A weekend of hands-on training sessions will be held in New York, Saturday and Sunday, June 28 and 29, immediately following the ninth annual Broadway Lighting Master Classes. The courses are organized by ESTA's Training and Seminars commitee. All proceeds from these events will go to ESTA.

On Saturday, beginner-level hands-on training on the Flying Pig Systems Wholehog® III console will be held at High End Systems' New York facility. Limited to eight students, this intensive day-long session is taught by Vickie Claiborne, training specialist for High End. The cost of the class is $190 with a light breakfast, box lunch, and soda break included.

On Saturday and Sunday, WYSIWYG intensive training will be taught in the Fordham University Theatre by Ben Sanford, WYSIWYG product manager for ETC. This two-day course is limited to 20 students. The cost is $495 and includes the special WYSIWYG Report Student Edition developed by Cast Lighting, as well as a light breakfast, box lunch, and soda break.

The special version of WYSIWYG Report is designed specifically for college-level students interested in professional lighting. Student Edition is a fully functional copy of WYSIWYG Report for students to use in their studies and university productions. The student dongle is fully upgradeable to any other WYSIWYG-family product. This is a $120 value included in the cost of the course.

Sponsors for these special training sessions include ESTA, High End Systems, ETC, Cast Lighting, Lighting Dimensions, Entertainment Design, and Big Apple Institute. For additional information and to register, contact Patrick O'Rourke by phone at 212-226-0925 or e-mail patrick@balny.com.