The following is a directory of Canada-based firms engaged in lighting or related fields in entertainment and architecture. This information has been derived from the Buyers Guide and Industry Resources issues of Lighting Dimensions. All listings information has been supplied by the companies and is assumed to be correct at the time of publication. We hope you find this a useful addendum to our Canadian coverage this month.

ACTUAL REALITY INTERNATIONAL, INC. 9335 47th St., Edmonton, AB T6B 2R7 Phone: 403-440-3706 Fax: 403-463-5772 Email: Hours: 8:30AM-5PM, (MST); M-F

ADAMSON SYSTEMS ENGINEERING 332 Fairall St., Ajax, ON L1S 1R6 Phone: 905-683-2230 Fax: 905-683-5414

ADCOM ELECTRONICS 1 Westside Drive, Unit 9, Toronto, ON M9C 1B2 Phone: 416-251-3355 416-621-7337 Fax: 416-621-7230 Contact: Nancy Blanchard

AERCOUSTICS ENGINEERING LTD. 50 Ronson Dr., Ste. 127, Toronto, ON M9W 1B3 Phone: 416-249-3361 Fax: 416-249-3613 Email: Web: Contact: John O'Keefe Hours: 8AM-7PM, M-F

AIRMAGIC PYROTECHNICS & SPECIAL EFFECTS 97 Niagara St., Toronto, ON M5V 1C3 Phone: 416-703-0425 Fax: 416-703-0424 Email: Contact: Mark Fine Hours: 9:30AM-6PM, M-F

ALBERTA STAGE LIGHTING LTD. 6541 103rd St., Edmonton, AB T6H 2J1 Phone: 403-437-5483 Fax: 403-437-4898 Email: Contact: Colin Bland and Brent Lawlor Hours: 9AM-5PM; M-F; 10AM-2PM; Sat

AMERICAN LOUVER CO. 401 Traders Blvd. #11, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2H8 Phone: 905-568-0060 Fax: 905-568-0059 Contact: Ron Mackenzie

ANOMET, INC. 6505B Mississauga Rd., Mississauga, ON L5N 1A6 Phone: 905-813-8300 Fax: 905-813-8299 Web:

ARDRON-MACKIE, LTD. 6690 Columbus Rd., Mississauga, ON L5T 2G1 Phone: 800-509-0222 905-670-0222 Fax: 905-670-0225 Web:

ARZON 85 Burford Rd., Hamilton, ON L8E 3C6 Phone: 905-561-2424 Fax: 905-561-2362 Contact: Faye Bailey

ATLANTIC ILLUMINATION 23 Sheridan St., 80 Fairbanks St. (Showroom/Warehouse), Dartmouth, NS B3A 2C9 Phone: 902-463-7418 Fax: 902-469-3255 Email: Web: Contact: Richard Bonner Hours: 11PM-5PM, M-F

AXE AUDIO-VISUAL SYSTEMS 4040 Blackfoot Trail, Bay 110, Calgary, AB T2G 4E6 Phone: 403-243-5200 Fax: 403-243-5229 Contact: Moreno Pagliero Parent Company: Axe Music Inc.

AXE AUDIO-VISUAL SYSTEMS 11931-72 St., Edmonton, AB T5B 1Y4 Phone: 403-471-2001 Fax: 403-479-1443 Contact: Vernon W. Mason

AXIS LIGHTING INC. 6300 Ave. du Parc, #316, Montreal, PQ H2V 4H8 Phone: 514-948-6272 Fax: 514-948-6271

B.L. INNOVATIVE LIGHTING 1703 E. 41st Ave., Vancouver, BC V5P 1K7 Phone: 604-874-4405 Fax: 604-321-0445 Email: Web: Contact: Betty Lou Pacey

B + L TECHNOLOGIES, LTD. 1400 Bergar, Laval, PQ H7L 5A2 Phone: 514-663-7884 Fax: 514-663-7638

BACKSTAGE THEATRE PRODUCTION AND CONSULTATION 5299 Sixth Ave., Delta, BC V4M 1L6 Phone: 604-943-5149 Contact: Gregg Burhoe

BAGH TECHNOLOGIES 4446 Boul St. Laurent, #300, Montreal, PQ H2W IZ5 Phone: 800-561-0522 514-285-1717 Fax: 514-285-1365 Email: Web: Contact: Sandrine Tounissoux

BALLASTRONIX INC. 10 Chandler Rd., PO Box 250, Amherst, NS B4H 3Z2 Phone: 800-265-2690 Fax: 800-668-0393 Email: marketing@ballastronix. com Contact: Customer Service Hours: 8AM-5PM, M-F (EST)

