Duraline has introduced a new line of electrical Multi-Pin Waterproof Connector Systems that feature a unique reverse taper seal design that isolates each contact and creates a watertight seal, allowing mated connectors to be submerged in up to 3' of water. The design includes heavy-duty connections for increased safety; the ground contact is manufactured to mate first and break last. The connectors are molded in solid Hypalon rubber and are permanently bonded to heavy-duty cable. Systems are built to customer requirements and are available with up to 20 contacts, from one to 1,200A, and from 12 to 5,000V. Connectors may also be built for custom applications. The connector systems are thoroughly tested and are suitable for IEC Class IP67 and NEMA Class 6 applications and are Factory Mutual Tested and Approved. DURALINE Central Islip, NY