It pains me to put it this way but, if you're a longtime reader of this magazine, you may remember me. Actually, I never went away, having worked at Lighting Dimensions and Entertainment Design in more positions than we have room to list here. Anyway, with thanks to Bob Cashill for the last several years of leadership at LD, I'm back as editor and I couldn't be happier. It's an extraordinary time here; new ideas are in the air, and you should be feeling the effects of them any time now. These include more product news and reviews, quirkier stories, more people-oriented coverage, more stories about education, and more business news.

Since we're making introductions, let me also mention our new technical editor, Michael Eddy. Michael has extensive industry experience, working at Barbizon, ETC, Rosco, and Acme Corp. Production Services, but he's also an LD veteran, having served as technical editor in the late 1980s. You can reach him at

There's more news, too, but I'll graciously let the lady in the space below fill you in. Enjoy the issue and let me know what you think.