January/February 1997

news "Def Leppard on the prowl," LD Butch Allen, p. 12, CM "Night and day," Nine Armenians and The Blues Are Running LD Kenneth Posner, p. 13, DB "ILDA celebrates 10th anniversary," p. 14, WLM "Paul Vincent named World-ETF chairman," p. 15 "SANCI issues call for papers," p. 15 "Cheap thrills," Skull Mountain attraction LD Passamonte Lighting Design, p. 16, TF "The light of history," Taking Sides LD Howell Binkley, p. 17, DB "In memoriam: Richard Nelson," p. 18, DB "Big top brightness," Big Apple Circus LD Jan Kroeze, p. 20, ELG "Applications sought for Hemsley Internship," p. 24 "GE sets conference schedule," p. 24, WW "The bright lights at InterPlan," p. 25, WW "The speed of light," Go Go Go LD Heather Carson, p. 26, JH "Lighting the world on the Danube," Symphonia Globalus LD Nick Sholem, p. 27, CM "Tomcat announces fifth annual Hoist School," p. 32 "All about USITT," p. 32 "Trading places," p. 33, ALS

spotlight Francois Melin, chief electrician, Comedie Francaise, p. 22, ELG

departments "From bullrings to ballrooms," Vari-Lite Inc. business profile, p. 34, DJ "Growing pains," Melissa Etheridge LD Scott Holthaus, p. 42, CM "Orlando magic," LDI96 show report, p. 48 "Light, sound, computers," LSC Electronics business profile, p. 68, CPB "Small wonders," Leprecon 600 series consoles product review, p. 74, WLM

features "Rocket to the stars," London Trocadero LD Jonathan Speirs, p. 52, ELG "Madonna with cinematographer," Evita DP Darius Khondji, p. 56, JC "Well rounded," Neil Diamond LD Marilyn Lowey, p. 62, CM

March 1997

news "Revelations on the road," Wynonna LD Han Henze, p. 12, CM "Nights at the opera," English Touring Opera LD Giuseppe Di Iorio, p. 13, DB "ESTA's standards committee ANSI-certified," p. 14, WLM "VPLT seminar weekend a hit with participants," p. 14 "Amy Grant in Nashville," LD Abbey Rosen Holmes, p. 16, CM "Performance Report," Performance Summit 97 report, p. 17, CM "LTM takes over Lightmaker," p. 18, JC "The sky over Dubai," LD Jonathan Speirs, p. 18, WW "The IN place," Clay Paky equips Copenhagen disco, p. 19, RC "Robert Roth joins PRG," p. 19, CM "The process of Evolution," LD R.J. Tolan, p. 21, JH "Elevating the Tragically Hip," LD Howard Ungerleider, p. 22, CM "Laserland ships out," Laserland equips the cruise ship Aida, p. 24, WLM "Hooked on classics," Classical Spectacular LD Durham Marenghi, p. 26, SM "It's (trade) showtime," p. 28, LB "A Jamesian journey," Portrait of a Lady DP Stuart Dryburgh, p. 30, JC "A star is born," Hollywood Entertainment Museum LD Gallegos Lighting Design, p. 31, TF

spotlight Anthony J. Douglas-Beveridge, PLASA standards officer, p. 20, ELG

departments "Blind faith," Spectral Hoedown LDs David Fritz, Carol Mullins, Roma Flowers, Philip Sandstrom, p. 32, ALS "Luceplan of action," Italian manufacturer in US market, p. 40, WW "Where is common ethernet?" a call for common industry protocol, p. 74, ST

features "The light fantastic," club issue intro, p. 45, RC "Turned on," LD Tim Hannum of On Design Group, p. 46, RC "Shock value," Shock LDs Howard Ungerleider, Doug Adams, p. 50, LB "Life's work," Life LDs Michael Fink, Ted Doumazios, p. 53, DJ "A fresh Tangerine's," LD Eric Bernstein of Premier Lighting, p. 56, DB "Night moves" subUrbia DP Lee Daniel, p. 58, JC "A new Rush," LD Howard Ungerleider, p. 62, CM "Public domain," San Francisco main public library LD Fisher Marantz Renfro Stone, p. 66, WW

