Boulder, CO-based Chimera has redesigned its medium (9750-9750ALE) and mogul (9760-9760ALE) screw socket Speed Rings. The new ring (9830 US plug, 9840 Euro plug) features a mogul screw base and is also supplied with the medium--standard household--base.

This change allows photographers, cinematographers, and lighting directors to use any standard photo flood bulb (up to 500W) or a mogul base bulb (up to 1,500W).

The stand adapter has also been changed to the smaller, lighter-weight Manfrotto, allowing the rotation of the Lightbank or Lantern.

The 9830 retails at $250, and the 9840 at $265.

To find the dealer nearest you, contact Chimera at: 1812 Valtec Lane, Boulder, CO, 80301, phone: 888/444-1812, 303/444-8000, e-mail:, web: