Club Inferno is now turning up the heat in Springfield, MO. Brothers Sid and Kelly Norris, of Springfield-based Music City Installations, found an 11,000-sq.-ft. (990 sq. m) former JCPenney store and started their own club, which makes use of over three dozen Elation Professional and American DJ fixtures, as well as the Elation Professional Show Designer controller. “This is our first experience with Elation Professional and American DJ, and we are very impressed with the quality of the fixtures as well as the service that we received,” says Kelly Norris.

The inferno theme is established by the use of eight American DJ Torch Lights, simulated burning torch effects that are scattered throughout the venue. In addition, four American DJ Galactic Stars shoot laser effects around the space, while four H20 ripple effects are used to create a melting lava look. Over a dozen Elation Professional effects are used, including four Joy 300s, which are linked together and positioned on a circular truss in the center of the room, to provide fast-moving multicolored gobos. Two Patend Light 1200s are placed in opposite corners of the room to stimulate the crowd with their three-way and five-way colored prism effects. Extra color washes are provided by four Elation Color Spot 575s and four Color Wash 250s. When a live band is playing, four Elation Opti Pars are used to wash the stage. Fog effects are created by Elation's MB-1500 fog machine. For control, Elation Professional's Show Designer controller is used.

Having made its fiery debut, Club Inferno is already expanding; the Norrises will soon add an additional 4,000 sq. ft. (360 sq. m) to the venue. They also plan to add more Elation Professional and American DJ fixtures.