April 1997

news "Harlem nights," Play On! LD Jeff Davis, p. 10, MP "Relighting Raphaels," Victoria & Albert Museum LD George Sexton Associates, p. 11, WW "Lightfair returns to New York," p. 14, WW "Life in the fast lane," Chicago Automobile Show, p. 16, CM "Smoke signals from Wildfire," p. 16, RC "Resurrecting Jesus Christ Superstar," LD David Hersey, p. 17, SM "NAB on the Strip," p. 18, DB "Asia adventuring for trade show travelers," p. 21, DB "The big Event show," p. 22, SM "A lively Live! show," p. 24, SM "TEA forms Eastern US chapters," p. 26, RC

spotlight Matt Berman, cabaret/nightclub LD, p. 12, DB

departments "National treasure," LD Mark Jonathan, p. 32, ELG "Manhattan style," SoHo Grand Hotel LD Johnson Schwinghammer, p. 36, JG "Rock and roll--and beyond," Light & Sound Design business profile, p. 42, CM "Theming with lasers," lasers in theme parks, p. 76, PG "Jands' grand tour," Jands Electronics business profile, p. 90, CPB

features "Native suns," Mohegan Sun Casino designers David Rockwell and Paul Gregory, p. 49, ELG "Age of destruction," Metallica LD John Broderick, p. 55, CM "Lighting to deadline," Fox News Channel LDs Bruce Ferri and Deke Hazirjian of New York City Lites, p. 61, JC "Syncopated illumination," Ragtime LDs Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhower, p. 65, DB "Avant-garde artistry," LD Fabrizio Crisafulli, p. 68, MC

May 1997

news "Fly on the Mondrian's wall," LDs Clark Johnson and Arnold Chan, p. 14, MC "The war between men and women," Stanley and A Doll's House LD Peter Mumford, p. 15, DB

"A rainforest in London," Thunder Jungle exhibit LD Steve Rosen, p. 16, SM "Russian roulette," Eugene Onegin LD Jean Kalman, p. 18, ELG "Lighting takes root," Rusted Root LD Don LoDico, p. 20, CM "Group One adds two," p. 21, DJ "Fairy tale lighting," Dayton Ballet LD Dan McLaughlin, p. 24, ALS "A steely USITT," show report, p. 26, DB "The sound of Musik," Musikmesse show report, p. 26, LB "Fusion's bright idea," Solar 1000 lamp, p. 28, WLM "IESNA confab set for Seattle," p. 29 "Running Wilde," Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde LD Betsy Adams, p. 30, JH "Michael Merritt Award winners announced," p. 33, DB "Labsphere training seminars to be held," p. 33, WLM

spotlight John Lasiter, theatre LD, p. 22, DB

departments "A new Universe," Universe Lighting business profile, p. 36, DB "Higher learning," Lighting Research Center, p. 42, WLM "Reforming the Brits," The Brit Awards LD Mike Sutcliffe, p. 70, SM "Collision course," Crash DP Peter Suschitzky, p. 72, RC "Kenny G and Toni B," LDs Valerie Groth and Justin Collie, p. 74, CM

features "Lighting that works," architecture issue intro, p. 51, WW "Outdoor attraction," College Park LD H.H. Angus & Associates p. 52, JG "Companion pieces," Hammerson Group and John Menzies Wholesale LD Jonathan Speirs, p. 54, ELG "Law & order," Davis Polk & Wardwell LD Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, p. 58, WW "Radical lighting," @radical.media designers David Rockwell and Paul Gregory, p. 62, ELG "Rooms with a view," Windows on the World LD Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, p. 66, WW

June 1997

news "Lady luck," Lady in the Dark LD Rick Fisher, p. 14, DB "The dying of the light," The Gin Game LD Kirk Bookman, p. 15, DB "IALD toasts worldwide architectural lighting," p. 16, WW "Flamenco with flair," Joaquin Cortes LD Patrick Woodroffe, p. 18, SM "Illuminating the universe," Sympathetic Magic LD Dennis Parichy, p. 22, DB "Ballantyne acquires Xenotech," p. 25, DJ "Philips' mercury-free fluorescents," p. 26, WLM "In memoriam: Abe Feder," p. 27, DB "USITT announces new awards; plans conference," p. 28 "Artemide's color kaleidoscope," Artemide's new line, p. 30, WW "Broadcast news," NAB show report, p. 31, DB, WLM

spotlight Owen Roizman, president, American Society of Cinematographers, p. 20, JC

departments "Comic relief," HBO US Comedy Festival LD Allen Branton, p. 32, CM "Golden years," Barbizon Electric's 50th anniversary, p. 42, DJ "Close Encounter," Encounter LD Michael Valentino, p. 74, WW "Lighting Italian style," SIB97 show report, p. 78, RC

features "Lights, camera, color," summer film issue intro, p. 51, JC "Gotham City gear," Batman & Robin DP Stephen Goldblatt and LD John Tedesco of Phoebus Lighting, p. 52, JC "Space patrol," Men in Black DP Don Peterman, p. 58, DJ "Indentity crisis," Face Off DP Oliver Wood, p. 60, RC "The body as parchment," The Pillow Book gaffer Reiner van Brummelen, p. 62, JC "Color of light," Nowhere DP Arturo Smith, p. 66, JC "Cat's eye," When the Cat's Away DP Benoit Delhomme, p. 68, LN "Technicolor dreams," DP Jack Cardiff, p. 70,

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