After the rather muted, post-Diana atmosphere of last year's PLASA, this year's get-together proved a festive return to form. Floor traffic was good, spirits were high, and a general air of ebullience prevailed September 6-9 at Earls Court. Even the gloomy news from world stock markets failed to slow the pace--although there were fewer Asian visitors, the slack seemed taken up by visitors from Russia and Eastern Europe. According to the organization, final attendance at the show was 13,953, with international visitors reaching 3,012.

This was, of course, PLASA's 21st birthday, and the organization celebrated the attainment of majority in style, with a formal party at London's Natural History Museum. The imposing space was transformed by lighting and other entertainment technology products into a glamorous venue for dining and dancing.

Although the trade show floor buzzed with people, genuinely new products were a bit in short supply. Upgrades and improvements to existing products were the order of the day, although some of them were highly trumpeted. The winners of PLASA product excellence awards were the Digital 328 from Spirit by Soundcraft; the WXT-Loudpanel from Wharfedale; the Focus Finder from Avolites; and the Solution Sine from Bytecraft. Commendations were awarded to Le Mark for Slipway Tape; PJ Lighting for the CD146 Multi Truss Adapter; DNH Worldwide for the Aqua 30; PCM/Pfaff for the CM Prostar; and Electronic Theatre Controls for the Source Four Zoom. The overall best stand award was given to Lighting Technology, with its refreshing beach cabana motif, with a commendation given to the Pioneer stand. The best use of space award went to Rosco and the best small stand nod went to Indu-Electric Gerber.

Here follows a highly selective look at the exhibits.

A.C. LIGHTING First time anywhere: 3D Space Software for the Flying Pig Systems Wholehog II, the latest upgrade for the lighting control console, said to allow fixtures to work seamlessly with each other in a 3D environment. The Wholehog II Remote Control is a handheld remote control that includes a desk light, so users can still see what they are typing when rigs go to blackout. Three new additions to the Chroma-Q range of DMX color changers were shown: the Chroma-Q M 1K fits 1,000W fixtures, the Chroma-Q M 2K fits 2,000W fixtures, and the Chroma-Q M 8Lite fits eight-light blinder units. Among other products touted: the Jands Hog 500, which consolidates Jands Hog 250 and 600 channel consoles into a competitively priced package; the Vedette 1200 MMT, a medium-throw 1,200W discharge followspot with variable zoom optics from Italy's Spotlight Milano; and WYSIWYG V.3, a lighting design, visualization, and reporting suite of software including 2D, 3D, and rendered views of designs.

ADB First time anywhere: Isis Integrated Software for Intelligent Systems is a software platform structured around a real-time, 32-bit operating system, providing multi-user and preemptive multitasking capabilities with a short boot-up time. Three new control systems, Phoenix 2, Phoenix 5, and Phoenix 10, all run on the platform. With Phoenix and Isis, users have a choice of three levels of control facilities: 360, 600, 1,024, 1,600, or 2,048 channels; two or four DMX outputs; one, two, or four SVGA outputs; three types of monitor; IR or HF remote control; three levels of backup; and DMX or ethernet networking.

ABSTRACT DESIGN TO LIGHT First time anywhere: The VR12 virtual reality projector is the latest in the VR series of intelligent luminaires. Using an MSD 250 discharge lamp, the unit has eight fully indexable rotating gobos and a separate strobe shutter. Color and gobo options are fully compatible with the VR4 and VR8, which now also offer rotating gobos.

ANTARI First time at PLASA: Z Series fog machines feature Unicore heater design, which allows for full service of heaters with no disassembly required; a uni-tempered aluminum block that reduces thermal expansion, maximizing the heater's lifespan; and precision rifling of the heater core to achieve optimal vaporization vortex, minimizing clogs. The series also features the Eco, billed as "the most advanced thermal control system ever developed for fog machines."

APIAS Formerly APIAD, this Italian association has changed its name to APIAS--the Association of Italian Manufacturers for the Entertainment Industry. APIAS works with its members to help promote the sale of their products worldwide.

