Welcome to the new Lighting Dimensions on Architecture. As you know, we've done many supplements over the years, but this one is different. This is the first in a regular series of issues that cover the world of architectural lighting.

It's about time, we say. Although Lighting Dimensions has always covered architectural subjects, it's an exploding market; nowadays, beautiful lighting designs are being created for virtually any possible application.

Lighting Dimensions is uniquely poised to cover this phenomenon. The Hugo Boss store on Fifth Avenue is a hybrid, with a sleek lighting design for everyday use and a very cool rig for parties and other entertainment events. Then consider LD Paul Gregory, the very model of the modern LD. His work seen this month at Town and Chambers is the epitome of cool; but he can use theatrical techniques with real flair, as well. John Calhoun's look at the iXL office in Atlanta reveals a corporate headquarters that could pass as a nightclub.

There's more traditional stuff here, too, as in Vilma Barr's report on the David Jones department store in Australia, and Ted Ferreira's look at new lamp technology. But something is definitely happening in this industry and we'll be there to tell the tale. Expect more LD on Architecture next February, May, and October. As always, let us know what you think.