CompuDim is an advanced digital dimmer rack and part of the DimNet family that includes MobileDim, CompuRack, Dimmer Monitor, CompyDim, and CompuSine. It is a high density, plug-in rack containing up to 96 dimmers per rack. Available in 24, 18, or 12 slot configurations with one Rack Control Module, an additional RCM provides automatic backup. The RCM supports Ethernet, dual DMX512 input, and internal soft patch. Menus feature temperature monitoring and management, patch management, test, preheat, and curve programming. Racks are designed for easy drawer insertion and removal, with drawers available in 4×2.5kW, 2×5kW, 1×10kW configurations and 4×16A relay. The racks accept CompuSine dimmer drawers, available in 4×2.5kW, 4×3kW and 2×5kW configurations. Additional features include low noise operation and top-mounted fans for proper operating temperature. There is also a local master panic switch that sends all dimmers to a programmed level.
Compulite Systems
Hod-Hasharon, Israel
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Entertainment Technology, manufacturer of IGBT-based distributed dimming products for theatres, schools/universities, hospitality, houses of worship, and other applications, offers a range of products that can be distributed throughout a space: The Bak Pak individual dimmer and the Intelligent Raceway system. Bak Pak is a compact, lightweight dimmer that attaches to conventional lighting fixtures, providing powerful, quiet dimming capability wherever a need exists for a “single” dimmer, thus eliminating the need for additional dimming rack space. The Intelligent Raceway also installs adjacent to the lights it controls, eliminating the need for a separate equipment room to house noisy, heat-generating dimmer racks. It serves as one power and control network that supplies both fixed and automated lighting loads, eliminating duplication. End users avoid extensive load wiring and installation costs that racks or other dimming systems require.
Entertainment Technology
Dallas, TX
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The DP-640 Dimmer is a DMX-compatible “all-in-one” hybrid unit that can serve as both a dimmer and a relay switch pack. It has six DMX channels, any number of which can be used for dimming, while the remaining channels function as a switch pack, eliminating the need for two separate packs. Featuring a lightweight aluminum chassis, it weighs 6.2lbs., making it portable and suited for production companies and rentals. A Channel Patching feature allows any output to be assigned any channel. Other features include: digital LED display, manual override (for use without a controller); and 3- and 5-pin XLR input/output. Power: 2×15A, ac 120V ~50-60Hz; 2×20A, with 20A-rated plug. Load: 1800W channel 1-3; 1800W channel 4-6; 2400W with 20A-rated plug.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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The ART2000-US 20A digital dimmer was specifically designed for the US market. Offering full mains patching, virtually silent operation, and 100% duty cycle, the 20-Amp channels satisfy a growing demand for portable, high density touring dimming systems. The system utilizes the flexible dimming or mains distribution modules used worldwide. It also features a mains patch with four sockets per dimmer channel (total 192) to 162 patch cords connected to 25 Socapex and 12 Stagepin outlets. All patch cords are numbered, color-coded, and utilize the 32A-rated “Multi-Lam” contacts. Mains connection is via five wire Camlok inputs complete with Camlok loop outlets. The rack system is supplied with voltage and current metering for all phases and neutral. Other features include Onboard Channel or Memory Control, noise suppression to studio specifications, dual DMX input with merge, and full soft-patching capabilities.
Powell, TN
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ETC offers a full range of dimming products for entertainment and architectural venues worldwide. The Sensor+® and Unison dimming systems and the SmartPack® product line use standard phase-control technology for efficient dimming installations. The technique of varying the switch-on point of the lamp current is established in tradition and is cost effective. SmartPack (pack, wall-mount, or touring rack) is a super-compact dimming solution when dimming modularity is not required, but density and economy are critical. For distributing dimmers throughout a venue, the SmartBar, with extra operational features, is appropriate. In addition, the new Sensor+ and IES SineWave technology controls the amplitude of the sine wave, offering complete silence at the lamp as well as lower power costs. Quiet attributes combined with Ethernet data and status feedback make SineWave well suited to many dimming situations.
Middleton, WI
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With its digital touring dimmer racks and packs, MA Lighting has improved its complete range due to new standards for electrical interference as well as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The dimMA is a system of installation dimmer racks with plug-in modules that provide features of touring dimmers. Already installed in many various venues during the first year of availability, a new module with IGBT-technology is now available. These new dimMA Sine-Wave modules will feature 4×3kVA and 2×6kVA dimmer channels and will be based on a pulse width modulation with 40kHz for extremely smooth waveforms. They will also fit into existing dimMA racks, and they can coexist with thyristor-modules within the same dimmer rack.
