London's Paragon Lounge bar, in the heart of Mayfair, is using Luxeon LEDs as the sole light source in a stylish, colorful lighting refurbishment of the fashionable Paragon Lounge, a design project by the firm Solar.

With a brief to create a flexible, energy-efficient, light solution that could provide the bar with artistic light effects and saturated colors, Solar used the LEDs as the sole light source throughout the bar, VIP areas, reception and rest rooms.

Solar selected Lumileds Luxeon LEDs for their high brightness, color flexibility and low-energy requirements, creating a lighting solution that offers the Paragon Lounge a choice of over 16 million colors.

The project used 150 RGB Luxeon-based down light fittings with 25Þ collimating optics. A total of 450 LEDs were used to create the lighting solution, with the small size of the units adding to the versatility in design.

The LED solution brings a number of advantages. The low power consumption of each LED-based fitting results in only 3.6W being consumed when the lighting is on full power. In total, the entire lighting system consumes only 1,944W, providing significant energy savings for the bar.

In addition, the combination of full color-change moods and select settings allows the lighting to be themed throughout the day and night. Total management of the lighting solution is through the DAM controller, providing the flexibility for changing light effects throughout the bar areas and allowing the rooms to be themed for specific events or occasions.

The new lighting system also provides the bar with fuller, more saturated color, creating a vibrant, eye-catching effect. In addition, the long life of the LED units means minimal maintenance costs for the bar owners.

Andrew Littler of Solar, says, “Luxeon provided us with the perfect light source to create a unique lighting experience for the Paragon Lounge. The low energy requirements combined with the flexibility and intense color have provided the bar with a lighting system that helps create the atmosphere and style required at any time, while allowing the bar management to significantly reduce their energy requirements and maintenance costs.”

The response from the bar owner and the customers has been very positive, with the Solar lighting solution providing a talking point for its style and color. Mark van den Berg, marketing manager, Europe for Lumileds, said: “We are seeing a growing number of companies and their customers choose Luxeon technology due to the advantages, both short- and long-term, that it offers. Solar's lighting refurbishment at the Paragon Lounge utilizes all of the Luxeon advantages to maximum effect, and we are delighted to be involved in such a unique project.”