety and performance in mind, the SL-61 offers a ground first connection, non-conductive plating, double-insulation, and IP67 waterproof rating for unparalleled safety. A PG29 back shell is available to accept multi-cables while the versatile PG36 back shell accepts as many as six individual 12/3 SJOWA cables for use in break-in and break-out cable assemblies. Available with crimp insertable or solder cup contacts.
Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc.

Rain, Snow, and Sleet of Night
GAM Products introduces the SX4, which snaps onto an ETC Source Four ellipsoidal fixture and converts it into a high performance scenic projector capable of creating many special effects. The SX4 allows you to slide the effects drawer in and out for quick changes of film loops and other effects. Use the SX4 with any Source Four lamp source: 575 or 750W halogen or the 575W HMI for high output or the HID series for long-term architectural installations. A fan is built into the unit for added cooling and you can select low or high speeds for quiet operation. Control the speed of the SX4 from the control console using one dimmer channel. The SX4 is ideal for rolling clouds, raging fires, falling rain, and snow.
GAM Products

There Is a Glow on the Horizon
Altman is making blacklight safe for the world by introducing the UV-250, a compact, high-output 250W blacklight floodlight. It is designed to provide a wash of high-intensity illumination of fluorescent materials at distances of up to 40' (12m). The luminaire does not require any fans for cooling, resulting in quiet operation. A special lens filters out harmful UV-B and UV-C wavelengths and almost all visible light, and has an integral wire mesh safety screen. Other features include: integrated ballast and igniter, automatic safety cutoff switch, and built-in cord wrap. It accepts 7½" accessories and has tool-free lamp access through lens door. It is ETL- and cETL-listed for 250W.
Altman Lighting Inc.