The National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) announced that almost 800 designers, specifiers, engineers, and other lighting professionals are now Lighting Certified (LC). During 1999, 137 individuals earned the LC credential, and the pass rate for the 1999 examination was 80%. Open to all professionals within the lighting industry, individuals study and take a test that is offered on an annual basis, and after successfully passing the exam, earn the privilege of using LC in conjunction with their name.

The LC certification program was established by NCQLP, an independent, non-profit certifying organization, to improve public health and safety by supporting and promoting standards of excellence in persons involved in the illumination of public and private spaces and workplaces. "The NCQLP resulted from a grass-roots effort among lighting professionals to devise a structure to establish a formal certification process that would be recognized within the lighting industry and by other professional organizations and their associated industries," says Jacqueline Callahan, NCQLP director.

The acceptance of the LC program is partially based on the extensive re-certification process that members must participate in: The holder of an LC designation, to remain in compliance with the policies and procedures of the NCQLP, must earn 36 Lighting Education Units within a three-year period.

Additional information on the NCQLP and the Lighting Certified (LC) examination is available at its website,, from Jacqueline Callahan at 301/654-2121, or via e-mail: