Due to a production error, the products for Electronic Theatre Controls were mis-titled in the ED/LD 2005 New Product Buyers Guide; the following pages of products appear as they were intended. Please pull out this insert from the magazine and place in your copy of the Buyers' Guide for future reference.


Architectural, Dimmers

ETC Architectural

Unison® DR Series Dimming Racks: Unison DR Series Dimming line offers low-profile surface mounting to save space and installation cost. Unison DR racks are available in 6-, 12- or 24-module configurations. Each rack ships fully prewired and includes many options to fit any application. Controls incandescent, low voltage, fluorescent, neon and cold-cathode load types. Main breaker, single-phase and UL924-listed bypass options are available.

Architectural, Memory/Preset

ETC Architectural

Unison® Architectural Lighting Controls: ETC's Unison architectural lighting controls offer sophistication and elegance in a powerful package. Designed with an emphasis on flexibility. All Unison stations are fully filed programmable using Light Manager software. Unison offers many stations for any application, including touchscreen LCD stations, button stations, and fader stations. All are easily installed using topology-free wiring.

Entertainment, Dimmers

Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Sensor+ CEM: The CEM+ (Control Electronics Module) directly interfaces ETC's Sensor® dimming line with ETC's ETCNet2 network system. The CEM+ provides full control functionality as well as configuration and system status from its facepanel and from a browser-based interface, Sensor+ Connect. With a complete line of dimmer modules available, Sensor+ offers comprehensive solutions for a diverse range of theatrical and architectural applications.

SmartPack®: ETC brings Sensor®-level dimming technology to smaller dimmer packs with the SmartPack. The SmartPack line is designed to provide SCR-based, professional-quality product in a go-anywhere, super-compact package (19-inch 2-space rack mount or wall mount). Available with either six 2400-watt dimmers or twelve 1200-watt dimmers. Also available in 2-pack or 4-pack touring system.

Sine wave dimming: With its new Sensor+ and IES products, ETC provides the widest range of sine wave dimming available, for both installed applications as well as distributed dimming. For more information on sine wave dimming, visit www.silentdimming.com

Entertainment, Manual/Memory Assisted

Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

SmartFade: ETC's compact SmartFade 1248 and SmartFade 2496 consoles provide 12- or 24-channel two-scene preset operation, 48- or 96-channel single-scene/memory operation and DMX backup functionality. 288 or 576 memories, a cue stack of up to 99 memories and up to four 24-step sequences are provided in single-scene mode. MIDI and DMX input are supported. In DMX backup mode, 512 channels of incoming DMX can be recorded to 24 (1248) or 48 (2496) memory locations and recalled manually via faders.

Express 24/48: The Express 24/28, 48/96, and 72/144 consoles can handle moving lights, color changers, dimmers, and more; ideal for applications requiring spontaneous changes or improvisation. The intuitive, familiar operating style makes the transition to high-powered moving-light operation easy and quick. Uses the manufacturer's Expression software featuring Preset Focus, 16-bit fades, Last-Action channels, and moving-lights patch.

RRFU: The ETC Radio Remote Focus Unit (RRFU) provides a simple and convenient wireless solution for remote control of Expression® 2x-series, Expression 3 series, Express series and Emphasis® control consoles. The receiver unit connects to any ETC RFU port in the control system. The rugged transmitter unit comes with a belt clip and lanyard attachment point.

Entertainment, Memory

Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Emphasis®: The ETC Emphasis control system is a new approach to the complete lighting process: 2D or 3D drafting with comprehensive lighting and scenic libraries offer unsurpassed design tools to create, visualize, pre-cue and render the lighting. Interactive paperwork and pattern tools generate and receive data across the system. The point-and-click, graphic environment frees programmers and designers.

Express 125 and 250: The Express 125 and 250 provide the power of an Expression® console in a low-cost, compact configuration. Available in 125- or 250-channel versions, these consoles combine user-friendly operation and reliability in an affordable memory lighting control console. The powerful software features preset focus, 16-bit faders, Last-Action channels, and moving-light patch. An innovative X/Y trackpad controls moving lights and scrollers.

Express LPC: The ETC Express Lighting Playback Controller (LPC) provides automated show control in one compact box. LPC gives the user the power of ETC's Express lighting console in a 19" rack-mounting enclosure. The user can program lighting with an Express console, then simply transfer the show to the LPC, which runs the show automatically, day in and day out. With alternative software, the LPC acts as an input/output node as part of an Emphasis Control System.

Expression® 3: The ETC Expression 3 gives the user direct control of moving-light functions. Five encoders dramatically reduce moving-light programming and setup time. The software includes such features as preset focus, 16-bit fades, last-Action channels, and moving lights and scrollers. Suitable for applications which require spontaneous changes or improvisation.

Expression® LPC: The Expression Playback Controller (LPC) provides automated control of entertainment lighting systems by allowing the user to record show information on any Expression 2 or 3 console, then download it. The LPC's touchscreen provides additional user interface capability. With alternative software, the LPC acts as an input/output node as part of an Emphasis® Control System.