BEST POWER 1555 Bonhill Rd., Unit 21, Mississauga, ON L5T 1Y5 Phone: 905-564-7655 Fax: 905-564-7657

BIG DEAL CUSTOM CASINGS Unit 13-601 Bowman Ave., Winnipeg, MB R2K 1P7 Phone: 800-337-3325 204-663-4870 Fax: 204-668-7404 Email: Web: Contact: Gary Dealey Hours: 8AM-5PM; M-F

CADSYM PO Box 3295, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Phone: 613-476-5537 Fax: 613-476-3984 Email: Web: Contact: Pete Davenport

CANADIAN INSTITUTE FOR THEATRE TECHNOLOGY 403-720 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON M5S 2R4 Phone: 416-960-5230 Fax: 416-536-3463 Email: Chuck Homewwod@mail. Web:

CANADIAN STAGING PROJECTS LTD. 571 Adelaide St., East, Toronto, ON M5A 1N8 Phone: 416-947-9400 Fax: 416-367-8708 Contact: Dave Scace, John C. Grenier Hours: 9AM-6PM, M-F; 10AM-2PM, Sat

CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION 865 Ellingham St., Pointe Claire (Montreal), PQ H9R 5E8 Phone: 514-694-8110 Fax: 514-694-5001

CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION 13799 Commerce Pkwy, Richmond (Vancouver), BC V6V 2N9 Phone: 604-273-4581 Fax: 604-244-6600

CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION 1707-94 St., Edmonton, AB T6N 1E6 Phone: 403-450-2111 Fax: 403-435-0998

CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION 178 Rexdale Blvd., Rexdale, ON M9W 1R3 Phone: 416-747-4007 Fax: 416-747-2476 Email: Web: Contact: Ziggy Psarski

CANPLAS INDUSTRIES, LTD. PO Box 1800, 31 Patterson Rd., Barrie, ON L4M 4V3 Phone: 705-726-3361 Fax: 705-726-8991 Email: Web: Contact: Trevor Van Daele Parent Company: Etex, Paris France

CAST LIGHTING 296 Richmond St. W., Ste. 603, Toronto, ON M5V 1X2 Phone: 416-597-2278 Fax: 416-597-9594 Email: Web: Contact: Robert Bell Hours: 9AM-5PM (EST)

CENPRO TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 4926 89th St., Edmonton, AB T5M 2X2 Phone: 403-414-6854 Fax: 403-463-6319 Contact: B. Dobler Hours: 8AM-5PM, M-F

CHRISTIE LITES LTD. 1040 Parker St., Vancouver, BC V6A 4B9 Phone: 604-255-9943 Fax: 604-255-9899 Contact: David Lloyd

CHRISTIE LITES LTD. 533 Cleveland Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4R8 Phone: 403-243-2688 Fax: 403-243-2689 Contact: Gil Hopkins

CHRISTIE LITES LTD. 15 North Queen St., Ste. 102, Toronto, ON M8Z 6C1 Phone: 416-259-1272 Fax: 416-259-7837 Email: Contact: Louis Racine Hours: 7AM-6PM, Mon-Sat Rentals; 9AM-6PM, M-F, Sales; 10AM-6PM Sat and Sun, Sales/Rental

CHRISTIE LITES MANUFACTURING LTD. 33 Belvia Rd., Toronto, ON M8W 3R2 Phone: 416-259-1272 Fax: 416-259-7837 Email: Contact: David George Hours: 8AM-5PM; M-F

CLAY PAKY SPA 10 Rua Charbonneau, Montreal, PQ H1Y 2T8 Phone: 514-527-4376 Fax: 514-527-0138 Contact: Sylvain Pelletier

COMMERCIAL ELECTRONICS LTD. 1335 Burrard St., Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Z7 Phone: 604-669-5525 Fax: 604-669-6347 Email: Web: Contact: H.H. Von Tiesenhausen Hours: 9AM-5:30PM, M-F

CRESCIT SOFTWARE, INC. 179 King St., Blyth, ON N0M 1H0 Phone: 519-523-9224 Fax: 519-523-9518 Email: Web: Contact: Bill Kirby Hours: Mday-Fday

CROUSE-HINDS ARROW HART DIV., Arrow Hart Wiring Devices 5925 McLaughlin Rd., Mississauga, ON L5R 1B8 Phone: 905-507-4187 Fax: 905-507-4078 Email: Parent Company: Cooper Industries, Inc.

