Arri, manufacturer of the Arrilite 1000 lighting fixture, is recalling all units bearing serial numbers from 10502 to 13998, due to fire danger. The fixtures are contained in these kits: 120V (571925, 571951, 571984, 571989, 571991, and 571996) and 220V (571825, 571851, 571884, 571889, 571891, and 571896). Arri will promptly repair or replace the affected light once returned. For more information, contact Arri USA, Inc. customer service (Richard Stenken) at 800-627-2774; please have the serial number available when calling.

Color Kinetics Inc. has been awarded a second US patent covering its Chromacore LED technology. The patent, #6,150,774, broadens the scope of its initial patent for Chromacore (#6,016,038, issued in January 2000) in several significant ways by covering networkable control of single and single-color LEDs; control of single and multiple LEDs in a non-networked environment; modular assemblies of digital lighting technologies; and intelligent, Edison-mount LED lamps.

Leprecon has appointed Marathon Marketing its sales representative in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

An investment consortium led by Raleigh Investments, L.P., has purchased the assets of Hollywood Rental Co., LLC, Olesen, ESS, HDI, and Matthews Studio Sales pursuant to a Chapter 11 divestiture plan of Matthews Studio Equipment Group, Inc. (MATT). The acquiring group also includes JA&A Capital LLC, CDM Interactive, Inc., and Anil Sharma, president of Hollywood Rentals Production Services. Says Sharma of Hollywood Rental and Olesen, “Our purchase of their assets will allow us to refocus the brands on their core business of supporting the film, television, and theatrical production industries. Ninety percent of the prior companies' staff have been retained, a strong new management team is in place, and we are well positioned to support production on a global basis.”

Meyda Tiffany ( has named Brett Blizzard Sales as its new sales agency in North and South Carolina and Bermuda, and Tracy Lighting Group as its new sales agency in Georgia and Alabama. The company has also been honored by the Construction Specifications Institute for its contributions to the organization's scholarship fund.

The National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) announces that 228 lighting professionals took the 2000 exam, with a pass rate of 86.8%, bringing the total of Lighting Certified Professionals to 996. This year, for the first time, graduate and undergrad students in lighting had the opportunity to take the LC examination as participants in the NCQLP Intern Program; 10 students from Penn State and one from Rensselaer Polytechnic sat for and passed the exam. This program is partially funded by grants from the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education, the Lutron Foundation, and the Golden Gate section of IESNA.

Westsun International Inc. has announced its first regional “super hub” in Las Vegas. This new facility will operate under the Westsun Las Vegas banner. Dick Wright, VP West Coast operations, will spearhead its development. Anticipated to house an equipment pool in excess of $15 million, this expansion will be complete by May 1. During this transition, Wright will work closely with Scott Jevons of Westsun Los Angeles; the satellite sales facility will operate under the existing Westsun Los Angeles banner. Jevons will lead the Westsun Los Angeles sales team as sales manager.

On the move: Bartco Lighting, 16792 Burke Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, phone: 714-848-0892, fax: 714-848-6843.