New technologies often face the challenges of developing product, nomenclature, and demand--before the marketplace loses interest! In many ways, the experiences of the fiber-optic lighting industry can be viewed in this context. The Wirefree Lighting Association is in the process of forming and plans are underway for the debut of its trade show and seminar program.

The trade show will seek to provide a more appropriate venue for companies involved in the various aspects of fiber-optic lighting technology to exhibit and coalesce around a central theme, rather than being a component of a larger, more diverse trade show or conference. Scheduled for Monday, November 1, 1999, the Wirefree Lighting Association (WLA) will use the Southern California Edison CTAC (Customer Technology Application Center) located in Irwindale, CA, as the site for its first trade show. Four seminars devoted to subjects unique to fiber optics are planned. "The Dynamics of Lighting Water" will be the first seminar, presented by John Audette, president of Special T Lighting. "Wirefree Lighting Construction Integration" will be the subject of an address by Edward S. Marks, general manager of the Themed Lighting Installation Company. Ed Berman, president of Boston Optical Fiber will present a seminar on "Illumination and Entertainment Networks." Industry veteran and frequent contributor to Lighting Dimensions, Ted Ferreira of City Design Group, will offer "battle tested" information in a seminar titled "Specifying a Wirefree Lighting System." Manufacturers of optical fiber (plastic and glass), illuminators, fixtures, lighting systems, sign/display products, plus designers and contractors are expected to exhibit.

The goals of the WLA include the development of professional industry standards, defining terminology, and conducting educational seminars and discussions. Currently the WLA is launching a major awareness campaign for the trade show and the association by informing lighting designers and specifiers, architects, interior designers, exhibit builders, and energy-efficiency consultants. According to WLA executive director Brett Jay Lazarus, "The association will enhance the stature of the fiber-optic lighting industry and work to influence the development of this cost-effective lighting technology. Additionally, the Wirefree Lighting Association will provide member benefits to its constituents, such as the development of fair and equitable testing methods and lobbying activities with other trade associations and user groups. Membership in the WLA will prove to be very beneficial to the individual companies and the industry at large."

The charter members of the WLA are Boston Optical Fiber, City Design Group, Craig Lazarus, General Insurance Consultants, Lazarus Lighting Design, Special T Lighting, the Themed Lighting Installation Company, and Wilger Testing Company.

More information on the Wirefree Lighting Association is available from Brett Jay Lazarus, Lazarus Lighting Design, 4131 Vanowen Place, Burbank, CA 91505, phone: 818/556-4055, fax: 818/556-4057.