Seeking to increase its international presence, especially to its Florida and Latin America-based distributors, contractors, sales reps, and consumers, Lutron Electronics Co. has unveiled a new training facility in Plantation, FL. The new facility, says Roger Stamm, Lutron's international sales manager, “gives us a tremendous opportunity to show our commitment to international markets.”

Jacaranda Professional Park is the location of the new 6,000-sq.-ft. (540 sq. m) facility, 30 minutes from Miami International Airport and 10 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale's airport. The venue is designed to host advanced-level training sessions on targeted Lutron products; courses are taught in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, and run two to three days.

In June, the first month of operation, sessions included Advanced Home Systems and Advanced Fluorescent Controls training. The former focuses on residential applications of Radio RA®, a wireless, whole-house lighting control system, and HomeWorks Interactive, an advanced, multi-zone whole-house lighting control system. The latter seminar focuses on commercial applications of RadioTouch, a wireless radio-frequency lighting control system, and Digital Microwatt, an integrated lighting automation for single-floor or whole-building control.

“The facility is designed to show how Lutron products enhance living and commercial spaces,” Stamm says. “This gives our clients a first-hand look at the tangible benefits of our products. That's an invaluable tool for promoting the many advantages of lighting control.”

For more information about Lutron's Florida Training Center and upcoming seminars, call the Lutron sales office in Mexico at 888-235-2910; in Brazil at 55-11-5542-4790 or 55-11-3031-2170; and in Florida at 954-577-6294, or visit Lutron's website at