Intertec Publishing, the parent company of TCI and Lighting Dimensions magazines, has purchased Broadway Lighting Master Classes, the annual New York-based seminar produced by consultant Sonny Sonnenfeld and programmed by LD Jules Fisher.

Traditionally held in October, this year the seminar will take place December 11-14 in New York City, as part of a weekend of events that includes an expanded TCI Awards ceremony on December 12.

"The Broadway Lighting Master Classes is a highly respected industry event," says TCI/Lighting Dimensions publisher Jacqueline Tien. "We're thrilled to add it to our annual calendar and we look forward to working with Sonny Sonnenfeld and Jules Fisher on this important program."

"The Broadway Lighting Master Classes is too important an event not to continue," says Sonnenfeld, "so we've looked for a way to continue and grow. I feel that Intertec Publishing will make that happen." Speaking about the Master Classes last year, Fisher told Lighting Dimensions, "The main thing we've tried to do is teach the one thing about Broadway you don't get anywhere else. We've tried to make the emphasis be about the philosophy, the concept, the ideas, as opposed to the hardware."

Sonnenfeld will continue to act as a consultant; Fisher will continue as creative consultant, putting together the curriculum as he has done since its inception in 1993. Intertec personnel joining the program include David Barbour as conference director, Leanne Boepple as conference manager, Ellen Lampert-Greaux as consultant, Greg Havas as project manager, and Miriam Autie as project assistant. John Warrick and Joe Flattery will be the project's marketing managers. For more information, call 212/229-2965 ext. 824, or fax 212/229-2084.