Two new Nessen wall sconces provide softly diffused, energy-efficient, ambient area lighting using a single four-pin, 26W triple-tube CFL. The Arrowhead sconce (above) features a perforated faceplate with a decorative arrowhead-shaped accent top and bottom, for a three-dimensional, geometric aesthetic. The Beltbuckle sconce features a perforated horizontal faceplate set off against a brass backplate creating a belt buckle effect. The fixture provides a visually interesting light distribution pattern with subtle design. Both the Arrowhead and Beltbuckle faceplates may be specified in "angel hair" aluminum, clear anodized aluminum, ebony satin steel, or titanium finishes, and the arrowhead and belt buckle accents are available in polished brass, chrome, or nickel, brushed brass, and satin nickel. NESSEN, A MEMBER OF THE JJI GROUP Mamaroneck, NY