I just wanted to take a moment and say, “Well done!” I have read virtually every issue of Lighting Dimensions, since the early 80's and think the last two issues (March and April) were two of the very best in several years, maybe since the days of the black covers and Lee Watson.

I will admit that I hesitated in renewing my subscription back in January, when I first heard about all the changes taking place, but that was as much because I had become very dissatisfied with the magazine in the last few years, as any concerns about its “new direction,” but I recognized the drive to return the magazine to its former glory and re-subscribed soon after reading the March issue.

Now comes the hard part: keep up the good work, but I have confidence you can do it!
Thom Roberts, Lighting Designer The House of Blue Lights

Must say, you really knocked our socks off with the last issue of LD. Beautiful, beautiful work!!!
Fred Mikeska, Sales & Marketing Manager Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc.

What a great article on the Purnell Center lighting by Evan, Chris, and Evan! Thank you so much for wanting to include such activities of students in a professional magazine.
Cindy Limauro, Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama Purnell Center for the Arts