Issues involving fiber-optic lighting will be the subject of a full-day workshop entitled "Fiber Optics: Design, Installation, and New Technologies," which has been organized and sponsored by Lighting Dimensions magazine. It will be held on Tuesday, May 26, as part of the pre-show conference at Lightfair International at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Lightfair's ninth annual trade show and conference program runs May 27-29 and is sponsored by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

Lightfair's full-day fiber-optic workshop will be introduced by William Weathersby Jr., the architecture editor of Lighting Dimensions, and moderated by William Maiman, LD's technical editor, who moderated a mini-course on fiber-optic technology held at LDI97 in Las Vegas last October. Panelists include Gersil Kay, president of Conservation Lighting in Philadelphia, and author of a new book on fiber optics; Jason Cooper of MarCAD Design in Mission Hills, CA, who has been working on the update of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas; Jay Winters of JK Design Group in Granada Hills, CA, whose firm designed the lighting of the SpaceQuest Casino at the Las Vegas Hilton; and Kenneth Yarnell of Remote Source Lighting International, the San Juan Capistrano, CA firm that designs and manufactures illuminators, couplers, splitters, and fixtures for remote source illumination systems.

"Our goal is to explore the architectural applications for fiber-optic technology, especially the design and installation aspects," says Maiman. "We have selected speakers whose projects represent the cutting edge of the industry." Besides speaker presentations, the workshop will include an extensive round-up of products available on the market today. Plans are also in the works for an on-site visit to the SpaceQuest casino and the Star Trek attraction (with lighting by Ted Ferreira), both at the Las Vegas Hilton.

The pre-registration (before May 8) cost to attend "Fiber Optics: Design, Installation, and New Technologies" is $130, or $165 on-site. For registration information call Lightfair at 800/856-0327 or 972/620-3036.