Entertainment Networks (EN) has developed a daisy-chain DMX512 distribution system that provides up to 32 DMX input and DMX output receptacles, and is well suited for theater facilities, multipurpose ballrooms, conference centers, and houses of worship. Features include optical isolation at each input or output, four level priority scheme for inputs, status LEDs at each receptacle, use of Belden 9728 cable to ensure a fully terminated RS-485 compliant network, and turnaround adapters to allow any DMX output to become an input. In addition, IPS[TM] and Watchdog[TM] data feedback systems are compatible with this system. The wiring system is engineered to give priority to a set of receptacles and show system status via a three-color LED on each input receptacle. The system allows a facility to be configured for multiple users and applications while ensuring the DMX data is properly distributed. ENTERTAINMENT NETWORKS Dallas, TX