ARTISTIC LICENCE LTD. First time at PLASA: The Rack Split is an economical, rack-mounted DMX512 distribution system. The Cue Patch is a complete control room solution, and the Line-Light is a simple DMX tester. The DMX-Dongle II supports simultaneous transmission and reception of DMX512, and the DMX Hub is an ethernet translator suited for theme park applications. Company news: The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

AUTOGRAPH SALES LTD. First time at PLASA: The Conductor is a universal, multiformat control system from Avenger that provides synchronization between audio, video, lighting, pyro, MIDI, computers, and electromechanical devices. Once programmed, the unit is designed for unattended operation.

AVAB TRANSTECHNIK First time at PLASA: The Focus NT lighting control system updates a past product, with storage operations and menu commands that work 5-10 times faster than on its predecessor. Also, control of color changers and moving lights will soon be fully integrated, and consoles can be networked together. Similarly, the Prisma NT lighting console is designed to deliver 10 times the performance of its predecessor. It features a 68060 processor, a 4MB flash EEPROM (for the software), 6MB of CMOS RAM (for current performance data), and a SCSI-2 interface for exchanging data quickly and reliably between the hard disk and computer. The Tiger console is designed for shows which use many moving lights and color changers. Avab also distributes Red Rebel studio lighting, a series of low-cost tungsten-halogen fixtures designed for television newsrooms and corporate video faci lities.

AVOLITES First time anywhere: The Focus Finder is a compact box that can be placed onstage anywhere the LD wishes the lighting to be focused. The focus button on top of the unit allows the fixtures to scan the stage and locate the Focus Finder. Also new, the Sapphire 2000 is a lighting control desk based on the company's Pearl and Azure technologies, which features 2,048 channels, displays on memories, labeling on all attributes, and 100 preset faders. The Stage Visualizer is a Windows-based software program that allows operators to simulate lighting programs in real time. It offers 1,000 channels of DMX and is reasonably priced.

BANDIT LITES Company news: Making its first appearance at PLASA and celebrating its 30th anniversary, the company continued its tradition of having non-lighting-oriented booths by offering the Six Lamp Bar and Grill. Director Phay MacMahon used his connections to bring many kegs of Guinness and Carlsberg from Ireland; as a result, many thirsty show attendees could be found discussing business there.

BRITISH HARLEQUIN First time at PLASA: Vision Stage System for touring productions is an all-aluminum mobile stage with telescoping columns for legs and stage supports that span 12' (4m). A 40'x60' (12x18m) stage can be set up in just six man-hours. System is lightweight and easy to install.

BUEHNENBAU SCHNAKENBERG First time anywhere: Nivo-flex air stage uses servo-support to adjust the height of the stage up and down. Operated from the top, these 2x1m (6.6'x3.3') platforms are very easy to manipulate.

CCT First time at PLASA: The Freedom series of modular luminaires now offers condenser optics for designers looking for high light output and crisp-definition gobo projection; the 600W Freedom modular dimmer has been upgraded to accept a load of 1,000W; and the Freedom DMX 10A dimmer and special effects switch box.

CELCO First time at PLASA: The Fusion digital dimmer is available in a 19", 3U-high rack-mount unit with 12 channels per pack and load ratings of 10A, 16A, or 20A per channel, or as an easy-fit 12-channel wall-mount unit with a load rating of 10A per channel, which can also be configured in various load ratings up to 32A. Fusion dimmers accept both DMX512 and 0-10V analog and can dim units including neon, fluorescent, low-voltage, and tungsten.

CHAINMASTER First time anywhere: A chain hoist with a built-in frequency converter. First time at PLASA: VGB-8 rigging is a chain hoist that can lift loads up to 1,000kg (2,200lb) and weighs only 30kg (66lb).

