The International Laser Display Association (ILDA), the world's leading organization dedicated to advancing the use of laser displays in the fields of art and entertainment, will hold its annual conference on October 21-24 in Las Vegas, co-located with the Entertainment Technology Show-LDI 2004.

ILDA will present a series of workshops on laser design, safety, and technology, including a full-day Advanced Technology Workshop giving attendees a hands-on look at new products and prototypes presented by the people who designed them. Panel discussions include:

Myth Busters:
Audience Scanning with Lasers
Friday, October 22, 2pm - 3:30pm

Shining a laser into the audience… can it be done safely? Greg Makhov, an international authority on laser safety, will debunk the common myths associated with audience scanning. Although the effect has been used in Europe and Asia for decades, its use in other parts of the world (including the US) is a mystery to many professionals. Greg will “bust” myths about government regulations and dangers. Moderator: Greg Makhov, LSDI. Panelists include: Casey Stack, Stack Technical Services; Jim Hardaway, LFI; and James Stewart, Laser Visuals Research Limited, UK.

Laser Show Control using DMX
Saturday, October 23, 11:30am - 1pm

Laser equipment has entered the realm of DMX, becoming as simple to use as many lighting instruments. This session will demonstrate how to use existing consoles to create incredible laser effects using DMX commands. Hardware and software manufacturers will give a hands-on look at adding beam effects and laser graphics using off-the-shelf laser equipment. Moderator: Steve Heminover, Aura Technologies. Speakers include: Bill Benner, Pangolin Laser Systems; Dirk Baur, MediaLas; Jason Fischer, Multimedia Production & Systems Integration, Singapore; and Walt Meador, Laser Rentals Inc.

Adding Lasers to Your Events:
A Creative Workshop
Sunday, October 24, 11:30am - 1pm

Many LDs today are not sure how to add lasers into events. Often, lasers are seen as green beams that are passé. This session will show new and creative ways to fit lasers into events of any size. Integrating lasers into your next production is easier than ever before. Topics covered include: creative considerations, logistics, personnel, in-house vs. contracting, safety, and budget. Moderator: Tom Harman, Laser Production Network. Speakers include: Matt Dillingham, Advanced Entertainment Services and Paul Torgeson, LFI.

ILDA members enjoy a listing on the world's leading Internet-based company directory, used by potential customers around the world to locate laser show services and manufacturers. ILDA's Technical Committee has established standards for projector compatibility, while the Safety Committee addresses important issues affecting laserists throughout the world.

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