My favorite gadget at the moment is my Treo 600 PDA cell phone. It seems like my whole life is in there and at the convenience of being connected to my hip. It is a full PDA, and being able to hot sync it to my desktop is invaluable, especially if you have to trade phones out. No more having to reprogram all of my contacts. I have my full contact database and schedule with me, and it can also take pictures. There is also a memory card for backing up.

My favorite function is being able to connect to the Internet, send and receive email, etc. I really don't have to take my laptop on all of my short trips anymore. However, I did find a cool program made by, called PDANet. This allows me to connect to the Internet with my laptop using my hot sync cable and the wireless network connection through my cell phone — works great on a tour bus or hotel.

Another of my favorite new gadgets is the portable Delphi XM ToGo radio. You can now take it with you as a Walkman, and it stores up to five hours of music. So, if you are in an area with no satellite connection, you can switch over to that mode. You can also bookmark your favorite artists and songs,and even set a timer to record at specific times.

As far as lighting goes, my Hog® PC is still my most useful tool.