CITY THEATRICAL First time at PLASA: EFX Plus2 is a linear special effects projector using two large-format disks that rotate in the same or opposite directions. Speed and direction can be independently controlled manually or via DMX. Comes with modified barrel for ETC Source Four applications. Lightweight and silent, the Candle Lite flicker candle, invented by David Johnson of Candle Lite Unlimited, features a tiny logic circuit and three bright bulbs that flicker for a realistic candle effect.

COEMAR/COE-TECH First time at PLASA: The Coemar Pilota 1200 is a followspot with features that include an aluminum light alloy extruded body, made in two principal sections; easy access to lamp and lens; and a Coemar "cold-type" heat-dissipating glass parabolic reflector with dichroic and quartz finish. The product uses a Philips MSR 1,200W SA (short-arc) lamp. The NAT TM 4000 is designed for events requiring a throw distance of over 1,000m (3,300'); its features include rotating head over 360 degrees on box axes, quartz optical condenser with achromatic finish, and a belt-driven CMY color-changing system. The NAT TM 1200 Power can use three different angles of projection--12 degrees, 17 degrees, and 20 degrees; it is lighter and doubles the power of standard 1,200W projectors. Also shown was the Tourlight moving yoke.

COLOR KINETICS First time at PLASA: The European launch of the award-winning C-Series Chromacore technology, which generates more than 16.7 million colors via microprocessor-controlled red, green, and blue LEDs. Various-size fixtures are suited for theme park, concert hall, or retail applications, and the new CMR18 lamp plugs into existing low-voltage sockets on track fixtures.

COLUMBUS McKINNON Company news: Attended show to support its existing dealers.

COMPULITE First time at PLASA: CompuCAD V.1.5 connects to Compulite consoles via ethernet for a two-way connection allowing feedback; 4D-range console and Sabre effects packages both control moving lights via a library of pre-programmed effects which cut down considerably on programming time.

DHA First time anywhere: Digital Lightbeam 2, a high-precision, fully-automated 24V, 500W luminaire with moving yoke and internal color scroller; a new range of 25 glass gobo designs in both monochrome and colored dichroic glass for use in moving lights; the new Blackened Double Gobo Rotator, the RTR209, for use with Robert Juliat luminaires; the second version of the Real Time Clock Effect, intended for long-term applications when used with a cool lamp, such as the ETC Source Four HQI. Company news: David Hersey, chairman and director of DHA, has set off on an 18-month voyage on his yacht, Company, as part of the Millennium Odyssey. His progress can be monitored at

DATATON UK Featured product: Traxx 3.5 show control software (see the company's website at can be used as integrated control and media playback and for interaction with performers in live entertainment and fixed installations applications.

DOUGHTY ENGINEERING First time anywhere: The Trigger Clamp, a south hanging clamp with 200kg hanging weight to make rigging a one-person job, is touted as "rigging for the future" and comes in anodized colors.

E\T\C AUDIOVISUEL First time at PLASA: PIGI Rotator allows the use of a 5kW or 7kW xenon lamp in the same projector and offers non-stop 360-degree rotation of images. Company news: 20 PIGI projectors were used for the January opening of the World Cup soccer stadium just outside of Paris; PIGI projectors were also used for the Oceans and Utopias show at Expo98 in Lisbon, with images by Jean-Michel Quesnes.

ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS First time anywhere: The 15-30-degree and 25-50-degree CE Source Four Zooms feature a new focusing mechanism that enables users to adjust field angle and focus simultaneously. Turning a single knob changes the focal beam angle; sliding the same knob forward or backward sharpens or softens the beam. The Sensor CE Touring Rack has been designed specifically to meet European preferences and is manufactured in the UK. The new Residual Current Device (RCD) is built into each individual Sensor CE dimmer; if a ground fault occurs, only one circuit is lost, instead of six or 12. The optional RCD module allows complete fault segregation down to individual circuits; the control desk indicates which circuit has been tripped and why, cutting down on troubleshooting.

