Laser shows can be created and choreographed live, with Pangolin's LivePRO system. It lets lighting designers mix pre-recorded cues with live control to create interactive shows for concerts, clubs, and live events. LivePRO works for any type of laser show — beams, graphics and animations, and mixed beam/graphics shows. Up to four visual tracks can be layered at a time, resulting in a kind of “visual music.” For example, beam effects can be on tracks 1 and 2, mirror chases on track 3, and logos, words, and animations on track 4. LivePRO cues and effects can be played using a computer keyboard, touchscreen, MIDI keyboard, or with DMX controllers. An automatic beat detection system lets the system do hands-off triggering of cues. Over 1700 cues are available at the press of a button, and each cue can contain an image, effect, color sequence, beam sequence, TTL sequence, special commands, or any combination. Additional parameters such as size, position, and scan rate can be added to change a cue's look. LivePRO is part of Pangolin's Lasershow Designer 2000 family, which has won many artistic and technical awards worldwide.


The Aurora is the latest development from Audiolight Sound & Lighting for the DPSS white light laser market. The system runs off of a normal 13-amp socket and projects rich colors at 1500mW. The system can produce extremely sharp, high-quality images and text messages due to very tight beam projection. The spectrum of colors produced make Aurora ideal for corporate advertising, nightclubs, bars, or outdoor events. The system comes with PC, Zion 3D software, laser, and all necessary cables. The Zion 3D software is a powerful software title available for laser display and provides an easy-to-use interface, enabling quick rendering of 2D, 3D, and text based graphics, auto-tracing, and animations. Zion 3D includes built-in, pre-programmed shows, or users can create their own show within minutes. Because the system doesn't require 3-phase or water, it can be rigged in virtually any location, plugged in, and running within 10 minutes. The Aurora itself comes in a compact case, power-coated in an attractive black finish. The Aurora comes complete with an advanced, custom built PC, TFT monitor, keyboard and mouse with the Zion Laser software pre-installed. A carry handle is conveniently positioned on top of the base unit, allowing it to be easily transported.


LaserAnimation Sollinger presents its successful new development, the Accurate BLITZ. Integrated into the system are a 5W DPSS laser (high power laser class IV), two high-end scanners CT 6800 with Laser-Animation “high speed” driver electronics, a fully electronic power supply for the laser and a laser show computer board Lasergraph DSP. Parameters include handy dimensions and light weight; low power consumption; controlled air cooling; heating for cold environments; complete microprocessor control; simple control by versatile remote control, using a PC, or via Ethernet or WLAN. Accurate Blitz also features brilliant projection quality; easy but versatile handling; immense power; and the guarantee of high reliability (approximately 10,000 operation hours).


With the combination of Media Manager and Digital Data Pump Series II (DDP II), the process of creating, managing, and running large-scale, complex multimedia shows can be simpler and more reliable. Laservision DDP IIs represent a multidiscipline show control system — the software used to configure shows on the DDP II is called Media Manager and, paired with the DDP II media server, the two are a powerful combination. Media Manager provides the same convenient, uniform interface for creating and managing media assets in a wide variety of macro mediums, such as laser graphics, laser effects, surround sound audio, lighting, aqua screen, liquid logic fountains, and pyrotechnics. In the hands of a capable designer, the combination can manage multiple media and multiple locations from one screen. The DDP can store hundreds of separate shows individually, which can be replayed simultaneously. The combination provides the ultimate professional tool for creating, sequencing, replaying, and triggering multimedia spectaculars of any scale. Show sequences can be controlled via a built in touchscreen, either remotely over the Internet or from a touchscreen of your choice. The DDP delivers programmed performance data via Sinodial Series decoders to performance devices, both locally and up to a distance of 4k.


