Cinevideostudio, a leading production facility in Milan, Italy, has purchased 20 Coemar iWash and iSpot 575s, to be located in two of its five studios. Run by Paolo Baraldi, the studio conducts 90% of its work for MTV Italy, which shares the complex in Milan.

Cinevideostudio's E studio, featuring the Coemar lighting products, was used recently for a concert with international artists Robbie Williams, Alanis Morissette, REM, and Oasis, for the Italian MTV Live, which is shot in the studio along with the weekly program Supersonic. Baraldi is a big fan of moving-head units and made the move to Coemar in order to make the studio more band-friendly. The remainder of the new Coemar iSpots and iWashes have been deployed in C studio, where Cinevideostudio produces the fast-paced Videoclash program.

“This is the first time we have invested in moving heads and it has proved a big success,” Baraldi said. “We looked at the state of the market and we could see that the latest advances were all contained in the Coemar fixtures, with their superior optical lens and color fidelity. It's the most advanced lighting on the market.”

Baraldi spoke in particular about the heat dissipation properties of the inherent parabolic reflector and the iSpot's 12 rotating gobos on superimposed gobo wheels, allowing technicians such as the station's lighting director, Giovanni Pinna, to use gobo-morphing to create special effects.

“On the wash we don't use the frost filter but we make good use of the linear motorized zoom so we can change the angle of projection,” continued Baraldi. “The very fast precision movement of the lens is beautiful.”