ELEKTRALITE First time at PLASA: The CP10xt universal moving light controller also controls dimmers, color changers, and most devices that use DMX protocol. Other features include auto-masking, timed crossfade, and coarse or fine joystick control. Also on hand was the CP-3 pre-programmed lighting controller, which provides instant push-button access to three different light shows, each with several programs, and the CP100 universal lighting controller, which can control both moving lights and dimmer channels.

ENLITEN First time anywhere: New products from White Light's architectural division include the Callisto range, designed to complement the indoor Source Four HQI range of logo projectors; features include a range of beam angles from 10 degrees to 55 degrees and a 9,000-hour metal-halide lamp, for exterior logo projection, framing, or effects work. The Juno low-voltage exterior range will include a logo projector and spotlight. Look for Enliten to promote the US-based Times Square range of display fittings as well.

F.A.L. First time at PLASA: The 2500 XLD EB moving-mirror unit features an HMI 2500 lamp and extremely smooth mirror movement, thanks to a new mirror drive system. The Innovation projects digital images and is available in three versions, all with an HMI 1200 lamp. A blackout shutter is standard on all models and is linked to a thermal protection sensor to protect the display. The Colourtronic 1200 EB has twin color wheels with no fewer than 18 dichroic colors, including ultraviolet. The Lightmaster controller is a fully featured DMX control unit and is freely programmable. The controller also generates and reads SMPTE time code.

GAM PRODUCTS First time at PLASA: Naked Cosmetics color filters, diffusion, highlights, and accents enhance skin tones and make them look more natural on film and video. The company also has a new website at with all patterns by name and number, and gel colors to be listed soon.

GLANTRE ENGINEERING Company news: A busy year for this company, with projects that included the Petronas Twin Towers concert hall in Kuala Lumpur, the Grand Princess ocean liner, the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder cruise ships, and the cabaret theatre in Sydney's Star City Casino.

GRIVEN First time anywhere: The Kolorado architectural color changer combines a wide-angle, high-power floodlight with a CMY color changer. The product's patented optical system, using a group of plenar mirrors, provides even lighting coverage of 25 sq. m (277 sq. ft.) from a single unit at a distance of 5m (16.5').

HARDWARE FOR XENON First time at PLASA: Motorized zoom lens (250mm to 500mm) with high-quality optics offers good light output and does not cut the corners of images from Hardware's large-format projectors; the 60mm Fish Eye lens, designed for projecting in domes and planetariums, for coverage of 1,200 sq. m (13,333 sq. ft.) of surface with a good depth of field, the firm says; the Rotating Crown, which rotates images using a single scroller and computerized 16-bit control; and a range of DMX-controlled accessories to complement the performance of the projectors, including a motorized yoke for smooth tilt and pan.

HIGH END SYSTEMS First time anywhere: The Studio Spot(TM) automated luminaire, designed as a hard-edged beam complement to the Studio Color(R) luminaire. A custom MSR 575/2 lamp provides a high color rendering index and a color temperature of 6200K. Its moving yoke achieves up to 370 degrees pan and 225 degrees tilt, and high-definition lenses provide 13-degree, 18-degree, or 30-degree beam projection angles. Other features include variable frost and strobe effects, remote focus, variable speed iris, and instant blackout. The fixture is targeted for television, live, and architectural applications, especially where lack of space precludes using a moving-mirror luminaire.

HOWARD EATON LIGHTING LTD. First time anywhere: DMXiris is a compact DMX512-controllable iris for the ETC Source Four. Powered by connecting to a 24V power supply via a four-pin XLR connector, the DMXiris is fully compatible with Rainbow and Chroma-Q scroller systems. DMXrelay 12 is a compact, DMX512-controllable, 12-way mains switching unit, in a rugged 3U steel enclosure. The Pocket Pack fiber-optic light source is a battery-operated unit that is lightweight and suitable for costumes; it powers up to 140 points.