DBI/SALA 825 Middleford Rd., Unit 6, Scarborough, ON MIV 4Z7 Phone: 800-205-6866 416-321-0079 Fax: 416-321-6601

D.J.U. CANADA 17665 Leslie St. Unit #33, Newmarket, ON L3Y 3B3 Phone: 905-836-6078 Fax: 905-836-6089 Contact: John Hopkinson Hours: 9AM-4:30PM, M-F

THE DELTA GROUP 795 Industrial Blvd., Granby, PQ J2G 9A1 Phone: 514-378-3613 Fax: 514-378-5101

DILOR ARCHITECTURAL DIMMERS 2077 Alberta St., Vancouver, BC V5Y 1C4 Phone: 604-873-2797 Fax: 604-873-6939 Contact: Phil Coe Hours: 8:30AM-5PM, M-F Parent Company: Douglas Power Equipment, Ltd.

DISTRIBUTION MEGAPHOTON, INC. 150 5E Rue, Quebec, PQ G1L 2R4 Phone: 418-529-8982 Fax: 418-529-8519 Contact: Johanne Lafond Hours: 8:30AM-5PM, M-F

DOUGLAS LIGHTING CONTROLS 2077 Alberta St., Vancouver, BC V5Y 1C4 Phone: 604-873-2797 Fax: 604-873-6939 Contact: Eric Spika

DOUGLAS LIGHTING CONTROLS 345 Isabey St., St. Laurent, PQ H4T 1Y2 Phone: 800-665-6581 514-342-6581 Fax: 514-342-0133 Email: Contact: Guy Carriere Hours: 8:30AM-5PM, M-F

ECLAIRAGE TANGUAY, INC. 465 Du Gite, Quebec, PQ G2J 1B6 Phone: 418-621-9397 Fax: 418-622-4660 Contact: Jacques Tanguay Hours: 9AM-5:30PM, M-F

ELECTROSONIC SYSTEMS, INC. 94 Scarsdale Road, North York, ON M3B 2R7 Phone: 416-449-1700 Fax: 416-449-5131 Contact: Tom Geary

EXACTA LIGHTING OF CANADA LTD. 3465 Richelieu St., St.-Hubert, PQ J3Y 7P9 Phone: 800-980-3596 514-445-3489 Fax: 514-445-0005 Contact: Brenda Sirios

FIBREVISIONS 6764 Jubilee Ave., Burnaby, BC V5H 3G8 Phone: 604-439-6782 Fax: 604-439-9787 Email: Web: Contact: Dorian Blinko Hours: 10AM-5PM; Mon-Sat

FOCUS INC. 1070 Amherst, Montreal, PQ H2H 3K7 Phone: 514-842-2700 Fax: 514-842-2260 Email: Contact: Jean Legault Hours: 8:30AM-17:30PM, M-Sat Parent Company: Kloda Production

JACK A. FROST LTD. 3245 Wharton Way, Mississauga, ON L4X 2R9 Phone: 800-263-7678 905-624-5344 Fax: 905-624-2386 Email: Web: Contact: Joel Wikhammer Hours: 9AM-5PM, M-F

GABRIEL/DESIGN 109 Murray St., Ottawa, ON K1N 5M5 Phone: 613-241-1822 Fax: 613-241-3197 Email: Contact: Ross Nicholson

GALA 3185 First St., St. Hubert, PQ J3Y 8Y6 Phone: 450-678-7226 Fax: 450-678-4060 Contact: Phillippe Laforest

GLOW INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING 404 Consumer Rd., North York, ON M2J 1P8 Phone: 888-838-GLOW Fax: 888-668-2828

GRAY INTERFACES 28 Knowles Cres, Aurora, ON LAG 127 Phone: 905-841-7067 Fax: 905-841-1550 Email: sales@gray-interfaces. com

GRAY INTERFACES 480C 36th Ave. SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1W4 Phone: 403-243-8110 Fax: 416-386-1732 Email: Web: Contact: Graham Likeness Hours: 8AM-5PM; M-F

GREAT PERFORMANCES PRODUCTS 1255 Clarence Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3T 1T4 Phone: 204-284-9297 Fax: 204-284-8495 Email: Web: Contact: John McDowell Hours: 8AM-5PM

HB TECHNOLITH 2191 Thurston Dr., Ottowa, ON K1G 4Z3 Phone: 613-739-5075 Fax: 613-739-9255

HI-POWER LIGHTING SERVICES LTD. Bay 1, 7041 Farrell Rd. SE, Calgary, AL T2H 0T3 Phone: 403-287-8003 Fax: 403-259-3857

HIL-TECH INTERNATIONAL LTD. 2155 Dunwin Dr., Ste. 6, Mississauga, ON L5L 4M1 Phone: 905-820-6769 Fax: 905-820-1061 Hours: 9AM-4PM

HIL-TECH INTERNATIONAL 2155 Dunwin Dr. Suite #6, Mississauga, ON L5L 4M1 Phone: 905-820-6769 Fax: 905-820-1061 Email: Web: Contact: Nick Hutchins Hours: 9AM-5PM

