Bon Jovi's One Wild Night tour kicked off last October in Japan and the US for a couple of months, then picked up again in April in Australia, and back to Japan again and the States, ending with a two-night stand in New Jersey at Giants Stadium July 27-28.

"LSD/Fourth Phase has taken good care of me on this tour, as always," says LD Pat Brannon, who, starting in 1988, has done all of Bon Jovi's tours except their first. Along the way he has also lit Deep Purple, Steve Perry, Elton John, and ZZ Top.

"I've been using LSD Icon Consoles since 1992 on the Bryan Adams tour with Mac Mosier. It's so user-friendly, I love it. They keep growing with the industry; the software now can run basically any fixture on the market. We have 23 Icon® lights, which you can't beat when it comes to these rock-and-roll shows; we have 54 High End Systems 575 Studio Colors®, and 16 Coemar Panorama Cycs that we use for the audience and to light the back of the set. They do a great job outdoors as well because they're waterproof. Also, they have a nice color-mixing system and different lenses. We do our spots with High End Turbo Cyberlights®, with a modification done to them--we take the mirror off and put a snoot on the front.

"Art Fag is the company that designed this--that's Doug "Spike" Brandt and Justin Collie," he continues. "The band is really involved with the design. Basically Spike, Justin, and I get together with a concept for the band, they might add little things here and there. The band's been really happy with it. There's a lot of color-mixing; Jon [Bon Jovi] gives me freedom when it comes to that. We have about 30 songs programmed into the desk, and we get the set list about 10 minutes before the show. Jon likes to mix things up, throw things in there, so that keeps my job a little more interesting, too."


Pat Brannon

Art Fag

Light & Sound Design/Fourth Phase


23 LSD Icons
4 LSD Icon Wash Lights
7 High End Systems Turbo Cyberlights
10 High End Systems Turbo Cyberlight customized followspots
54 High End Systems Studio Colors
8 Morpheus 9-light Faders
21 Diversitronics 3k strobes
16 Coemar Panorama Cycs
2 ETC Source Four PARs
1 120'x40' fiber-optic curtain
10 Martin QFX 150s
1 LSD Icon Console