JAMES THOMAS ENGINEERING First time at PLASA: The 52cm Fold Flat Supertruss has the ability to fold flat to a width of 10.2cm (4") and does not increase in length, allowing five sections to be carried in the space of one regular 52cm (20.5") Supertruss. Squarelite is a lightweight truss aimed at the exhibition, conference, and small venue markets. Also on display was the PAR-56 HMI lantern designed for architectural use, and the PAR-56 outdoor lantern for damp locations.

JEM SMOKE MACHINE First time anywhere: The Stage Hazer is a DMX-compatible unit designed to deliver a wider dispersing haze in larger theatres, live events, and television studios. Its rugged construction and compact size also make it suitable for touring. The Club 22 installation system features compact smoke heads that can be mounted up to 50m (165') from the wall-mounted service module, which houses a 10 liter fluid supply and twin pumps.

KUPO Featured products: The company's range of PAR cans, cycs, fresnels, blinders, striplights, couplers, clamps, barndoors, pin connectors, and fog and haze machines. Circle 253 on Reader Service Card

LSC ELECTRONICS First time anywhere: The TS Series touring dimmer provides 12 channels of dimmers and features circuit breaker protection and active in-rush current profiling. Also, its less expensive ePAK dimmer features circuit breaker protection and a tracking active mains filter to eliminate problems with bad power. Its Axiom V.2 software upgrades the Axiom 48 to control up to 1,536 dimmer channels and directly control up to 96 fixtures. Company news: LSC products are now managed by the newly formed LSC Lighting Systems. Also, the company has launched a website at

LANE LIGHTING Featured product: The Starlite Mk5 automated robotic spotlight, a modular fixture designed for touring, which claims superior optics, effects, and color options, as well as ease of maintenance.

LEE FILTERS First time at PLASA: The Designer Series, a line of 13 colors created by well-known UK lighting designers. Also on display was a new gobo catalog.

LE MAITRE First time at PLASA: The Touring LSG (low smoke generator) uses a half-size CO2 container and comes in a flight case. Also on hand was the Star Hazer, designed to work safely with intelligent lights.

LEPRECON/LITTLITE Featured product: Leprecon's LP1600 console, which premiered here last year, received good response at the show this year as well, the firm says.

LIGHTING & ELECTRONICS First time at PLASA: The Runt, son of the Broad Cyc, is a modular cyclight whose single units can be joined together. Available in 750W, it is UL-listed. Uses the same reflector plate and has the same photometrics as the larger unit; parts are interchangeable. The 12V Mini-Strip is now finding use in the European market. Company news: L&E is developing a European model of the Broad Cyc based on response at the show and the interest in the product by potential distributors.

LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY First time anywhere: The IMP (Image Marketing Projector) has been designed specifically for the retail market; the unit can be fitted with custom images that are easily programmed from its onboard controller. It also comes with seven interchangeable custom gobos and is fully DMX-compatible. The Aroma-280 and Aroma-250 lend a touch of aromatherapy to themed projects; over 200 different scents are available.

LIGHTPROCESSOR First time at PLASA: The Paradigm digital dimmer features preprogramming of up to eight scenes, which can then be played back via the front panel controls or a remote push-button panel connected to an analog input. The unit is available in several formats including rack-mount, freestanding, wall-mount, and portable.

LINK First time at PLASA: The LKS connector series features a neoprene rubber insert that contains 19 contacts. The body, locking ring, and backshell are built with aluminum alloy and are finished black for higher resistance. The connectors are also waterproof.

LITE-PUTER First time at PLASA: The Junior DMX512 dimming console can control 51 channels and store 40 scenes and is designed for small churches or schools. The SX-1220 is a 12-channel dimming pack; its revised version has an all-new switching power supply module for providing stable power to the interface, and a better heat sink design for every module. The DX-625 DMX dimming power pack was also shown.

LITTON VEAM Featured products: Electrical connectors including the Powerlock range (for power distribution), the USC Socapex-compatible 19-pin connector, the LK Audio series, and the HMI head-to-ballast connectors for film and TV.