HIRETECH SYSTEMS LTD. 107 Manitou Dr., Unit 8, Kitchener, ON N2C 1C4 Phone: 888-293-2790 519-748-2770 Fax: 519-748-2771 Email: Contact: Michael Maclean Hours: 9AM-6PM, M-F; 10AM-2PM, Sat

HOLOPHANE CANADA INC. 1620 Steeles Ave. E., Brampton, ON L6T 1A5 Phone: 905-793-3111 Fax: 905-793-9597 Contact: Jim Del Greco Hours: 8:30AM-5PM, M-F Parent Company: Holophane Lighting Co.

HUBBELL CANADA, INC. 9912 Lougheed Hwy., Ste. D-102, Burnaby, BC V3J 1N3 Phone: 604-421-4471 Fax: 604-421-1866 Contact: Mr. Kaut

HUBBELL CANADA, INC. 1405 Trans Canadienne, Ste. 200, Dorral, PQ H9P 2V9 Phone: 514-684-5384 Fax: 514-684-6206 Contact: Jean-Luc Vincent

HUBBELL CANADA, INC. Lighting Division 870 Brock Rd. S., Pickering, ON L1W 1Z8 Phone: 905-839-1138 Fax: 905-839-3251 Email: agneww@hubbell-canada. com Contact: Bill Agnew/Janet Owens Hours: 8:30AM-6PM Parent Company: Hubbell, Inc.

IDEALITE SYSTEMS, INC. 227 Wilkinson Rd., Brampton, ON L6T 4M2 Phone: 905-459-0975 Fax: 905-459-8764

IMAX CORP. 2525 Speakman Dr., Mississauga, ON L5K 1B1 Phone: 905-403-6500 Fax: 905-403-6450 Email: Web: Contact: Victoria Dinnick Hours: 8:30AM-5PM, M-F

INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN CONSTRUCTION National Research Council of Canada Bldg. M-20, Montreal Rd., Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6 Phone: 613-993-2607 Fax: 613-952-7673 Contact: Client Services

INTERNATIONAL SPFX GROUP, INC. 3333 Ardingley Ave., Burnaby, BC V5B 4A5 Phone: 800-617-SPFX 604-299-2022 Fax: 604-299-2067 Email: Contact: Rory Cutler Hours: 9AM-5PM; M-F

INTERTEK TESTING SERVICES NA INC. 211 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam, BC V3K 4X9 Phone: 604-520-3321 Fax: 604-524-9186 Contact: Bill Kulski

JEAMAR WINCHES INC. 30 Kinnear Ct., Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1K8 Phone: 905-889-7853 Fax: 905-889-3795 Email:

JOHNSON SYSTEMS INC. 480 F-36th Ave. SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1W4 Phone: 403-287-8003 Fax: 403-287-9003 Email: Web: Contact: Shaun Johnson Hours: 9AM-6PM, M-F

KABUKI/ROCKEFFECTS PO Box 1687, Shediac, NB EDA 3GO Phone: 800-461-7625 Fax: 506-533-3099 Contact: Terry Cormier/Ray Herbert/Jim Armstrong

KEE KLAMP 219 Connie Crescent, Unit 9, Concord, ON L4K 1L4 Phone: 800-851-5181 Canada/USA Fax: 416-669-4347 Contact: Glen McCann

KUNST MACCHINA 279 Sherbrooke St. West, Ste. 311, Montreal, PQ H2X 1Y2 Phone: 514-499-9498 Fax: 514-499-9110 Email: Web: Contact: Pierre Bilodeau Hours: 9AM-5PM, EST

L.C. GROUP 422 Ch. Des, Prairies, Jouette, PQ J6E 1A9 Phone: 514-755-6091 Fax: 514-753-5298 Email: Contact: Frank Joly Hours: 9AM-5:30PM, M-F

LTM CORP. OF AMERICA 513 Colborne St., London, ON N6B 2T6 Phone: 519-435-0946 Fax: 519-435-0948 Contact: Brian Collins

LASER F/X Unit P 1153 Pioneer Road, Burlington, ON L7M 1K5 Phone: 905-332-2001 Fax: 905-332-2001 call 1st Contact: Michael Roberts

LASERLITE F/X INC. 1070 Amherst, Montreal, PQ H2L 3K7 Phone: 514-849-9360

LASERLITE F/X INC. 70 Esna Park Dr., Unit 5, Markham, ON L3R 1E3 Phone: 905-479-0255 Fax: 905-470-0828 Email: Contact: Mario Iacampo Hours: 9AM-5PM, M-F

