Mike Lowe, managing director of ETC Europe, has announced strategic changes in the company's European management team. After nearly three years of commuting between his home in Copenhagen and ETC's European headquarters in North Acton, England, Tim Stockholm is returning to live permanently in Denmark. He will assume the role of manager of the northern region, with responsibility for territories north of and including Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia, while Fulvio Cotogni continues as manager of the southern region, including South Africa and the Middle East. Erik Larsen, previously ETC's sales manager for northern Europe, becomes product manager for ETC Europe, a new role designed to provide two-way communication between ETC Europe and its customers for both existing and future products. Finally, Peter Ed now formally assumes responsibility as marketing director of ETC Europe.

Commenting on these changes, Lowe said, "We are keeping our key sales people right there in the marketplace where they can respond quickly to the needs of our customers."