LYCIAN STAGE LIGHTING First time at PLASA: The 1290 XLT followspot, which uses a 2,000W xenon lamp for a maximum throw of 600' (183m), is the first product in the Lycian line to obtain CE approval. The unit is field-adaptable for left- orright-hand use and features a built-in gobo slot and mid-unit-mounted color boom erang, plus Lycian's self-contained power supply.

MA LIGHTING First time at PLASA: The GrandMA lighting console is designed for large-scale events. Features include three full-color TFT touch screens mounted on an angle-adjustable viewing panel, motorized faders, and ergonomic design for ease of use.

MDG First time anywhere: The Atmosphere APS haze generator promises the finest haze with the longest hanging time and lowest fluid consumption. It is also noiseless. The Max 3000 APS fog generator promises the same for fog. Both have an automatic purging system.

MARIS ENSING LTD./MAD SYSTEMS First time at PLASA: The DMXtra is a 19", 1U-high rack-mounted unit that performs any number of functions. It combines two DMX input channels into one; backs up a show and replays it on demand; measures DMX parameters; translates DMX data into PC-compatible RS-232 signals; and translates PPC-type serial RS-232 signals into DMX, among other capabilities. Stinger V2 advanced show control technology delivers multitasking, with up to 32 shows available--one can run several shows simultaneously.

MARTIN PROFESSIONAL First time at PLASA: The company introduced a compact version of the MAC 500. The MAC 250 is a moving-head profile luminaire that features an MSD 250 lamp, a rotating, eight-position gobo wheel, motorized focus, and a rotating three-facet prism or optional frost effect. Also, the RoboScan Pro 918 scanner has a Philips MSR 575/2 lamp, a rotating gobo wheel with five open positions, and a fixed gobo wheel with nine open positions for a choice of 67 possible color combinations. Other new products include the SynchroZap, Case + Wing, the Exterior 600, the LightJockey Controller, and Martin Lighting Director 2.0.

MOBIL TECH First time at PLASA: Its ALP stands have individually adjustable legs for uneven ground. The company offers a complete range of trussing, hoists, stands, and accessories.

NAVIGATOR Featured product: HireTrack is a Windows-based rental management software package designed for the entertainment industry. Features include a straightforward user interface which mimics the operation of most paperwork systems, support for crew and trucking requests, and an equipment list editor with real-time availability checking for up to five years ahead.

OWL VIDEO First time at PLASA: The Seleco SDV 1300 DMD (digital micromirror device) digital projector is designed for use in permanent installations like auditoriums, lecture halls and theatres, entertainment facilities, retail stores, and shopping malls. Tetrart Staging is a pop-up display system stored or transported in the form of a lightweight, compact set of interconnected aluminum rods; it pops down and expands to form a firm base for the platform. Once in position, it will support loads of up to one ton per square meter.

PENN FABRICATION First time anywhere: The Penn Performer canopied shelter and exhibition system consists of a lightweight aluminum structure. Weatherproof sides can be added, an internal stage can be constructed or display panels and partitioned rooms can be incorporated. Lighting, graphics, and other elements can be suspended from the structure as well.

PRODUCTION ARTS EUROPE First time at PLASA: The ARC 2 architectural line (from Pani) is the world's first projector with HQI technology and is aimed at the fixed installations market. It is equipped with a rotation effect and internal timer and is also controllable via DMX512. It is billed as being nearly maintenance-free.

PROLYTE First time at PLASA: The MPT roof system, with a standard size of 12x10x7.5m (39.6'x33'x24.75'); custom versions are available as well. The ST Help Tower, an erecting system for the larger ST units; and a new 557V Box truss line.