MA Lighting Technology
Paderborn, Germany
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Strand Lighting's Sinewave dimmer modules are now available in the SLD series dimmer racks. Sinewave dimmers offer completely silent lamp operation in noise-critical applications and are free of the harmonic noise present in standard forward phase (SSR type) or reverse phase (IGBT type) dimmers. These dimmers may also be used in conjunction with standard dimmers. In addition to SLD series dimmer racks, Strand offers CD80 series racks for permanent installations and CD80 packs and rolling racks for portable applications. The Digital Environ dimmers are also available for a wide range of architectural lighting control applications.
Strand Lighting
Cypress, CA
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The WDS OEM is part of the company's Wireless Data System, a group of transmitters, receivers, and dimmers that send and receive DMX without cables. The WDS OEM is a tiny module (66×50×12mm) for manufacturers, suitable for building into any DMX device to allow it to run without data wires. Devices such as moving lights, individual dimmers, dimmer racks, DMX relays, and LED lighting fixtures can be controlled by any DMX console without running DMX cables.
City Theatrical, Inc.
Bronx, NY
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Focus Brain is a wireless controller featuring a UHF wireless remote control unit with DMX output to be used for controlling lighting fixtures and/or intelligent lighting while focusing them. One person can control all dimmer channels. The handheld unit uses a small number of easy-to-operate keys for “dialing in” the numbers of the dimmer channels, levels, etc. These commands are sent via a radiolink to the rackmount receiver unit that translates them into the proper DMX commands. A DMX input allows merging from scenes from the main desk, and 50 full scenes can be stored in the remote control. Special custom software permits direct control of many consoles on the market through the RS232 ports directly in the remote port of the desk.
ELC Lighting
Gemert, The Netherlands
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ADB introduced Eurodim 1 in 1989, the first 100% digital installation dimmer. Eurodim 3 (ED3) is the third-generation digital plug-in dimmer for television studios, theatres, and opera houses. It is built on the same philosophy as ED2, with the added feature of control software of portable, rack-mount, wall-mount, and touring dimmers. ED3 is a high-density cabinet with up to 108 dimmers with broadcast-quality filtering for optimal reduction of lamp filament noise. Residual current (ground fault) protection is available per individual dimmer or per group of dimmers. All dimmers can be networked, and the free Dimmer Manager PC software provides remote fault reporting, programming, and cue management over Ethernet.
ADB Lighting Technologies
Zaventem, Belgium
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A 19" rack mount Pocket Console DMX is the newest addition to the BCI DMX device line. Like the original Pocket Console DMX, it was designed for permanent installations, workstations, stage manager panels, LX workboxes, or anywhere requiring access to a fully patchable DMX universe. It comes with both flush mount XLR or terminal block DMX outputs, a 120V-9V power supply, eight fully patchable manual sliders, plus eight bump buttons. DMX runs at high speed (44Hz), and this unit utilizes flash memory for a non-volatile patch. There is also an eight-page multi-patch upgrade with eight discreet patches available for all models. BCI will also launch a wall mount version in the near future. It will fit into a 4-6 gang box for installation in churches, lobbies, schools, and homes.
Baxter Controls (BCI)
Driftwood, TX
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Powerlight 1212D is a 12-channel digital dimmer (12A), mounted in a metal 3U rack container. All the controls and settings are accessible via buttons on the front panel and can be monitored on the built-in display. The on-board microcomputer controls a comprehensive series of functions (soft patch, channel mode, channel level, pre-heat, equalization curves, etc.). Features include internal self-diagnosis, forced ventilation with airflow proportional to the temperature, and output protection with a thermal magnetic circuit breaker on each channel. It can also be used without an external controller — it's possible to program four different chases with a maximum of 32 steps each. On-board software can be upgraded via RS232. It is available with a choice of five connector panels: ILME 24, ILME 16, Cabur, Socapex, and Powercon.
Orlando, FL
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The newest addition to the Soundsculpture RC4 family of wireless products is the RC4-RX4-MINI receiver. It features four dimmer channels that can be used individually or ganged together in any combination. It is half the size of the RC4-RX4 standard receiver, making it suited for use in costumes, small props, and other small spaces. To save space, the dimmer outputs are rated only for lamp loads, not inductive loads like motors. Overall power handling is reduced to 50W per channel, for 200W of total power — over 16A at 12V. The receiver uses high-speed digital spread-spectrum radio similar to that used for wireless computer networking.
Soundsculpture Incorporated
Cheektowaga, NY
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