I just wanted to comment on your editorial from the August issue of Lighting Dimensions. I started out in high school as an actor before discovering lighting as my main strength. That was in 1975. I've since spent the years touring, doing regional theatre, and even received a Drama Logue award for lighting design. I'm now a union stagehand working in the San Francisco bay area. A few years ago, I returned to my old high school with the idea of giving back in some way to my roots. Since then, I've given my old issues of Lighting Dimensions to the drama teacher. More importantly, I've taken one of the graduating techs as my apprentice for the various freelance designs that come across my radar.

The reason that I mention all this is that I strongly believe that we, as professionals, should do all that we can to bring in the next generation of designers, stagehands, programmers, etc. The individual that complained about the educational content of the magazine does not get the big picture. I loved your response about continuing to learn. I also need to keep abreast of things as well, wanting to know what to expect from the next big tour that is coming to town. But mostly, I want to have a source of valid info that I can pass on to anyone who is starting out and is hungry for the knowledge, just as I was in 1975. Keep up the good work!
Will Simonds

For the past seven years, I have been teaching stage lighting to 5th through 12th graders. I am now back at school myself getting my teaching certificate. I regularly cut out articles from Lighting Dimensions and file them by subject in three-ring binders for my students to peruse. All professionals start out as beginners. I say “kudos” to Lighting Dimensions for your part in supporting new blood in our industry! Even us “old-bloods” still have things to learn.
Elizabeth Wade
Lighting Designer and Instructor