PULSAR/CLAY PAKY First time at PLASA: The Stage Line of luminaires from Clay Paky includes four washlights--the Stage Color 300, 575, 1000, and 1200--and two effects projectors--the Stage Light 300 and Stage Zoom 1200. The series is very adaptable--one can change the Stage Color 1200 into the Stage Zoom 1200 and back, because the two projectors share identical bases. The color system uses CMY plus amber to increase the range of possible colors and pastel shades. The line's GTC (Gradual Temperature Control) feature enables stepless gradual color temperature correction from 6000 to 3200K, directly from the control desk. The new frost system on the washlights uses optical glass spherical filters treated on one surface, to create numerous tiny lenses, for uniform washes. All projectors feature 450 degrees pan and 252 degrees tilt. The compact projectors also feature the HMD 300 discharge lamp, which is interchangeable with the HTI 300.

ROSCO First time at PLASA: Rosco introduced four new floors--two in vinyl (Royale and Adagio) and two in linoleum (Roscoleum Classic and Roscoleum Dura). All have non-reflective, non-skid surfaces to provide the controlled slip required by dancers, and are available in black or gray. ColorCoat is a high-gloss durable paint for interior and exterior use. Flexcoat is a flexible, flame-retardant, weatherproof coating for use on a wide variety of polystyrene and foams; it also performs well on concrete, primed metal, and primed wood. The Prismatics range of gobos is made with Permacolor dichroic chips fused onto a high-temperature Boroflote glass base. New designs have been added to the Image Glass and Signature series of gobos.

SELECON First time at PLASA: The Pacific is said to be the world's first base-down axial profile. The active heat management system puts the lamp base and wiring out of the heat flow. Cold-mirror technology removes most of the infrared energy from the light beam, taking the heat away from the performers. According to Selecon, the Pacific delivers the same amount of light as traditional luminaires of twice the wattage and three times the size.

SGM LIGHT TECHNOLOGY Featured products: Its full range of moving-head projectors; professional automated luminaires; color and image projectors; light desks, controllers, and dimmers; professional followspots; and illuminated dance floors.

SLICK SYSTEMS Company news: Slick Systems has opened new facilities in Sydney, Australia, which will manufacture all the company's products and contribute to future research and development. This is the latest move by the company after the opening of its US manufacturing facility last November.

STAGELINE MOBILE STAGE INC. Featured products: The company has been designing, developing, and manufacturing mobile scenic equipment for 15 years, and is lending its expertise to the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

STAGE TECHNOLOGIES Company news: Acrobat 3D consoles and Big Tow winches are in use on the West End musicals Saturday Night Fever and Whistle Down the Wind; the new Sadler's Wells theatre in London has 94 power flying winches controlled by Nomad control consoles; and the stage machinery in the theatre on the Grand Princess cruise ship is controlled by Acrobat 3D automation control consoles.

STAR HIRE/STAR RIGGING Company news: Star now has three components. Star Hire provides sound equipment, mobile stages, and design and construction of complex special structures. Star Rigging and Technical Services offer rigging personnel and equipment. Star Rats offers design consultancy, giving advice in all areas of rigging projects and safety.

STARLITE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY First time at PLASA: Stardraw 2D V.3 software has new features that include free symbols representing more than 3,000 products and formatting by toolbar.

STRAND First time at PLASA: The 510i show controller is a 4U, 19", rack-mountable console that enables shows to be plotted using any Strand 500 Series console, or directly on a 510i show controller with VGA monitors and a designer's keypad, or with a PC with Off-Line Editor software. It can be supplied with up to 2,000 intensity channels and 2,000 attribute channels, with 2,048 DMX outputs increasing to 4,096 using ethernet nodes. It will also play 30 effects and 200 simultaneous cue fades and is said to be the first show controller to provide integrated control of moving lights. The DIG 6 digital dimmer features six channels, each with independent settings for preheat, maximum level, dimming curve, and fade in/out delay; the unit can generate nine chase patterns, including smooth crossfades at 10 different speeds.

Company news: The company's products were seen in its new custom-built mobile trailer, which can present Strand products all over Europe; it can also be set up for Strand Academy's training seminars. Also, Strand has installed the largest networking system in the UK for the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford, to support the development of moving light technology.

STUDIO DUE First time anywhere: The City Color, a square projection floodlight that uses a unique system of dichroic filters and can be fitted with an HMD 1,800W lamp or a 2,000W lamp.