LE MAITRE SPECIAL EFFECTS, INC. 546 Sovereign Rd., London, ON N5V 4K5 Phone: 519-659-7972 Fax: 519-659-7713 Email: Contact: Adrian Segeren

LEDALITE ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS, INC. 9087-A 198th St., Langley, BC V1M 3B1 Phone: 604-888-6811 Fax: 604-888-2003 Email: Web: Contact: Gary Berman Hours: 7:30AM-5PM, M-F (PST)

LEE FILTERS 103-7 Labatt Ave., Toronto, ON M5A 1Z1 Phone: 416-361-9390 Fax: 416-361-9745 Contact: Tony Devai

LES ECLAIRAGES PROJEC, INC. 150, 5E Rue Quebec, Quebec, PQ G1L 2R4 Phone: 418-529-8982 Fax: 418-529-8519 Email: Web: Contact: Gaetan Ruel Hours: 8:30AM-5PM, M-F; 10AM-12, Sat

LIGHTING ASSOCIATES 2355 Fifth Line W, Clarkson, ON Phone: 905-822-2066 Fax: 905-822-5487

LIGHTING BY MONTY LTD. 4501 1st S.E., Calgary, AB T2G 2L2 Phone: 403-287-2444 800-419-1185 Fax: 403-287-2467 Email: Contact: Gary Douglas

LIGHTING BY MONTY LTD. 12504 128th St., Edmonton, AB T5L 1C8 Phone: 800-667-7969 403-496-9303 Fax: 403-454-8464 Email: Web: Contact: Robert Montgomery Hours: 9AM-5PM, M-F; 9AM-1PM, Sat

LIGHTING SCIENCES INC. 440 Phillip St., Unit 19, Waterloo, ON N2L 5R9 Phone: 519-746-3140 Fax: 519-746-3156 Contact: Dr. Frank Lin

LITHONIA LIGHTING CANADA 1100 50th Ave., Lachine, PQ H8T 2V3 Phone: 514-639-3571 Fax: 514-639-3570 Contact: Diane Sevigny Parent Company: N.S.I. Holdings

LUMCA INC. 2645-A Watt, Ste-Foy, PQ G1P 3T2 Phone: 418-650-1693 Fax: 418-650-1896 Email: Web: Hours: 8AM-5PM; M-F

LUMITROL LTD. 89 Research Rd., Ste. 2000, Toronto, ON M4G 2G8 Phone: 416-424-4284 Fax: 416-424-4682 Email: Contact: Bruce Whitehead, P. Eng Hours: 9AM-5PM, M-F; 24-hour answering service

LUXART CONCEPTION 763 Des Merles, Longueuil, PQ J4G 2K8 Phone: 800-567-0771 514-990-0771 Fax: 514-990-0122 Email: Web: Contact: Kathleen Warten Hours: 9AM-5PM, M-F (EST)

M.C. LIGHTS & MFG. LTD. 760 Bayview Dr., Barrie, ON L4M 6E7 Phone: 705-739-7886 Fax: 705-739-1067 Email: Contact: Michael P. Bilyk Hours: 8AM-5PM, M-F

MDG FOG GENERATORS 5639 Christophe-Colomb, Montreal, PQ H2S 2E8 Phone: 800-663-3020 US/Canada 514-272-6040 Fax: 514-722-3229 Email: Web: Contact: Marc Gingras, Martin Michaud Hours: 8AM-5PM, M-F

MAGIC LITE, LTD. 2526 Speers Rd., #10, 11, 12, Oakville, ON L6L 5K8 Phone: 416-852-9592 Fax: 905-825-8334 Contact: Tom Penton

MEPHISTRONIQUE LTD/LTEE In Montreal, Phone: 514-279-4242 Fax: 514-279-4848 Email: Contact: Marcel Lariviere Hours: 10AM-6PM, M-F

MILLS ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING 95 Ashley St., Hamilton, ON L8L 5T2 Phone: 800-268-1526 905-523-5123 Fax: 905-523-5813 Email:

NER CUSTOM LIGHTING 845 Des lauriers, Ville St. Laurent, PQ H4N 1X3 Phone: 514-333-0600 Fax: 514-333-1225 Email:

NEW CONCEPTS PRODUCTIONS 185-305 Ave, St. Hippolyte, PQ J0R 1P0 Phone: 514-563-3893 Fax: 514-563-3893

NOVATEC GROUP INC. 20-6415 Northwest Dr., Mississauga, ON L4V 1X1 Phone: 800-NOVATEC 905-672-8811 Fax: 905-672-8770 Email: Web: Contact: John Bilyk Hours: 8AM-6PM, M-F

