Ever since the events of September 11, 2001, lighting has played an important part in the many memorials that have taken place, among them New York’s Tribute in Light. Another memorial using light was seen on September 11, 2002, as America paused to remember the horrific events a year earlier.

All across the country citizens took time to reflect and communities from small rural towns to major urban cities displayed their patriotism through a variety of memorial events. In Los Angeles, the towering columns at Los Angeles International Airport, which have become a landmark since their dedication in August 2000, were illuminated red, white, and blue for the occasion. Designed and specified by Los Angeles-based Dawn Hollingsworth of MRH Design (Moody, Ravitz, Hollingsworth Design Inc.), the project has been called the largest automated lighting project in the world.

Some 489 Martin Exterior 600 luminaires were used to illuminate 15 cylindrical frosted glass columns, which stand dramatically at the Sepulveda/Century entrance to LAX, guiding visitors to and from one of the world’s busiest airports. Internally illuminated, the columns are capable of changing color remotely.

On 9/11 the columns were programmed to change between red, white, and blue while synchronizing with an additional 15 smaller glass columns located on Century Blvd, the main road approaching LAX. Each column is approximately 33m (109') tall and houses 32 Exterior 600 color-changing wash lights. The complete lighting project is controlled via a customized system of ProScenium DMX512 controllers, a visual DMX lighting control package.

Photos: Tom Paiva