TMB ASSOCIATES Featured products: TMB showed Wildfire's UV range and hosted a seminar on UV lighting at the show. Other featured products include Altman's line of TV lighting equipment, the ProGrip range of grip equipment for film and TV, and the Protector line of covers for outdoor applications. The company is now the US distributor for Artistic Licence products.

TEATRO Featured products: The Colourbox-2 color changer mixes and crossfades between six colors of diffusion filters to provide more than 20 different variations. Versa-Disc is a color wheel and effects disc in one unit. Speed and direction are controllable and discs snap on for easy changing.

TELE-STAGE ASSOCIATES Featured products: This UK company specializes in the design, purchase, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of mechanical equipment for theatres, concert halls, television studios, and conference centers. On display was the Command Performance, a modular control system adaptable to all stage machinery. The modules can be custom-assembled block by block.

THEATRE EFFECTS First time at PLASA: Mega Mortar(TM) confetti/streamer cannons for stadiums and large venues allows confetti to be seen from long distances.

TOMCAT First time anywhere: The Logic Lift VBG70 is a new electric chain hoist that comes with two independent disk brakes, operation limit switch, emergency limit switch, and a sliding clutch for overload protection. Power is 3809V, 3PH, 50Hz, with 24V low-voltage control. Also shown was Tomcat Lite's trussing products--the exhibition "E" series, the architectural "A" series, and the display "D" series.

TOTAL STRUCTURES First time at PLASA: XO Truss, fabricated from a special high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy that is said to retain its shiny luster for years.

VARI-LITE INC. First time at PLASA: The VL7(TM) spot luminaire features an advanced optics system, rotating and fixed gobos, an 8:1 zoom lens, and full-color crossfades.

VERLINDE Featured products: Its range of lift equipment for the entertainment industry, including Stagemaker electric chain hoist rigging motors and the Stagemaker controller system for rigging motors.

WHITE LIGHT First time at PLASA: The ETC CE Sensor dimmer rack was featured, along with two new ranges of followspots from Robert Juliat--the 2.5k tungsten Foxies, and the 700W MSR Pixies--and the new Strand 510i rack-mount lighting console. See also the listing for Enliten to check out White Light's architectural line. Company news: White Light has supplied a system of dimmer technology from the Netherlands firm IES to the Barbican Concert Hall in London. Also, ETC has selected the White Light division The Service Company as the first authorized service center for its products outside North America.

WYBRON First time anywhere: The Proscenia scenery and effects projection system comes with a 4x5" slide holder, 575W lamp, and the lens package of one's choice. Additional accessories include a dimmer, 30-slide scroller, moving effects loop, and standard A- and B-sized pattern rotators. The unit is controlled by DMX signal from a lighting console. The Image Express digital library contains 50,000 images, each of which can be turned into a 4x5" transparency for the Proscenia and shipped the same day. The Eclipse is a DMX-controlled dowser that can be used to dim HMI and other non-dimmable lamps. The product comes in three sizes, to fit the most common discharge fixtures: 1k, 2k, and 5k.

XENOTECH First time at PLASA: The RazorHead 360-degree rotating head (developed by Wynne Willson Gottelier) for Strong-Xenotech's Britelight searchlights also offers remote dichroic color changing and DMX-controlled pan, tilt, speed, and direction. The Nocturne UV effects system with fixtures, paints, and plastics, and the Convolving Dichroic Color Changer, which offers a dichroic iris for color mixing on searchlight products, was also shown. Company news: Xenotech Europe is set to open in Paris with partner Didier Schrieke of SPL. Its first tour is with European pop star Johnny Halladay.

ZERO 88 First time anywhere: The Alcora and the Elara are the first in a new series of lighting desks designed for smaller venues. Both feature DMX output as standard with optional analog outputs, 12 channels (24 in wide mode), two-scene preset operation in both normal and wide modes, external memory storage, remote go/step, and timed dipless crossfade.