OPTIC-LIGHT, INC. 4735 Kent Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON Phone: 905-357-3866 Fax: 905-357-6014 Email: Web: Contact: Bill Van Dongen/President Hours: 9AM-5PM; M-F

THE OPTIKON CORP. LTD. 1099 Guelph St, Kitchener, ON N2B 2E4 Phone: 519-745-4115 Fax: 519-745-6922 Email: Web: Contact: Kathy Dietrich

Performance Pyrotechnic Assoc. Inc. 18 Mowat Ave., Ste. 103F, Toronto, ON M6K 3E8 Phone: 416-588-6957 Fax: 416-588-6869 Email: Contact: Syme Jago Hours: 9AM-6PM, M-F Parent Company: Performance Pyrotechnic Associates

THE PALADIN GROUP, INC. 2463 Beta Ave., Burnaby, BC V5C5N1 Phone: 604-299-7368 Fax: 604-299-2492 Contact: Jay Grandy

THE PALADIN GROUP, INC. 189 Dufferin St., Suite #110C, Toronto, ON M6K1Y9 Phone: 416-532-1179 Fax: 416-532-1489 Contact: Jan

PENN FABRICATION INC. 2020 Halford Dr., Windsor, ON N9A 6J3 Phone: 519-737-9494 888-736-6322 orders Fax: 519-737-9499 Email: Contact: Mark Dryden

PERFORMANCE PRESS Box 1386, Delta, BC V4M 3Y8 Fax: 604-943-5189 Contact: Elizabeth Cathcart

PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS 29 Basin St., Toronto, ON M4M 1A1 Phone: 416-461-9600 Fax: 416-461-0770 Contact: Jordan Craig Hours: 9AM-5PM, M-F

PINNACLE MARKETING Cody's RR#1, Queen's County, Cambridge Narrows, NB E0E 1E0 Phone: 506-488-1800 Fax: 506-488-2693 Contact: Mike McConnachie Parent Company: Pinnacle Marketing

PLANFX 107 Steffler Dr., Guelph, ON N1G 3L5 Phone: 888-477-0030 519-837-1761 Fax: 519-821-3930 Email: Web: Contact: Jay Maynard Hours: 9AM-5PM; M-F Parent Company: John K. Maynard and Associates, Inc.

PRODUCTION DESIGN INTERNATIONAL 570 Alden Rd., Ste. 3, Markham, ON L3R 8N5 Phone: 905-479-4070 Fax: 905-479-3515 Email:

PRODUCTION DESIGN INTERNATIONAL 570 Alden Rd., Ste. 3, Markham, ON L3R 8N5 Phone: 800-307-9125 905-479-4070 Fax: 905-479-3515 Email: Contact: Howard Ungerleider Hours: 10AM-6PM; M-F

PROJECSON CANADA INC. 3158 Sagueway Boul., Rouyn-Noranda, PQ J9X 2H6 Phone: 800-567-1404 819-762-1404 Fax: 819-762-5532 Email: Contact: Berube Rejean, Vice-President Hours: 9AM-5:30PM; M-F Parent Company: ProjecSound America Distribution

PROMOLUX Box 40, Shawnigan Lake, BC V0R 2W0 Phone: 800-519-1222 250-743-1222 Fax: 250-743-1221 Email: Web: Contact: Gordon Farrell Hours: 7AM-5PM, M-F Parent Company: Market Group Ventures Inc.

PYROTEK SPECIAL EFFECTS, INC. 6400 Christophe-Colomb, Montreal, PQ H2S 2G7 Phone: 514-274-4375 Fax: 514-270-8515 Contact: Dave Caughers

PYROTEK SPECIAL EFFECTS, INC. 570 Alden Rd., Unit #3, Markham, ON L3R 8N5 Phone: 905-479-9991 Fax: 905-479-3515 Email: Web: Contact: Doug Adams

QUICK STEP INC. 184 Dupont St., Toronto, ON M5R 2E6 Phone: 416-921-4693 Fax: 416-921-6399 Email: Web: Contact: Robert Hall Hours: 24 hours a day by fax and email

R M ENGINEERING 41 Courtland Ave. #4, Concord, ON L4K 3T3 Phone: 905-669-9219 Fax: 905-669-4109 Email: Web: Contact: Ron Matthews Hours: 8Am-4:30PM

RADIAL ENGINEERING Cabletek Electronics 114-1585 Broadway, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M7 Phone: 604-942-1001 Fax: 604-942-1010 Web:

RICHMOND SOUND DESIGN LTD. 1234 W. Sixth Ave., Vancouver, BC V6H 1A5 Phone: 800-664-5861 604-664-5860 Fax: 604-732-1234 Email: Web: Contact: Ken Bell, P.E. Hours: 9AM-6PM, M-F

ROSCO LABORATORIES, INC. 1241 Denison St., #44, Markham, ON L3R 4B4 Phone: 888-ROSCO TO Fax: 905-475-3351 Contact: Stephen Spendiff

S. F. MARKETING INC. 6161 Cypihot, St. Laurent, PQ H4S 1R3 Phone: 514-856-1919 Fax: 514-856-1920 Email: Web: Contact: Scott Hamilton Hours: 9AM-5PM, M-F (EST) Parent Company: S.F. Marketing, Inc.

