Advance Transformer Company announced the winners of its annual Eagle Awards honoring energy service companies for outstanding lighting upgrade projects. The ceremony took place November 6, 2001, during the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) conference in Boca Raton, FL. The winning energy service companies (ESCO) were Advanced Energy (Florida-based), Lighting Management Consultants (Texas-based), Energy Conservation Corp. (Michigan-based), Energy Management Consultants (Maine-based), and VESTAR (Ohio-based).

“These companies are at the forefront in applying energy-efficient technologies for the betterment of commercial businesses across the country,” said Vince Lostumbo, manager of energy market development for Advance Transformer. “We are honored to have these outstanding energy service companies in our 5 Star ESCO program.”

Eagle Awards are presented annually to ESCOs for projects that exhibit highest annual kilowatt savings, best return on investment, unique application of ballast technology, highest percent of energy savings, and most innovative energy-efficiency project. The winners were chosen through the Advance 5 Star program for ESCOs. Advance provides marketing support and educational information designed to increase awareness and acceptance of upgrading and installing of energy-efficient products and technologies. For information on becoming an Advance 5 Star member, call 888-322-4282.