The 1999 Wally Russell Award committee is calling for nominations for this year's Lifetime Achievement winner. The nomination process for the "Wally," which honors outstanding lifetime achievement in entertainment technology, has been open to the public for the 1997 and 1998 awards; and, for the first time in 1999, the public will also cast the final vote.

The award was established in 1992 in memory of industry pioneer Wally Russell, whose often unrecognized impact on the profession was quite profound. He influenced future generations with his perception and strength of character. Past winners include Bran Ferren (1998), Fred Bentham (1997), Francis P. DeVerna (1996), Tharon Musser (1995), George van Buren (1994), Charles Altman (1993), and Wally Russell (1992).

Nominations--including why you think your nominee should receive the award, along with any supporting materials of his or her achievements--should be sent to Jackie Tien by April 15, by e-mail:, fax: 212/229-9179, or mail: Lighting Dimensions/Entertainment Design, 32 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011.

The 1999 Wally Russell Board members are Phil Bernard, Rusty Brutsche, Dave Cunningham, Tom Folsom, Fred Foster, Don Hamilton, John Howe, Larry Kellermann, Phil O'Donnell, Richard Pilbrow, Brian Russell, Glen Russell, Robert Schiller, and Jackie Tien.