SNOC INC. 17200 Centrale, St. Hyacinthe, PQ J2T 4J7 Phone: 514-774-5238 Fax: 514-774-1954 Web: Contact: Chantal Lawrance

SCENEWORK 67 Watson Rd. S, Unit #7, Guelph, ON N1L 1EL Phone: 800-668-3431 519-837-0583 Fax: 519-837-2487 Email: Contact: Ron Foley Hours: 8:30AM-5:30PM, M-F; Other times by appointment Parent Company: Scenework Consulting, Ltd.

SCENO PLUS 5423 de Lorimer Ave., Montreal, PQ H2H 2C3 Phone: 514-529-4364 Fax: 514-529-9164 Email: Web: Contact: Patrick Berge

SCHONBEK WORLDWIDE LIGHTING INC. 505A Chemin Jean-Adam, St. Sauveur, PQ JOR 1R7 Phone: 518-563-7500 800-836-1892 Fax: 800-443-7358

SONIMAGE INC. 1200 3rd Ave., Vald'Or, PQ J9P 1V1 Phone: 819-874-6644 Fax: 819-874-6655

SOUNDSCULPTURE INC. 76 Richmond St. E., Toronto, ON M5C 1P1 Phone: 800-461-0776 416-868-6633 Fax: 416-868-0395 Email: Web: Contact: James D. Smith Hours: 10AM-6PM, M-F EST

STAGELINE MOBILE STAGE INC. 700 Marsolais St., L'Assomption, PQ J5W 2G9 Phone: 450-589-1063 Fax: 450-589-1711 Email: Web: Contact: Yvan Miron Hours: 8:30AM-6PM

STAGETECH INC. 270 Pennsylvania Ave., #4, Concord, ON L4K 3Z7 Phone: 800-507-8324 in ON Fax: 905-660-3911 Contact: Paul Balan or Dan Tulloch

STAGETECH INC. 233 Parkdale Ave., Hamilton, ON L8H 5X4 Phone: 416-545-7595

STRAND LIGHTING 2430 Lucknow Dr., #15, Mississauga, ON L5S 1V3 Phone: 800-387-3403 416-677-7130 Fax: 416-677-6859 Contact: Donna Appleton

STRATFORD STAGING TECH. LTD. 75 Front St., Stratford, ON N5A 4G8 Phone: 519-273-7499 Fax: 519-273-7499 Contact: Walter H. Sugden Hours: 9AM-5PM, EST, M-F

STREAMER EFFECTS INTERNATIONAL 350 Coverdale Rd., Riverview, NB E1B 3J4 Phone: 506-372-9339 Fax: 506-372-5176 Web:

SURETY MFG. & TESTING LTD. 2115 91st Ave., Edmonton, AB T6P 1L1 Phone: 800-661-3013 403-464-3013 Fax: 403-467-1328 Email: Web: Contact: Mike O'Rourke

TIR SYSTEMS LTD. 3350 Bridgeway St., Vancouver, BC V5K 1H9 Phone: 800-663-2036 604-294-8477 Fax: 604-294-3733 Web: Contact: Laurie Stansfield Hours: 8AM-4:30PM, M-F (PST)

TWM--TECHNOLOGIES FOR WORSHIP PO Box 35, 20 Wellington ST. E, Aurora, ON L4G 3H1 Phone: 905-830-4300 Fax: 905-853-5096

TOROID TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 11-70 Hanlan Rd., Woodbridge, ON L4L 3P6 Phone: 905-850-5122 Fax: 905-850-5129 Email: Contact: Saverio Panetta

TRIZART DESIGN CONSULTANTS 3575 Blvd. St-Laurent, #515, Montreal, PQ H2X 2T7 Phone: 514-843-7473 Fax: 514-843-3815 Email: Contact: Luc Plamondon Hours: 9AM-5PM, M-F

ULTRATEC FIBER OPTIC 3871 North Fraser Way, Unit 19, Burnaby, BC V5J 5G6 Phone: 604-439-9798 Fax: 604-439-9772 Email: Contact: Betty Lou Pacey Hours: 9AM-5PM; M-F

