When Bombay Dreams explodes off the Broadway stage night after night, audiences will hear a panoply of musical styles from traditional Indian to bombastic rock. What they won't hear, however, are the sounds of automated fixtures, thanks to the new VARI*LITE Series 3000 Q fixtures specified by LD Hugh Vanstone.

Vanstone used 16 of the new luminaires. He originally specified VL3000s, but associate LD Philip Rosenberg thought that the Q series would be more apt. “As an Englishman, he's obsessed with a quiet, quiet rig,” Rosenberg says of Vanstone. “I was afraid that there would be too much fan noise, and I needed to do something about it.”

Rosenberg admits that Bombay Dreams is a loud show, so quiet fixtures were not integral, however he knew from experience that LDs never want anyone saying how loud the lights are regardless of a show's exuberance.