Obession® II: The ETC Obsession II's ergonomic and innovative style is well suited to the high-demand market for all-around programming, including direct control of moving lights and touchscreen display. The Obsession II controls up to 4,608 channels and 8,192 dimmers. Single or dual processors are available, as well as two different control surface options.


Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

ETCNet2 WRFU: ETC's Wireless Remote Focus Unit (WRFU) offers freedom and flexibility for remote control of the ETC Obsession® II Console System and the Emphasis® Control System. The WRFU offers a convenient, handheld wireless unit; a backlit touchscreen; comprehensive functionality; and the benefit of on-board host Windows® applications for your lighting data.


Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Connector Strips: Innovative distribution to match the art of lighting. ETC is the first to offer integral DMX within connector strips for your moving lights and scrollers. ETC distribution products have been engineered for easy customization, shipment installation and service.

RLP: The Retractable Lighting Position (RLP) is the latest addition to ETC's line of distribution. With room for up to four lights, the RLP provides the perfect lighting solution for multipurpose rooms, ballrooms, and even churches. And, when no longer needed, the RLP conveniently and easily withdraws back into the ceiling.



Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Source Four® Revolution®: A moving light designed specifically for theatre! ETC's new ultra-quiet automated zoom ellipsoidal combines an innovative 750-watt QXL lamp, integral dimmer and quick-change color scroller to create the perfect addition to theatrical lighting systems. Two module bays and four available modules (including shutter module) give the user more beam-control options, with cost flexibility.


Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Source Four® MultiPAR®: ETC's MultiPAR striplight combines the optics and energy savings of the Source Four PAR (EA) with the functionality and flexibility of the classic striplight. Lamped with the efficient HPL and using the space-saving rugged Source Four PAR design, this new striplight provides high levels of illumination with over 40% less energy use. ETC offers three standard fixture configurations: 3-, 4-, and 12-cell versions.

Ellipsoidal/Profile Spot

Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Source Four® Family: Source Four spotlights feature crisp pattern imaging, sharp shutter cuts and a rotating barrel, and are available in 5-,10-,19-, 26-, 36- and 50-degree models. The Source Four jr also offers interchangeable 26-, 36- and 50-degree field angle lens assemblies.

Source Four® Zoom: The Source Four Zoom (15-30 degrees or 25-50 degrees) is ideal for frequent changes of light throws, adapting to a range of distances. Drop-in accessories are interchangeable with fixed-focus Source Fours. Rated up to 750W, Source Four Zoom provides crisp optics, outstanding imaging, beautiful field quality, and is easy to use. For those on strict budgets, check out the Source Four jr Zoom that covers beam angles of 25 to 50 degrees.

Source Four® HID: Source Four HID ellipsoidal spotlights in beam-angle ranges from 5 to 50 degrees. Source Four HID Zoom adapts to a range of distances. Also available, Source Four HID jr and jr Zoom. Source Four HID has a 150W 12,000-hour ceramic metal-halide lamp and electronic ballast. Available in 120-, 240-, 277-volt versions.

PAR & Beam Projector

Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Source Four® PAR: ETC's Source Four PAR offers optimized light output and low energy consumption. ETC includes the CDM lamp with all fixtures. The Source Four PAR boasts a standard set of four lenses, providing beam angles ranging from VNSP (very narrow spot) to WFL (wide flood). Source Four PAR is available in a 150W HID version for architectural applications.

Source Four® PARNel: The Source Four PARNel provides a smooth, soft, symmetrical field that the user can spot or flood like a Fresnel, ranging from 25-45 degrees. The PARNel boasts a patented zoom lens set, no loss of efficiency when spot is focused, and is rated up to 750W. PARNel is also available in a 150W HID version for architectural applications.



ETC Architectural

Unison® Light Manager: Light Manager is a software program designed to simplify the set up and operation of ETC Unison architectural. For ultra-easy programming, Light Manager uses standard Windows® point-and-click conventions. Configuration and room wizards lead effortlessly through initial programming. Integrated room combine, macro sequencing, and astronomical timeclock offer unsurpassed flexibility.

Offline Editing

Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Expression® Offline: Expression Off-line is a Windows-based program that gives the freedom to create and modify shows with a PC. Compatible with all Expression-line and Express-line consoles. Allows users to program effects, multiple cues, link sequences, simulate cue playback, and see what they've programmed, then edit and save it all before taking it to the stage.

Emphasis® Offline Editor: Emphasis Offline Editor (EOE) is a Windows-based application that allows you to create and edit Emphasis show files. Installed as a part of WYSIWYG lighting design software. EOE allows users to patch, pre-cue, write effects and subroutines, edit existing show data (with or without a WYSIWYG dongle), and visualize the show offline (with WYSIWYG Design or Perform).

Obsession® Offline: ETC Obsession Off-line 5.1.0 software package allows the use of an IBM PC or PC-compatible personal computer to simulate the operations of an Obsession console. Once a show is created and saved with Obsession Offline, the user can load the show onto a console and run it.