UNREEL EFFECTS 23 Spruce Ln., Strathmore, AB T1P 1J3 Phone: 403-934-2777 Fax: 403-934-5882 Email: Web: Contact: Jim Cammaert Hours: 24 Hour Service

VERSATRUSS PO Box 2031, Perth, ON K7H 3M9 Phone: 888-430-7613 613-264-0074 Fax: 613-264-0889 Email: Web: Contact: Grant O'Connor Hours: 7AM-7PM, M-F

DOUGLAS WELCH DESIGN ASSOCIATES LTD 380 W. 1st Ave. #450, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3T7 Phone: 604-874-0552 Fax: 604-874-0557 Email: Contact: Robert Hamilton Hours: 9AM-5PM, PST, M-F

WESTBURY NATIONAL SHOW SYSTEMS 772 Warden Ave., Toronto, ON M1L 4T7 Phone: 416-752-1371 Fax: 416-752-1382 Email: Web: Contact: David Bennett Hours: 8AM-7PM, M-F; 9AM-5PM, Sat; Sunday by appt.

WESTSUN WINNIPEG INC. 1390 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3E 1G6 Phone: 888-WESTSUN 204-774-7800 Fax: 204-774-3456 Web: Contact: David Budzak Hours: 8:30AM-5:30PM, M-F; Check with nearest office. Parent Company: Westsun International Inc.

WESTSUN 3700 Keith St., Burnaby, BC V5J 5B5 Phone: 888-WESTSUN 604-451-0829 Fax: 604-451-0839 Contact: Chris Grant

WESTSUN 235 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON M6K 1Z5 Phone: 888-WESTSUN 416-516-8746 Fax: 416-516-8748 Contact: Ben Kantorovich

WESTSUN 7-616 Hillside Ave., Victoria, BC V8T 1Z2 Phone: 250-386-6888 Fax: 250-386-6886 Contact: Chris Grant

WESTSUN PROJECTS INC. 1390 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3E 1G6 Phone: 888-WESTSUN 204-386-6888 Fax: 204-774-3456 Contact: Donald Scarrow

WESTSUN SCENIC EDGE INC. 2139 Wyecroft Rd., Oakville, ON L6L 5L7 Phone: 888-WESTSUN 905-469-3238 Fax: 905-469-3240 Email: Contact: Chris Edge Hours: 8AM-6PM; M-F Parent Company: Westsun International

WILLIAM F. WHITE LTD. #110 15 Capella Ct., Ottawa, ON K2E 7X1 Phone: 800-268-2200 613-226-5261 Fax: 613-226-6710 Contact: Peter Eady

WILLIAM F. WHITE LTD. 3015 58th Ave. SE, Calgary, AB T2C 0B4 Phone: 800-661-8383 403-279-8558 Fax: 403-279-8683 Contact: Mike MacLeod

WILLIAM F. WHITE LTD. North Shore Studios, 555 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver, BC V7J 3S5 Phone: 800-972-5309 604-983-5300 Fax: 604-983-5309 Contact: Greg Yellenik

WILLIAM F. WHITE LTD. 5523 chemin de la Cote St. Paul, Montreal, PQ H4C 1X3 Phone: 800-361-0948 514-939-1989 Fax: 514-939-3681 Contact: Gilles Benoist

WILLIAM F. WHITE LTD. 10 Ragged Lake Blvd., Unit 4, Halifax, NS B35 102 Phone: 800-268-2200 902-450-1284 Fax: 902-450-1281 Contact: Alfred Larter

WILLIAM F. WHITE LTD. 1030 Islington Ave., Toronto, ON M82 6A4 Phone: 800-268-2200 416-239-5050 Fax: 416-207-2777 Email: Web: Contact: Gilles Benoist Hours: 7AM-6PM, M-F

WHITEHEAD ENGINEERING SERVICES 89 Research Rd., Ste. 2000, Toronto, ON M4G 2G8 Phone: 416-424-4284 Fax: 416-424-4682 Email: Contact: Bruce Whitehead

WIDE LOYAL INDUSTRIES LTD. Alderbridge Business Centre, #2115-4871 Shell Rd., Richmond, BC V6X 3Z6 Phone: 888-303-0931 604-303-0931 Fax: 604-909-0932

BILL WILLIAMS & ASSOC. PO Box 98, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2G1 Phone: 204-475-3475 Fax: 204-475-3475 Contact: Bill Williams

WORKYARD FISSION 124 Blackburn Ave., Ottawa, ON K1M 8A7 Phone: 613-565-4889 Fax: 613-565-4889

X-10 (USA) INC. 1200 Aerowood Dr., Unit 20, Mississauga, ON L4W 257 Phone: 416-624-4446 Fax: 416-625-8480 Contact: Everett Stewart