I am a business owner and don't necessarily take the time to write to an editor, but I received my first issue of Live Design today. I was reading the Letters to the Editor about your cover with Madonna, and someone mentioned a Gwen Stefani cover as well.

I am sure you have gotten some real heat from the Madonna cover, but I am here to say, tell those people to get more black tape to cover it if they don't like it.

I can appreciate spiritual beliefs, but your magazine is a business, it is not a religious outlet. I appreciate covers like that to prove you are diverse and not close-minded. This proves you will be open enough to write about minority groups, women in business (me), African American stories if it applies to your book, gay and lesbian stories if they apply (that would really make them flip), or any other group that may make them uncomfortable due to their religious beliefs.

I want to personally thank you for not giving in to their way of thinking and, as a business, diverse thinking and publishing is the only thing that will keep you on the cutting edge for newer subscribers like my demographic: 40, woman, white, heterosexual, single, business owner…entrepreneur! Those couple subscribers you may have lost (I doubt it; I think deep down, they like to still read about it) are not worth it.

I am thrilled that I have a new subscription and will tell all my business owner friends and associates about your magazine.
L. Smith, Milwaukee, WI

In my piece entitled “What I Am Using Now” [August 2006 issue], I noted that Tools for Stagehands is a supplier for Streamlight products and the batteries. The name of the company is Tools for Stage Craft (www.toolsforstagecraft.com)
Ted Jones, rigging and special projects
Chicago Spotlight, Inc.