Zaphir is characterized by extremely fast and precise movements, a high level of reliability, high-end projection technology, and convenient control interfaces. The integrated high-speed graphics scanner units provide a scanning-angle of 80°×80°, active safety controlling system, and precision. The projectors are also in the position to project Scanline videos, thus offering many creative possibilities. For optimal beam brilliance, the Zaphir is equipped with an integrated adjustable collimator as commonly used with all other LOBO laser projectors. Unlike other units, the Zaphir has been designed for continuous use, due to its sophisticated cooling management. The individual adaptation of all controller specific data (x/y invert, color delays, Pan/Tilt invert) can be carried out via the large LC-display by means of an ergonomic encoder. Zaphir is available in two configurations: as fiber-supplied projector for high-light output in multicolor (without lasers and color mixer) or as a complete system with an integrated, extremely long-lasting 0.8W solid state laser source (monochrome green) featuring a high-speed dimming and blanking function.


The B*5 is a 3D laser image projection and special effect system with a variety of applications. The B*5 features a state-of-the-art, 200mW or 500mW diode pumped solid state laser (DPSS), custom image editing and animation tools, and a 12-month warranty. Its design allows it to be mass produced and opens up a range of new applications for laser projectors that were not possible with traditional gas tube laser systems. The B*5 Laser Animation and Projection system allows animated images to be projected on to an area of less than 1×1m, up to an area over 240×240m. The projection size is unlimited as more projectors can be integrated into one virtual unit. The system has a built-in computer, allowing storage and playback of multiple shows independently. Furthermore, you can update and reprogram units, either directly or remotely. Now, you have stunning waves, fans, and cones of 3D solid light as well as fully programmable, animated graphic sequences with a cost effective and compact laser animation system. The B*5 delivers usability and flexibility at a similar cost to intelligent lighting.


OmniSistem's Stinger Laser has been redesigned to provide not only more colors but superior functionality in similar price points. The Stinger 1B 4.95mW (Blue) and Stinger 1MC 4.95mW (Multi-Color) are the newest additions to OmniSistem's Stinger series. These laser projectors are available in several output power levels ranging from 4.95mW up to 300mW. Designed for a wide variety of applications from nightclub installations to touring productions, the series features an extruded aluminum housing for extra strength and added durability. The Stinger 1B 4.95mW (Blue) and Stinger 1MC 4.95mW (Multi-color) feature: LED menu system for personality and DMX addressing; seven channels of DMX-512; new PCB design; 25 base patterns; pattern hold (freeze frame); hundreds of variations in patterns under DMX control; beam targeting patterns; y-axis offset (vertical positioning of effect); fan filter pack (user serviceable); individual color control (multi-color units only); multi-color modes; enhanced stand-alone features; multi-color mode speed settings. Blue is also available in high power.


CTA Lasers offers 6-7W of red from an air-cooled, diode array system that runs on 110V. Imagine being able to plug in a small, 20 lb. box with built-in scanners and produce enough red to compete and mix with the best argons and solid state Yag lasers with two color combination (three when green and red are mixed). It provides the perfect color addition to high-powered green systems. The Red Diode Array system marks the first time in the world users can get red from an air-cooled, 110V, solid state, portable system with built-in scanners. This will allow even the smallest operator to have some multi colors.


The LaserPro, used in dozens of permanent locations, is a portable, lightweight, and optically accurate system. This DMX projector will universally accept any laser, high or low power, from any manufacturer. It also features an Adjustable Beam Platform, ABP, which allows you to tilt the optical/beam platform from 0°-45°, giving on-site flexibility to create a laser show from any location without affecting the laser orientation. In addition, this 12 position projector can be configured to output as many as 48 fixed beams or accommodate special effects such as: scanners, 180° fans, cloud effects, digital color crystals (PCAOM), etc. LaserPro includes four additional effect switches and four motor controls. A safety hood covers the entire projector with CDRH-approved safety interlocks. The system also includes a 12-channel touch panel controller, rack mountable electronic interface box, 6' umbilical control cable, and 50' projector control cable.


This device assists in focusing lasers, when radio communications are not possible due to a sound check or client rehearsals. The Assistant enables a person focusing a remote bounce mirror across the room to tell the person aligning the beams which way to move it for proper centering on the mirror. Ergonomic and color intuitive buttons: Up=Blue (Sky), Down=Green (Grass), Left=Yellow (LL), Right=(Red), and Stop=Strobe. It uses a 9 VDC battery.

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